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30+ Outstanding Forest Tattoo Design Ideas 2024 (Black & White, Colorful)

Any nature lovers out there? If so, have you ever thought about getting a forest tattoo? This design and this piece will suit and look the best on girls or boys who value and care about Mother Earth. Are you one of them?

If you want to get in touch with the earth, forest and flowers – read through this article! We will focus on different forest ideas that you can explore down below.

Forest Tattoo: FAQ

Forest Tattoo FAQ
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1. What Does A Forest Tattoo Symbolize?

A forest tattoo can show a lot of different elements and parts of a person. Traditionally, the forest has come to represent being lost, exploration, as well as the mystery that’s happening around us and within us. If you’re stuck, feeling creative, or if you simply wish to come in tune with the nature and wildlife that’s around you – give this one a go.

2. Where To Place A Forest Tattoo?

Place a forest tattoo anywhere you want. If it is a smaller design you are going to like placing it over your wrist, forearm, or collarbones. If it is a giant and meaningful tattoo for you, consider placing it over your back, thigh, or across your chest. The more meaningful it is, the bigger it should be.

3. Who Can Go For This Tattoo?

Anyone can get this tattoo. It knows no gender, age, or body placements, or parts. Guys will like this tattoo since it can represent their journey and their wish to change from within. Girls can get this tattoo if they want it to show their peaceful side and their tuned emotions with nature.

4. What Are The Most Common Prices For Forest Tattoos?

Prices can truly vary in this case since there are no specific rules. Every tattoo artist will ask for a different price point. Usually, you will pay around $100 for smaller designs and up to $400 for larger forest pieces.

The concept itself is quite complex and hard to do or achieve, hence the heavy price point for it. Everyone will pay something different based on their location and place of living, the expertise level of their tattoo artist, and many more other factors will come to play.

Black & White Forest Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Forest Tattoo Sleeve Black Ink

Forest Tattoo Sleeve Black Ink
Image Source:@fabienabbet

If you like animals and the forest itself you’re going to like this duo. Men and women who are trying to show their love and express their true feelings about Mother Nature are going to like this look tattoo. It symbolizes your spiritual and deep connection with the path that you’re on, as well as elements that surround you in your everyday life.

Fun fact: grasses make up about 26% of the plant life on earth.

2. Forest Tattoo Design Feminine Idea

Forest Tattoo Design Feminine Idea
Image Source:@_ploytattoo_

This small and delicate back tattoo will look fancy and exquisite! If you’re a fan of symbols, geometrical prints, and mandalas – you’re going to like this creation. It is perfect for anyone who knows how to value their own space and time while firmly believing in positive change.

3. Thigh Forest Tattoo

Thigh Forest Tattoo
Image Source:@martinkellytattoo

If you’re on the lookout for a large and noticeable tattoo you’re going to like this concept. It is an outstanding tattoo that just shows the true beauties of Mother Nature. Place a moose as well and let it show your deep connection to different animals and the wildlife. This thigh tattoo will express your different emotions and your explorer and wild side.

4. Forest Tattoo Arm Black Ink

Forest Tattoo Arm Black Ink
Image Source:@bjoern_holtappels

This small and delicate forearm tattoo will work the best on those who like cute ideas. If you’re afraid of the needle or the tattooing process you are going to gravitate toward this piece. The end result shows a minimalistic approach and your love for creativity in the wildlife!

Did you know that forests cover around 4 billion hectares or 30 percent of Earth’s land surface?

5. Chest Forest Tattoo For Men

Chest Forest Tattoo For Men
Image Source:@kevs_tattoo

Chest tattoos are quite common and often worn by men. If you’re looking for a chest tattoo that will express your masculine presence while also showing your love for the forest – this is it! Show that you’re always open to new ideas and destinations, as well as that you value and respect the forest in its own natural beauty.

6. Forest Tattoo Forearm Idea

Forest Tattoo Forearm Idea

If you want a forest tattoo over your arm you’re going to like this beauty. Covered in all the little and different forest symbols and trees, this tattoo will express and show your layered personality, as well as your new beginnings that will appear as time goes on.

7. Forest Forearm Tattoo Black

Forest Forearm Tattoo Black

This delicate and feminine tattoo will suit those who like to stand out with their forest feisty ideas. Get yourself this tattoo if you want it to represent your spirit that is in tune with your sentimental and peaceful side. The end result will also show that you’re always courageous and true to your identity.

8. Forest Arm Tattoo Black Forest

Forest Arm Tattoo Black Forest
Image Source:@eweltattoo

This forearm arm tattoo will suit those who like simpler black ink prints and designs that are easy to recreate and go for. If you’re someone who likes to wear realistic tattoos and you’re a fan of peaceful elements, you’re going to like this design and this concept.

Fun fact: 5.3 billion trees are chopped down every year.

9. Dark Forest Tattoo Shoulder

Dark Forest Tattoo Shoulder
Image Source:@nicdub_tattoo

Those who like and enjoy shoulder tattoos are going to like this print as well. If you’re someone who likes tattoos that can tell a story and you’re looking for a print that is loud, scary, as well as different from the rest, you’re going to enjoy this black design. The forest and trees will show and symbolize your black side that you tend to hide from the world. Let everyone see that you’re quiet and mystical, just like the forest itself.

10. Deer Forest Tattoo Over Back

Deer Forest Tattoo Over Back

Back tattoos of animals and forests, as well as the wildlife, will show that you are in tune with yourself and your surroundings. You don’t have to hide or run from your destiny since you’re well prepared for what’s about to come next at any given moment.

11. Arm Forest Tattoo With A Wolf

Arm Forest Tattoo With A Wolf
Image Source:@tattoo_pineapple

This shaded black ink tattoo shows and talks about your hidden emotions and a part of you that not everyone gets to see. If you’re intrigued by deeper meanings or interpretations of life itself, give this tattoo a go! It will represent you as someone who is a loner in this crazy and wild world.

12. Forest Wolf Tattoo

Forest Wolf Tattoo
Image Source:@richart_tattoo

Get a well-detailed tattoo and this gorgeous masterpiece if you’re a fan of showy and layered ideas. This one has different elements on it that can emphasize your emotional and dramatic side. If you’re a spiritual person yourself and you’re on the hunt for a tattoo that can match your personality, give this forest ink a go!

13. Forest Scene Tattoo

Forest Scene Tattoo
Image Source:@anubistudio

Embellish your wrist with a forest and animal-inspired tattoo, especially if you’re into spiritual and deeply nature-inspired connections. Men and women can both rock and recreate this tattoo, just make sure that your job allows you to wear such a flashy and noticeable tattoo due to its placement.

Did you know that forests are home to over 80 percent of land animals?

14. Realistic Forest Tattoo

Realistic Forest Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoo_meagan

This is a realistic tattoo that will suit activists the best! If you’re in tune with nature and you’re a fan of “going green” and eco-friendly thoughts or groups, this forest will stick the best with your persona.

15. Forest Tattoo Drawing Across The Back

Forest Tattoo Drawing Across The Back
Image Source:@logan_noret

If you’re on the lookout for a large back tattoo consider this print. It is a gorgeous and dramatic tattoo that will suit guys who work out. Make sure that you have enough space before you consider or dare to wear this tattoo. The end result shows a warrior and someone who has been trying to overcome any obstacles in their lifetime. The tattoo is outstanding and only some tattoo artists will be capable of giving you similar ideas. If you dare to wear it and you have 8+ hours to spare consider this tattoo.

16. Forest Tree Tattoo

Forest Tree Tattoo
Image Source:@madik_tattoo

This small minimalistic tattoo is for anyone who is into low-key and simple ideas. If you want to get the tattooing process done quickly you’re going to like this design. This forest ink shows a person who is in tune with their surroundings and their emotions. It is also a fun symbol that represents your deep soul.

17. Shoulder Sleeve Forest Tattoo

Shoulder Sleeve Forest Tattoo

This large and noticeable sleeve is for anyone who enjoys and dares to wear something outstanding. You will need 7 hours at least to place this print over your entire arm. The end result symbolizes someone who has been a true warrior in his or her battles. You will also look like someone who is always capable of adapting to the given situation or overcoming new obstacles that are your way.

18. Small Forearm Forest Tattoo

Small Forearm Forest Tattoo
Image Source:@arobz.tattoos

You can dedicate this small forest tattoo to your sibling or family members in general. If you’re intrigued into showing your love in your own way you’re going to like this print. It stands for pure emotions, delicate energy, as well as the connection that the two of you have. Let the entire world see you as an emotional person and someone who puts family first during any situation.

Fun fact: more than 25 percent of the medicines we use originate in rainforest plants.

Colorful Forest Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Cartoon Drawing Forest Tattoo

Cartoon Drawing Forest Tattoo
Image Source:@fueldrops

You can decorate your forest tattoo with different prints and symbols. If you’re a fan of colorful tattoos you’re going to like this concept. It shows someone who is creative and born to become a leader. Show the world that you’re cheerful and optimistic, as well as always someone that they can lean on and trust.

2. Forest Tattoo Ideas Over Chest

Forest Tattoo Ideas Over Chest
Image Source:@alter_schwan

This forest chest tattoo is quite retro and different. If you are into abstract tattoos and you’re a fan of artsy prints this one will speak to you. Express your dorky yet dominant side with this tattoo. It will suit guys who have masculine chests the best. Heads up since not a lot of tattoo artists are skilled at giving you similar ideas. Make sure that you find the best one before you start rocking this image.

3. Forest Tattoo Nature Inspired

Forest Tattoo Nature Inspired
Image Source:@ta_terka_

Thigh or leg tattoos will suit men and women, but this design in particular will look the best on guys who like artsy and abstract tattoos. This color combo represents a person with style and a stubborn mentality. If you’re dominant and you prefer tattoos that others don’t have or dare to wear you’re going to like this print.

4. Bear Forest Tattoo Artsy Idea

Bear Forest Tattoo Artsy Idea
Image Source:@janie_ink_

Forest and these little adventurers will symbolize your childhood. If you’re lost in time and space or if you are reminiscing or missing your childhood you’re going to like this print. The end result shows a person who is still so young in heart. Does this sound like you?

Did you know that Brazil has 206 million ha with the largest forest area within designated protected areas?

5. Artsy Colorful Forest Tattoos

Artsy Colorful Forest Tattoos
Image Source:@mmarinaraluca

If you prefer or like forearm tattoos you’re going to like this design. This is a super cute and unique way on how to show your love for the forest or nature itself. The end result shows a wanderer and a lost soul in this time and space. If this sounds like you, give it a go with this tattoo! It will show a creative individual who is always wondering and looking for adventure.

6. Single Tree Forest Tattoo

Single Tree Forest Tattoo
Image Source:@foret_tattoo

Single forest tattoos are for those who are simple souls or individuals who like to create! If you’re someone who craves balance in everything in his or her life, this is perfect for you! Show that you’re always figuring things out on your own, as well as growing with time and space.

7. Scary Forest Tattoo

Scary Forest Tattoo

If you’re an old soul you’re going to like this print. It is a simple tree that will symbolize your personality and your creative levels. Men or women who are trying to prevail and grow from everything that is surrounding them are going to like this mystical tattoo.

8. Wolf Forest Tattoo Artsy Design

Wolf Forest Tattoo Artsy Design
Image Source:@reneemills207

Did you know that you can place the entire universe in just one simple forest tattoo? This one is perfect for anyone who is into colorful and smaller designs. This leaf tattoo will symbolize your inner growth. You are probably a person that likes to keep it to themselves, aren’t you?

Fun fact: Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth, and never die of old age.

9. Gorgeous Green Forest Tattoo Combo

Gorgeous Green Forest Tattoo Combo
Image Source:@damon_conklin

You can get a large colorful calf tattoo and rock this bright print to show your love for the entire forest and nature. If you prefer colorful ideas and green is perhaps your favorite color – try out this gorgeous beauty. The end result shows and represents a person who is constantly growing and learning new things. If you’re someone who likes to assert dominance just know that you’re going to leave an absolute impression with this tattoo idea.

10. Pop Of Color Forest Tattoo

Pop Of Color Forest Tattoo

Add a subtle pop of color to your tattoo and create a unique design per your liking and preference. If you are into the sunset ideas and sunset or summer colors you’re going to like this as your final result and outcome.

11. Leg Calf Forest Tattoo

Leg Calf Forest Tattoo
Image Source:@shnioka

This calf tattoo will suit anyone who is a fan of cheerful ideas. If you like colors and you’re into autumn-inspired tattoos or symbols this print will suit you. It shows your love for different times and parts of the world itself. If you can tune in and control your love for nature at any given moment and you’re a sentimental guy or girl you’re going to like this tattoo idea.

Did you know that planting trees can help reduce your energy costs?

12. Feminine Back Forest Tattoo Idea

Feminine Back Forest Tattoo Idea
Image Source:@tattoofest_magazine

Do you want to experiment with your new and bright back tattoo? If so, give it a go with this one. It is a showy piece that will represent your love for Buddhism and inner peace. If you believe that everything in life has a balance this tattoo will further show it. Let everyone see your “true colors” and rock this sacred floral and forest-inspired print any time, any place!

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Let us know if you’re ready to wear and rock a forest tattoo! Also, which design was your favorite from the list? We have a lot of different options for you to choose from. Men and women will easily find their ideal tattoo, just go for something that meets and suits your character.

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