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30+ Best Peacock Tattoo Design Ideas: What Is Your Favorite

Have you ever seen a peacock before? These animals live in the wilderness, and they are quite the attraction at the zoo. If you love their beauty, colorful appearance, as well as their meaning, why not consider placing a peacock tattoo somewhere over your body? Wondering what is the spiritual meaning of these birds? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about peacocks while also browsing through some gorgeous tattoo ideas.

Peacock Tattoo: Is It A Good Idea?

Peacock Tattoo Is It A Good Idea 
Credit: Instagram

What Does A Peacock Symbolize?

Peacocks can represent a lot of different things & emotions. However, most peacocks symbolize and stand for guidance, change, power, as well as pride. Peacocks can also represent knowledge and self-esteem. The size of your tattoo can also make a difference, and can be crucial for its interpretation.

Which Tattoo Is The Right One For You?

Which tattoo to go for? This can be hard to determine since the selection can be overwhelming. However, here’s what you should take into consideration:

  • Smaller tattoos are for guys or girls who love to look prideful without being too cocky
  • Medium-sized tattoos are for those who love to embrace change & positivity
  • Large peacock tattoos are for prideful & powerful individuals who love to seek attention

What Is The Best Placement For Your Peacock Tattoo Idea?

Which placement seems the best for your peacock tattoo? This can be quite different and is an individual-based decision. Here’s what you should consider going for:

  • Arm placement is for those who love visible tattoos and who want to tell the story behind their peacock design
  • Back & rib are usually common placements for women who enjoy sensual ideas
  • Leg tattoos or thigh tattoos are the best go-to for those who prefer larger and noticeable prints

Can Guys Wear And Get Peacock Tattoos As Well?

Yes, why not?! Peacocks are universally beautiful creatures that can suit men just as well. Make sure that you stick to a masculine body part for your placement, such as your leg, chest, or biceps.

What Do Peacock Colors Symbolize?

What Do Peacock Colors Symbolize
Credit: Instagram

Peacocks can come in several different colors and color designs. Based on that, you will get different meanings and symbolism. Some of them are:

  • Black peacocks represent mysterious and elegance presence.
  • Blue is a color of royalty and power.
  • Green stands for wealth.
  • Purple is color of fortune.
  • Red is a passionate romantic choice.
  • All colors & rainbow print stands for overall joy & happiness.

How Pricey Are Peacock Tattoos?

Peacock tattoos can get pretty pricey. This is because there is a lot of ink and colors used during the tattooing process. The bigger the tattoo, the pricier it is. You can expect to pay around $200 (on average). However, if your tattoo artist is quite skilled and famous you might pay even more due to their knowledge, expertise, as well as reputation level.

Black & White Peacock Tattoos

1. Peacocks Tattoo Black Design

Peacocks Tattoo Black Design
Image Source: Instagram

Get yourself a forearm or an arm peacock tattoo. If you’re up for practical placement and you love these birds this one will suit you.

It stands for your calm and cool side, as well as your collected thoughts. It is perfect for men and women who love minimalism.

2. Peacock Tattoo Arm Idea

Peacock Tattoo Arm Idea
Image Source: Instagram

If you want a practical and quick and easy tattoo you should consider medium-sized options. This one is for men or women who want a forearm print.

Black print will show your gratitude and your minimalism, does this sound like you?

3. Giant & Gorgeous Peacock Tattoo Designs

Giant & Gorgeous Peacock Tattoo Designs
Image Source: @anne_appelschnut

Large tattoos and black tattoos are for ambitious people. The size of this tattoo is dramatic and beautiful for anyone who has time and patience to color to larger ideas.

Black peacock stands for clarity and your fun personality. You are clear-headed yet you know how to have the time of your life under your terms.

Did you know that males are called peacocks, while the females are called peahens?!

4. Feminine Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Feminine Peacock Thigh Tattoo
Image Source: @dmikita_tattoo

Are you a sensual girl who loves to show her sexy body and attributes? If you’re not afraid of the attention and you want to look like an actual diva – you can do it all with this sexy thigh piece.

Peacocks with spread feathers show that you’re an open-minded person who knows how to attract and get what she wants or needs.

5. Peacock Tattoo On Back

Peacock Tattoo On Back
Image Source: @ancientindigo

Back designs and back tattoos are quite popular among women who have sexy and sensual sides to them. A back tattoo is for anyone who wants something a tad bit bigger yet sexy and different.

If you have some broken parts and a bad history you can hide it all with this glorious and divine peacock symbol.

6. Peacock Leg Tattoo Black Ink

Peacock Leg Tattoo Black Ink
Image Source: @vievetattoos

Your leg tattoo or thigh tattoos in general can look like a piece of art. If you know of an amazing tattoo artist who is capable of powerful and showy ink with that element of mystery, give them a call!

You can feel like an actual royalty or powerful individual who values your time and presence. Make yourself visible and seen with this giant leg tattoo.

Fun fact: there are only three different kinds of peacocks in the world.

7. Peacock Tattoo Drawing On Arm

Peacock Tattoo Drawing On Arm
Image Source: @_evie.ink_

Do you want to look like a powerful and noticeable person 24/7? You’re trying to get everyone’s attention with one forearm print? This is perfect!

Black is a color of power and elegance. Your character will still shine through with something as simple. Add roses since they will show off your feminine and shy side along with a peacock.

8. Peacock Tattoo Designs Over Shoulder Black Print

Peacock Tattoo Designs Over Shoulder Black Print
Image Source: Tattoodo

Shoulder tattoos are quite dramatic and attention-seeking. They are the prettiest once done in large print and font. Stick to black ink since you don’t want to overpower it with color.

Elegance, empowerment, as well as tolerance is what you will show with this cute peacock tattoo. Giant and outstanding, isn’t it?

9. Symmetric Arm Peacock Tattoo

Symmetric Arm Peacock Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

You can go for some subtle outlines and detailed lines for your arm tattoo. If you are a fan of artsy designs and you’re trying to come off as a powerful and attention-seeking girl, give this arm piece a shout!

Powerful outlines and detailed ink will suit perfectionists. Chill and relax with your chosen tattoo and show everyone how true art can and should look like.

Did you know these birds prefer forests and rainforests for their natural habitat?!

10. Giant Thigh & Black Peacock Tattoo

Giant Thigh & Black Peacock Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Do you love glamorous and powerful thigh tattoos? Are you proud of your curves and your sexy seductive legs? You can brace and show your sex appeal with this image.

This galaxy peacock is boujee and divine, as well as creative. It can symbolize your new life and ups and downs that are ahead.

Colorful & Loud Peacock Tattoos

1. Bright Blue Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Bright Blue Peacock Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: @paulwalloctattoo

How creative do you want to get? Are you someone who lives for drama and color? A lot of guys who want to come off as respectable and marvelous will enjoy this peacock.

Blue is a color of patience and power. If you’re ready to take on a challenge and you’re optimistic and bright about it – why not consider this image?

2. Blue Peacock Tattoo On Back

Blue Peacock Tattoo On Back
Image Source: @extralargelobes

The back peacock tattoo will look great on those who love to work out and hit the gym regularly. If you’re not afraid of the size of your tattoo and you’re actually someone who prefers pop or color and that extravagant vibe know that you will need and want this print over your back.

Bright blue peacock and colorful ideas will emphasize your journey and your colorful and perky personality. You will come off as a quirky and lovely character.

3. Chest Peacock Tattoos Pop Of Color

Chest Peacock Tattoos Pop Of Color
Image Source: @gildedladytattoos

If you love to work out and you’re proud of your chest size and your masculine physique – cover it and decorate it all with this peacock! Great bodies will look even greater with this image.

Chinese elements are often present in peacock tattoos. If you love this duo as well as their deep meaning combine the two to express your grandiose side.

Fun fact: these birds can live for up to 50 years.

4. Pink Peacock Tattoo Designs

Pink Peacock Tattoo Designs
Image Source: Tattoodo

Are you a fan of arm or shoulder tattoos? Do you love to look like an artsy soul? Sleeves are gorgeous once done the right way. This bright and loud color combination print will suit both men and women when it comes to their sleeves.

Floral ideas and peacocks can look feminine and stylish. If you want to express your bubbly side, as well as your romantic approach, just know that you can do it with this or similar sleeves.

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5. Giant Leg & Thigh Peacock Tattoo

Giant Leg & Thigh Peacock Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

If you have 7+ hours to spare, as well as a deep passion for color and trendy tattoos, you can rock this image. It is unique and powerful, as well as show-stopping once done over your leg or your thighs.

Peacocks stand for your future and bright optimism side. If you’re someone who is into color and you love to come off as a speedy individual who loves life – test this out!

6. Colorful Traditional Peacock Tattoo

Colorful Traditional Peacock Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Do you like traditional and common tattoos? Do you love to stick to basics? If you’re someone who is into realistic designs and you love real-life-like tattoos give this giant thigh or leg tattoo a shout!

It stands for your realistic approach and your vision of all things that are happening around you.

Did you know that peacocks don’t have a tail, but it is actually called a train?

7. Bright & Loud Peacocks Tattoo

Bright & Loud Peacocks Tattoo
Image Source: @jamesmullintattoos

Not a lot of people or tattoo artists are as comfortable or skilled enough to do this image. Do you know of one that is skilled and amazing at doing new prints? Book them in advance and commit to this tattoo!

Defined lines and colors such as these will make you a true adventurous person, as well as an extravagant individual! Ready to commit to something so brave and powerful?

8. Peacock Tattoo Ideas Large Shoulder Print

Peacock Tattoo Ideas Large Shoulder Print
Image Source: @exhalenoelle

Shoulder tattoos are time-consuming and different from the rest. Men and women can stick to this idea, as long as they are up for bright and dramatic ink.

Represent your growth and self-love with this perky peacock. It is cheerful and cute, perfect for loud girls or boys who love to seek attention.

9. Artsy Peacock Tattoo For Women

Artsy Peacock Tattoo For Women
Image Source: Instagram

Book a tattoo artist who is comfortable and skilled enough to give you dramatic peacocks and tattoos that are crazy colorful. This one is mysterious and the best ink for true artists.

Show that you’re pure and a fun soul who loves to love and help others with this tattoo. Most women will enjoy it if they’re aiming for precision and flawlessness!

Fun fact: peacocks can run up to 10 miles per hour.

10. Large Leg Peacock Tattoo Vibrant Idea

Large Leg Peacock Tattoo Vibrant Idea
Image Source: @inkheart_tattoo_shop

Thigh and leg tattoos are for girls who have a lot of surface for their tattoo artist to work with. If you love to look bold and easily noticed, check this out!

The placement and your peacock print will say that you’re always welcoming and up for an adventure, as well as a party! Thigh and leg tattoos symbolize your fierce side, so heads up.

Small & Delicate Peacock Tattoo

1. Peacock Feather Tattoo Over Leg

Peacock Feather Tattoo Over Leg
Image Source: Tattoodo

Do you like foot tattoos? These are gorgeous for women who enjoy feminine placements and sexy designs, as well as cute artsy prints.

This feather print will show your true beauty and your pride. You will look like a divine lady and someone who enjoys her inside and outside beauty and has confidence.

2. Forearm Small Peacock Tattoo

Forearm Small Peacock Tattoo
Image Source: @veegeetattoo

This forearm feather represents your soul and your courage. It is a must for women who love to look cute and stand out with their artsy tattoos.

The green color stands for wealth and gold fortune. You will represent your luck and the rightful journey that is ahead.

3. Artsy Forearm Peacock Tattoo Ink

Artsy Forearm Peacock Tattoo Ink
Image Source: @tattoos__art___

Do you love and live for portrait tattoos? Do you know of someone who is good at giving you realistic tattoos? Guys and girls who are trying to stand out and who have that beautiful approach to others will love this print.

This peacock shows your true colors and your love for animals. You can tattoo a print of your favorite and well-loved person along with this peacock tattoo.

Did you know that peacocks don’t like to live alone, and they prefer small groups instead?

4. Artsy Neck Peacock Tattoo

Artsy Neck Peacock Tattoo
Image Source: @trendkilltattoos

Do you dare to wear neck tattoos? Are you someone who can look bold at all times? If your job allows you to why not get this masterpiece? It is playful and attention-seeking.

You will come off as someone who has deep power and emotions, as well as great protection over others. Does this sound like you?

5. Small Feather Peacock Tattoos

Small Feather Peacock Tattoos
Image Source: @sonia_tessari

Feather tattoos are for those who don’t want to look too dramatic and those who don’t want attention at all times. If you’re a humble girl you will enjoy rocking this image.

Feather is a symbol of one specific part of you and your personality. If you’re okay with showing your bits and pieces to the world you can do it like so.

6. Blue Peacock Tattoo Idea Over Arm

Blue Peacock Tattoo Idea Over Arm
Image Source: @stubbornramtattoo

This realistic peacock idea is for perfections as well as people who enjoy pop art. If you’re someone who has an eye for detail and you’re into cute art make sure that you place this peacock over your arm.

It stands for power and success. Perfect for men and women who are trying to achieve their playful yet determined persona with something colorful!

Fun fact: a peahen can lay up to six eggs at a time.

7. Gorgeous Peacock Back Tattoo Print

Gorgeous Peacock Back Tattoo Print
Image Source: @studiomuscat

Shoulder tattoos and giant prints will look great on men who work out, as well as guys who are proud of their physique. This is a giant peacock that is for anyone wanting to look outstanding as often as possible.

Represent your true and honest colors with this peacock. Remember that the more the merrier policy applies in this case. The more colorful your peacock is, the greater and vibrant your future and possibilities are.

8. Peacock Tattoo On Thigh For Men

Peacock Tattoo On Thigh For Men
Image Source: @nickemtattoos

Guys can also rock a gorgeous thigh and leg tattoo. If you’re a free man searching for a vibrant image, this peacock is a must.

A shiny and colorful design like this is for positive and brave individuals. You will look like royalty thanks to its gorgeous presence and vivid colors.

9. Small Finger Peacock Tattoo Feather

Small Finger Peacock Tattoo Feather
Image Source: @inkninja3

How about a small feather tattoo over your arm or your finger? If you prefer smaller ideas yet visible placements you should consider this peacock. Perfect for men and women.

True warriors will enjoy this piece. It is an artsy tattoo with a unique placement idea. Symbolism and its meaning will stand for your youth and perky personality.

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10. Shoulder Peacock Tattoo Idea For Women

Shoulder Peacock Tattoo Idea For Women
Image Source: @kevinito_el_pepinillo

Lastly, do you want to rock a powerful colorful shoulder piece? This is a loud & bright tattoo that is elegant and playful, a must-have story-telling tattoo for brave men and women.

This tattoo will require determination and loyalty to bold and bright prints. Express your divine and courageous personality, as well as loyalty with the feather idea.

Did you know that their feathers are up to 1.5 meters long?

Which Peacock Design Was Your Favorite?

At the end, which peacock tattoo was your absolute must-have from the list? Let us know which peacock you can’t wait to wear when it comes to these gorgeous 30 unique tattoo ideas. We would really love to know your go-to and must-have print.

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