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Top 33 Gorgeous Dove Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Are you a fan of doves? How about birds in general? If you’re linked to nature and animals, you’re going to enjoy this article. Here, we are going to list 30+ gorgeous doves that both men and women are going to love. Find your next tattoo inspiration down below.

Dove Tattoo: FAQ

Dove Tattoo FAQ
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1. What Does A Dove Tattoo Symbolize?

Your next dove tattoo can represent your pure side, calmness, but also your will to enjoy life and explore the true beauties of it. If you’re looking for something that can represent your elegance, you’re going to enjoy this design. It is a common tattoo for gentle and spiritual souls.

2. Who Can Get A Dove Tattoo?

Anyone can get a dove tattoo. If you’re a fan of birds and elegant symbols, this will intrigue you. Doves are not too pricey to go for, yet they will look lovely on mysterious people.

3. Where To Place A Dove Tattoo?

The best placement for a lot of people when it comes to your dove design is across your chest. If your tattoo is important and sentimental to you, this placement will suit you the most. However, you can also place it over your leg, arm, or back. The end result and placement are up to you.

4. What Are Common Prices For Dove Tattoos?

Prices will vary based on your chosen design, size, and color. Most people prefer to go for a small-sized dove. You can expect to pay around $80 for this black and white design. However, bigger and more colorful tattoos will go for $150-$200.

Top 33 Dove Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Dove Tattoos Designs Big Print

Dove Tattoos Designs Big Print
Image Source:@nolanhatton

If you’re looking for a sleeve tattoo make sure that you consider this one. It will look so good as a final addition to your story and your personality.

Fun fact: a bird’s heart beats 400 times per minute while resting and up to 1000 beats per minute while flying.

2. Dove Tattoo Small Ink

Dove Tattoo Small Ink
Image Source:@ygtattoos

This dove tattoo along with some gold elements will represent a person who is a true winner. If you’re won one who likes to win big and you’re a careful get delicate being, try out this print.

3. Dove Bird Tattoo Religious

Dove Bird Tattoo Religious
Image Source:@fatboy562ink

Have you lost someone special and important in your life? If so, you can show that you miss them with this design. Add a gate to the design, a dove image, and their name. This way, you will show that you believe that they are in heaven and that they are being missed as time goes on. This

4. Flying Dove Tattoo

Flying Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@joeytats

Do you care about someone special in your life? Trying to show your most important blessings and emotions with a tattoo? Let the world see you as an emotionally attached person who believes in good people, as well as the power of blessing.

5. White Dove Tattoo

White Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoosbybreee

Some people who are into the minimalism approach are going to like this small and cute little dove. If you’re eager to express your chapter in your own way and with some stylish tattoos just know that this will represent a modest being with huge goals.

Did you know that the feathers of a Mourning Dove are loosely attached to their skin?

6. Dove Tattoo Shoulder Ink

Dove Tattoo Shoulder Ink
Image Source:@ozink08

If you work out and you have broad shoulders you’re going to enjoy this tattoo. It is quite big, memorable, as well as attention-seeking. Show that you’re a powerful and free-spirited person who has had something major in life, and yet has lost it due to some troubling or personal reasons.

7. Black & White Dove Tattoo

Black & White Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@amedeo_dwedartattoo

This is a gorgeous dove tattoo that you can dedicate to someone you love deeply, such as your mom and dad. Let the whole world know and see that you love them, despite the fact that you might be miles apart from each other. They are always close to your hearth, which is what this tattoo shows.

8. Dove Hand Tattoo Big Ink

Dove Hand Tattoo Big Ink
Image Source:@kingb_tattoos

If you believe in good luck, faith, as well as spirits, this design will interest you. It looks like it can protect anyone from bad luck and misfortune. If you are in need of some luck and you’re looking for a dove design within, this is ideal!

9. Dove Tattoo Ideas Over Back

Dove Tattoo Ideas Over Back

Women who are on the lookout for a feminine, soft and minimalistic tattoo are going to like this design. It is a tattoo that suits romantic people the best. If you believe that you’re a sentimental and approachable being, this dove will suit your spirit.

Fun fact: doves can be solitary creatures.

10. Black Dove Chest Tattoo

Black Dove Chest Tattoo
Image Source:@161.tattooshop

If you fancy a chest tattoo consider this design. It will look mesmerizing on different age groups and skin types. It will also represent you and your will to get out of this crazy circle to enjoy life and to let yourself feel free at any given moment.

11. Half-sleeve Dove Tattoo

Half-sleeve Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@puedmag_inkpire

A lot of guys prefer sleeve tattoos. Are you one of those guys yourself? If you enjoy dominant, big, large, and masculine tattoos, this concept will suit you. Heads up since this dove sleeve will take you 10+ hours to fully complete.

12. Dove Tattoo On Hand

Dove Tattoo On Hand
Image Source:@kingkonejo

Those who love birds or animals, in general, are going to fancy this print. It will take you around 3-4 hours to complete this dove design, ideal for gentle, sentimental, and soft souls.

13. Dove Tattoo Outline Forearm Ink

Dove Tattoo Outline Forearm Ink
Image Source:@bigbad_kenn

Are you a religious person? Maybe you’re someone who worships god and wants to show that in the best way possible? If that is the case, this gorgeous tattoo will suit you. Let the whole world see that you’re deeply connected with your emotions and that you find religion to be a sacred thing.

Did you know that in many parts of the world, the terms “dove” and “pigeon” are actually used interchangeably?

14. Shaded Dove Tattoo Print

Shaded Dove Tattoo Print
Image Source:@cliffink_art

If you know of a skilled tattoo artist and you prefer bigger tattoos this dove will intrigue you. Show everyone that you’re a fan of simple art, crisp lines, and black and white shades of ink. The end result will look good on men and women.

15. Forearm Sleeve Dove Tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@luke_vella_skinlabel

Looking for your new forearm tattoo? If you want something in black and white ink you’re going to enjoy this concept. This dove will probably take you around 4-7 hours to achieve. It is an artsy tattoo for anyone’s personal liking and preference.

16. Gorgeous Chest Dove Tattoo

Gorgeous Chest Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@demonztattoo

Heads up when it comes to this chest tattoo. The placement might be uncomfortable for most guys, but the beauty is endless! Show off your chest, pure elegance, as well as natural side that is a free spirit with this dove.

17. Small & Simple Dove Tattoo

Small & Simple Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@redefineink

Get initials or your favorite person in the world and dedicate this tattoo to your well-loved man or woman. A dove will show your free will and endless emotions.

18. Black Ink Dove Outline

Black Ink Dove Outline
Image Source:@xotralee

Go for this dove tattoo and place the word “hope” somewhere next to it. Once you do, you will show to the world that you’re feeling hopeful in regards to some situation that’s been coming your way. Let the whole world take you as a positive example and show them that everything can happen as long as you believe.

Fun fact: male doves are slightly larger and have a more colorful bluish crown.

19. Feminine Dove Tattoo

Feminine Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@affanita

Those who like geometrical prints and defined lines will enjoy this masterpiece. The dove itself represents your spiritual side, while the color combo will show that you’re calm and optimistic with your future moves.

20. Geometrical Dove Print

Geometrical Dove Print
Image Source:@wizardtattoo_wimbledon

If your tattoo artist is skilled enough and precise he will easily do this tattoo over you forearm. Heads up however, it might take you 3-5 hours to leave the shop with such precise and gorgeous outlines.

21. Dove Neck Tattoo

Dove Neck Tattoo
Image Source:@keotattoos

Neck tattoos are quite risky to go for. If you’re looking for something that is bold and different, this will suit you! Make sure that your job allows you to wear such showy and big tattoos before you commit to this new dove design.

22. Dove Neck Tattoo For Women

Dove Neck Tattoo For Women
Image Source:@dianagelacio.studio22

Women can also go for a dove tattoo across their neck! If you’re a risk-taker and someone who likes to gain all the looks and the attention, you’re going to enjoy this design. Make sure that you have an important message to say and translate to the world with your new chosen tattoo, it is not for everyone.

Did you know that the average life span for an adult Mourning Dove is 1 or 2 years?

23. Head Dove Tattoo

Head Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@escorciao7

How bold are you? Or should we say bald? If you’re a true gangster and someone who likes to stand out from the rest while following his or her own rules, this risky headpiece tattoo will suit you. With the right shading and color use, this tattoo will look like a piece of art!

24. Small Dove Tattoo Over Chest

Small Dove Tattoo Over Chest
Image Source:@darranmonaghan777

You can add a significant date to your dove tattoo and make it even more personal in such a way. If you’re connected with someone on a deeper level, yet that someone is miles apart, they are going to enjoy this gesture.

25. Artsy Dove Tattoo

Detailed Art Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@carsten.subculturetattoo

If your tattoo artist is quite skilled you’re going to like this design. They will make it into a whole new story and a fun concept that shows your past, present, and future. Show that you’re well aware of what’s going to come your way with this dove design.

26. Detailed Art Dove Tattoo

Detailed Art Dove Tattoo

Let your dove tattoo spread its wings! The end result will suit anyone who is into detailed ideas and tattoos that look feminine and elegant. This black and white tattoo will show your fierce side and your will to explore and see the world.

27. Two Doves Tattoo

Two Doves Tattoo
Image Source:@whysproutedtattoo

Two doves kissing will show your inner elegance, peace, as well as deeper connection. If you wish to come in tune with your other half and you want to show your love and appreciation through one design, consider these two cute doves.

Fun fact: these birds are able to adapt and survive in just about any climate.

28. Back Dove Tattoo Black

Back Dove Tattoo Black
Image Source:@marcolunez

Back tattoos or neck tattoos are for those who prefer to look cute and elegant without overpowering with their design. You might not want to seek attention, but you can still have a wish to spread your wings and travel the world.

29. Giant Thigh Dove Tattoo

Giant Thigh Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@hrndz_brian

If you enjoy larger tattoos you’re going to like this design. Show your muscles, as well as your peace-drive energy. If you’re someone who likes noticeable prints you’re going to enjoy this design.

30. Sentimental Dove Tattoo

Sentimental Dove Tattoo
Image Source:@masonnnn23

You can even express your religious side with your chosen new tattoo. If you’re looking for a tattoo that can show your connection to the god, you’re going to like this print. It will suit everyone, despite their religion or chosen path.

31. Dedicated Two Doves Tattoo

Shoulder Dove Design
Image Source:@twininkleigh

Get these two doves to express your emotions and deeper connection with someone who’s in your life. These two doves will show that you’re emotionally connected and driven by inner beauty. You will also show your love for your other half.

32. Shoulder Dove Design

Shoulder Dove Design
Image Source:@lastport.tattoosandarts

Represent how close you are to your other half. If you’re someone who can enjoy new journeys and you’re into the beauties of these birds, stick to this tattoo. It will make you deeply invested in the love of your life, as well as your pure emotions.

Did you know that doves are unable to sweat?

33. Black Ink Dove Tattoos

Black Ink Dove Tattoos
Image Source:@laurence.t.l

Lastly, if you’re a family person, you’re going to like this tattoo. You can dedicate it to someone who you love and appreciate. Color it in black if they are far away from you, yet you still value their presence in a spiritual way.

Time For Your New Dove Print Or Symbol?!

Which design was your favorite from the bunch? Let us know what you think about these gorgeous birds, and which one you can’t wait to rock and represent in the near future.

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