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50+ Best Loyalty Tattoos and What They Mean: Ultimate Guide (2024 Updated)

The Best Loyalty Tattoo Design Ideas

The Best Loyalty Tattoos
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Get a tattoo to represent the loyalty you feel towards others. Loyal people will go above and beyond for the people in their lives and will often want the same treatment in response. Get a loyalty tattoo to have a permanent reminder of the commitment you have towards others.

These tattoos are popular with couples and those who are family orientated. Some get matching tattoos or complementary tattoos with the loyalty theme. You don’t just have to the word loyalty tattooed on you. Many different cultures have different ways of representing loyalty, making fantastic tattoos. Loyalty can mean something unique to you as well, it doesn’t have to be a replica of someone else’s ink. Here are some inspirations on the best tattoos to represent loyalty for you.

Loyalty Writing Tattoos

Loyalty Writing Tattoos 1
Credit: @romeotorrez
Loyalty Writing Tattoos 2
Credit: @diegotattooist

A simple way to represent loyalty is by getting the word itself inked on you. There is an almost infinite range of fonts for you to choose from, including delicate italics to bold cursive writing. Writing tattoos can neatly fit around all body parts.

Many people pair the word loyalty with other words like family and respect, to them they mean the same thing. Other people incorporate the word loyalty into larger tattoo designs, creating a whole themed piece.

Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Chrysanthemum Tattoos 1
Credit: @dawn.tattoos
Chrysanthemum Tattoos 2
Credit: @lingsongtattoo

Chrysanthemums symbolize lots of different things across various cultures and countries. This beautiful flower is associated with loyalty, devotion, and friendship. In Australia, the chrysanthemum is the official flower for Mother’s Day. Getting this tattoo is a fantastic way to represent your loyalty to your mother.

Did you know:

The chrysanthemum is Japan’s national flower.


Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo 1
Credit: @andrewlebronmatthews
Sunflower Tattoo 2
Credit: @thereal.bodine

Sunflowers symbolize loyalty because of the myth of Clytie and Apollo. In Greek mythology, the nymph Clytie loved Apollo. At first, Apollo loved her back, but soon he fell in love with another. In a jealous range, Clytie told Leucothoe’s father of the relationship and he punished her by burying her alive. Apollo turned her into a flower, but she still loved him. She would spend her days watching him as he moved the sun across the sky, much like sunflowers turn to the sun.

Dog Tattoos

Dog Tattoos 1
Credit: @angeloctopus
Dog Tattoos 2
Credit: @estudio_balamtatto

Dogs are known as mans’ best friend. They are incredibly loyal animals and can easily become a member of a family. A good portrait artist will be able to able to replicate an image of your pet, allowing them to forever be in your memory. You could also choose something more minimalist or an outline of your favorite breed.

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos 1
Credit: @efrain_tattoos
Wolf Tattoos 2
Credit: @maguilaxxx

A wolf tattoo is popular because a lot of people connect with the spirit of this animal. Wolves symbolize a fierce loyalty to their family. This animal can make quick and firm emotional attachment purely based on their instincts. They trust their heart when making emotional designs.

Did you know:

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner has a wolf to represent the Stark family. Skylar Grey, Paris Jackson and Melissa Benoist also have wolf tattoos.

Loyalty Over Love Tattoo

Loyalty Over Love Tattoo 1
Credit: @caramelgeishaxo
Loyalty Over Love Tattoo 2
Credit: @_iamslug24

Loyalty Over Love is a common phrase and a motto many people live by. The idea of this sentence is that loyalty is a better version of love because people respect those they are loyal to more than those they love.

Did you know:

There are some songs called this which you may want to check out before getting the inking, including a lyric by rapper 21 Savage.


Loyalty Over Royalty Tattoo

Loyalty Over Royalty Tattoo 1
Credit: @cool_ya_jet
Loyalty Over Royalty Tattoo 2
Credit: @tinymilo.tattoos

Another popular motto for many people, it signifies that you should never value money and power over loyalty. People who are close to their family and want to remember where they came from often use this phrase.

Did you know:

Loyalty Over Royalty is an album by CJ and T_y_A and a song by Trippie Rerd.


Family Loyalty Tattoo

Family Loyalty Tattoo
Credit: @pandorasboxtattoo

Many people are lucky enough to connect family and loyalty, whether it’s your blood family or the one you have chosen. Connect the two together by getting a family loyalty tattoo. This could be done via writing or something that represents what family means to you.

Japanese Loyalty Tattoo

Japanese Loyalty Tattoo 1
Credit: @a_giletti
Japanese Loyalty Tattoo 2
Credit: @marlostattoos

Japanese tattoos are bright and beautiful. Tattooing had a bad reputation in Japan, as it was associated with the criminal gang, the Yakuza. At one point, tattoos were illegal because gang members were inked to show their loyalty. This is not the case in the 21st century and now Japanese tattooing is praised around the world.

Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Tattoo 1
Credit: @mooneytattoos
Swallow Tattoo 2
Credit: @kasper.august

Swallow tattoos are a popular design in traditional American traditional. They are often a symbol of home or patriotism, something many associate with loyalty. Tattoos with a pair of swallows can represent not only love, but commitment and loyalty.

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo 1
Credit: @astrocash83
Phoenix Tattoo 2
Credit: @gordontshepherd

Phoenix tattoos are popular in Japanese tattooing as the bird represents death, birth and rebirth. They are used in home décor to assure guests that you are honest and loyal. These powerful mythic creates are attractive, often incorporated into flame designs.

Claddagh Tattoo

Claddagh Tattoo 1
Credit: @tonyhennesseytattoo
Claddagh Tattoo 2
Credit: @tristanbradshawtattooing

The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol that looks like two hands holding a crowned heart. the hands symbolize friendship and trust, the heart love, and the crown loyalty. Dating back to the 1700s, this symbol is often used to represent weddings or engagements.

Handshake Tattoo

Handshake Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattoobengroningen
Handshake Tattoo 2
Credit: @agility_ink

The handshake tattoo is incredibly popular in American traditional. Two hands coming together represents trust, agreement, and loyalty. Although some get the tattoo with a hand and a snake shaking, symbolizing the feeling of being deceived.

Two Golden Fish Tattoo

Two Golden Fish Tattoo 1
Credit: @_sandra_gon_
Two Golden Fish Tattoo 2
Credit: @pomaran4uk

In Tibetan Buddhism, the two golden fish represent loyalty and harmony whilst the sea is associated with suffering. The golden fish duo is one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism. In Chinese traditional, gifts like vases with golden fishes will be gifted to newlyweds.

Pikorua Tattoo

Pikorua Tattoo 1
Credit: @vicki_carpenter_tattoo
Pikorua Tattoo 2
Credit: @maiana.art

The pikorua is a Maori symbol for loyalty and friendship. Although it has several variations, it’s recognized for have a figure eight shape with double or triple twists. The single twist symbolizes a partnership of two people who always find their way back, whilst double or triple twists represent families, groups of people or a whole culture.

Did you know:

The shape of this symbol was likely inspired by the pikopiko fern or by the weave pattern of kete baskets.

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Best Placement for Loyalty Tattoo

Once you have chosen the design of your loyalty tattoo, next is choosing the right placement. Here are some things to consider when choosing the location of your new loyalty tattoo.

  • How it looks. This is the first thing you should consider. The artist will generally put a stencil on the area before going in with the ink, ensuring you like the placement. You can also draw on yourself in liquid eyeliner beforehand to see how it looks.
  • Consider the size. Small tattoos better suit certain areas of the body, whilst bigger designs suit other areas. Detailed tattoos should be bigger, even a good artist can’t get intense detail into a small design.
  • Your pain tolerance. Consider how much pain you can handle, as some areas are much more painful than others. Start small in a less painful area before trying a big design. Remember, no tattoo is 100% painless!
  • Do you want a visible tattoo or something hidden? You make work in a job that isn’t accepting or tattoo, may want to hide it from family members or it may have a very personal meaning. Also, consider if you want to see your tattoo as some areas may be hard to see.
  • Don’t rush the choice. You should never feel rushed into the decision. Take your time to ensure you get the best tattoo for you in the right place.

Loyalty Arm Tattoo

Loyalty Arm Tattoo 1
Credit: @desacatattoo
Loyalty Arm Tattoo 2
Credit: @legacy_tattoos614

If you want a tattoo and don’t want to or can’t showcase it, the bicep is the ideal location. Depending on the size you want, it can be flattering yet easy to cover. As it’s muscular tissue, it shouldn’t be as painful as other areas.

Forearm tattoos are also popular, mainly because this area suits all designs, and the pain is moderate. Long, thin designs and even portrait tattoo fit nicely in this area.

Loyalty Neck Tattoo

Loyalty Neck Tattoo 1
Credit: @romankytetovacky
Loyalty Neck Tattoo 2
Credit: @uptattooestudio

Symbols and medium-sized tattoos fit nicely on the side of the neck, roughly below your ear. These tattoos have become more and more popular with both genders in recent years. More bold neck tattoos can go all the way around the area, like a big collar.

The back of your neck, just under your hairline, is also a popular area. It’s better suited to smaller designs and can easily be hidden with hair and high-collared shirts.

Did you know:

The skin around the neck can wrinkle and sag with age, so think carefully before you get this area inked.

Loyalty Chest Tattoo

Loyalty Chest Tattoo 1
Credit: @sandja.tattoo
Loyalty Chest Tattoo 2
Credit: @lemontattoomontcada

The chest is a fantastic place to get inked. Many guys like to get tattooed on their chest to create a necklace like design, others like to get a big design that spans the whole area. The sternum and the collar are generally considered more painful.

Loyalty Wrist Tattoo

Loyalty Wrist Tattoo 1
Credit: @ciullo_tattoos
Loyalty Wrist Tattoo 2
Credit: @babyboytattoos714

The wrist is a very popular area for loyalty tattoos, especially for women. Just remember, the bonier your wrists are, the more it will hurt. Small, delicate designs really suit the wrist, but it can be incorporated into a full sleeve tattoo.

Did you know:

Because the wrist is regularly exposed to sunlight, it will fade quicker.

Loyalty Back Tattoo

Loyalty Back Tattoo
Credit: @a.chilly.billy

The back is a flat and expansive area that allows you to get big design pieces. Writing tattoos are also popular on the top of the back. Back tattoos are easy to cover, ideal if you work in an industry that doesn’t favor tattoos.

Did you know:

The back is perhaps one of the most sensitive and painful parts of the body for a tattoo. This is because there is a concentration of nerves in the area.

Loyalty Stomach Tattoo

Loyalty Stomach Tattoo 1
Credit: @alantattoo23
Loyalty Stomach Tattoo 2
Credit: @good_tattoo_theend

If you have worked hard to get a six pack and love to show it off, a loyalty stomach tattoo is ideal. It is an ample space where designs can extend to the upper part of the chest or down to the hips and thighs.

Did you know:

If you are thinking of getting a stomach tattoo, it’s an uncomfortable tattoo as it’s difficult to get the skin to stretch tight.

Loyalty Hand Tattoo

Loyalty Hand Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattoo.lady_
Loyalty Hand Tattoo 2
Credit: @_lucifer_tattoo_

As the world becomes more accepting of tattoos, hand tattoos are becoming more popular. Although quite a painful area, it looks amazing when inked with small designs. Many choose writing or small images on the back of the hand, little simple designs on the finger or elongated tattoos on the side.

Loyalty Leg Tattoo

Loyalty Leg Tattoo 1
Credit: @itsfilon
Loyalty Leg Tattoo 2
Credit: @mattiabelelli.tattoo

Leg tattoos look equally good on either gender. Thigh tattoos are probably one of the least painful, especially on women with fleshy thighs, as the needle will be kept away from the bone. A little further down on the calf is much more painful. Both these areas take big, colorful designs well.

Did you know:

Be careful around the knee, this is one of the most painful locations to get inked. Color also fades quicker in this area.

Loyalty Tattoos: FAQ

What Color Represents Loyalty?

What Color Represents Loyalty
Credit: @charlotaink

Loyalty is represented by the color blue. Blue represents the calmness of oceans and the freedom of the sky, this shade is often associated with peacefulness as well as loyalty. Blue also symbolizes power and strength, and is sometimes associated with royalty.

Which Celebrities Have Loyalty Tattoos?

Which Celebrities Have Loyalty Tattoos
Credit: @iamcardib

Cardi B has a tattoo on her right bicep that reads Loyalty Over Royalty. Model Jessica White has the kanji symbol for Loyalty on her lower back. Actress and writer Lena Dunham has Staunched inked on her wrist, this means loyal and dedicated.

Should I Get a Color or a Black and Gray Loyalty Ink?

Some people love color tattoos, some prefer black and gray. They both look amazing but here are some of the pros and cons you should consider before choosing a color and style of tattoo:

Should I Get a Color or a BLack and Gray Loyalty Ink 1
Credit: @tatt_by_ajay
Should I Get a Color or a BLack and Gray Loyalty Ink 2
Credit: @timmnowakowski

Color tattoos are achieved when an artist mixes shades together to create different dimensions and tones. Generally, the outline is black, and the details and shading is done in a color. Here are the pros and cons of this style.

  • Some styles better suit color tattoos. Traditional Japanese, American traditional, watercolor, new school and illustrative designs all rely on color to create their distinctive imagery.
  • Color tattoos stand out far more and pop off the skin. They can make even the most basic and subtle designs stand out.
  • Unfortunately, color designs can fade faster in the sun when compared to black and gray tattoos. Wear sunscreen and try to stay out the sun to keep your tattoo looking better for longer. An artist can touch up and brighten up a color tattoo if it does become faded.
  • Smaller designs can become overwhelmed by colors with details becoming muddy looking.
  • Colored tattoos can emphasize wrinkled skin and texture.
  • Colored tattoos take longer to heal as the process causes the skin more damage.

Black and gray tattoos only use classic black ink. The ink is watered down to create gray, giving monochromatic tattoos dimension. Black and gray tattoos are used to create delicate or intricate designs. The artist will use the space between lines to achieve dimension and depth. A good artist will create intricate patterns, lines and shapes, even recreating realistic portraits.

Should I Get a Color or a BLack and Gray Loyalty Ink 3
Credit: @b.a.d._tattoos
Should I Get a Color or a BLack and Gray Loyalty Ink 4
Credit: @_drcas

But, just like colored tattoos, black & gray pieces also have their own pros and cons

  • Black and gray tattoos are suitable for both small and large loyalty tattoos. Because only one color is used, the lines are more precise.
  • Monochromatic color don’t fade as quickly as ones with color. You should still care for them, apply sunscreen and avoid sunlight.
  • Black and gray designs are low maintenance and rarely require touch ups. This will depend on the location and how well you follow the aftercare instructions.
  • Because there is no color, just lines and shading, black and gray tattoos can come off as flat or unfinished.
  • It takes a skilled tattoo artist to create a multi-dimensional graduation with just one shade of tattoo ink.

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