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40+ Best Pisces Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Pisces stand for a fish or usually twin fish. They are also the last zodiac sign in the astrology horoscope. A lot of people who are getting their first tattoo and are out of ideas choose to get the tattoo of their horoscope signs. Pisces that reign from the last weeks of February to the last weeks of March are a good tattoo idea for those born in the Pisces sign.

But, do you even know what does Pisces even stand for? If you don’t really believe in the horoscope, you are probably not familiar with the traits that this horoscope represents.

Don’t worry, in this article, we’re going to talk about all the meanings behind the Pisces, we’ll look into the depths of the Pisces constellation and check some of the best and most mesmerizing Pisces tattoo designs that we found.

Getting a tattoo is a huge step, especially if it has been on your mind for some time. Given that there is still some level of stigma towards tattoos, as well as the fear of pain caused by the needle, a lot of people choose the zodiac as some sort of protective shield that could potentially protect them from the pain.

While tattooing your zodiac sign doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be painless, or even less painful, it’s a great symbol to kickstart your way towards inking art.

Pisces Tattoo Meaning

Pisces Tattoo Meaning

If you’ve read this far, you’re interested in the traits of Pisces zodiac and whether you resonate with them enough to ink it on your skin. There are a lot of meanings associated with Pisces, both positive and negative ones.

Pisces is among Gemini, the only zodiac sign that comes in pair. People born between February 20 and March 20 are reigned by the Pisces, the plural of fish in Latin. There are many meanings associated with this zodiac sign, and in this article, we’ll talk about the most descriptive traits and meanings associated with this sign.

As mentioned above Pisces is a plural expression for fish in Latin. When you take a look at the regular Pisces sign, or the zodiac sign themselves, you can see two fish that are facing the opposite directions of one another. Just like the Gemini, Pisces represents duality and connection, and according to some beliefs, they often resonate with Ying and Yang in the Chinese culture.

If you look at the original Pisces symbol found in the horoscope readings and observe the details, you’ll see that this sign consists of two crescent moons facing opposite directions.

Pisces are considered a water sign, next to cancer and Scorpio. People born under this sign are often emotional, but also shy and sometimes afraid of expressing those emotions. Nevertheless, they are made out of emotions just like the other two water signs.

They are quite empathetic and compassionate towards different life events and people that surround them, which puts their emotions in the first place. People who are willing to ink Pisces on their body want to express their feelings, emotions, and kindness through a creative way where words can’t reach.

Pisces also means that people find pleasure and balance in small things. They’re introverted and kind of close-knit, which means they’ll have an easier time getting along with a small number of people they can trust and rely on, and become nervous and mentally drained in a group of a lot of people, especially if they don’t know them well.

A lot of people see the minimalism behind the deep meaning of the Pisces tattoo, so there are plenty of ideas to look at and choose from, especially if you take a look at our gallery.

Pisces Constellation

If you want to get a more minimalistic shape of the Pisces sign, you may find all the minimalism you need in the Pisces Constellation tattoo, that resembles the letter V. If you’re creative and innovative, you can take this minimal design into your favor, by inking it with floral symbols, Celtic knots, or even some complex geometrical symbols.

The Pisces constellation has been inspired by the same Zodiac meaning. It takes around 889 square degrees in the night sky. Alongside other constellations, Pisces is located on the Northern side of the sky, and it takes the 14th spot for the largest constellation seen. Most of its view can be seen from the European countries.

Pisces In Mythology

Historians and others have differentiating opinions when it comes to the mythological origin of Pisces. Some believe that they mark the Greek God of Sea Poseidon (Roman God Neptune.) Some other belief has it that the plural fish is there to mark the Goddess of love Venus, as well as Cupid from Roman mythology. One story has it that due to an incoming strong and raging Typhoon, they had to transform themselves into the fish to protect themselves.

Pisces in Chinese Culture

There’s a connection between the Pisces zodiac and Ying-Yang symbol because of the balance, duality, and connection traits of Pisces. However, the Chinese culture foresees the meaning behind double fish. They are believed to deliver abundance and good luck and fortune. It is believed that worshipping the double fish will bring wealth and good fortune to the descendants.

Koi fish is one of the most popular fish from the Chinese culture because they bring wisdom and balance. Twin Koi Fish brings good fortune, wisdom, and wealth, which is also why many people combine Pisces with Koi fish tattoo to bring stronger symbolism and faith, and it looks much better in the tattoo.

Pisces in Chinese Culture
Saved Tattoo

Types Of Pisces Tattoo

Let’s look into some types of Pisces tattoos that you can make a tattoo of. You don’t have to necessarily apply these ideas on your own. They can, however, help you come up with your own idea and inspire you.

Pisces zodiac: As mentioned multiple times in the articles, there are many meanings to the Pisces sign, which is also the last in the zodiac. This plural sign is all about emotions, modesty, and empathy. These are the traits that you should center your design on.

Pisces constellation: If you look deeply into the northern night sky, you may find the gorgeous Pisces constellation that looks particularly good in the less light-polluted areas. It also looks gorgeous as ink on the skin.

Koi fish tattoo: We highlighted earlier that Koi fish is a popular symbol in China and other Eastern countries. If you’re inspired by the Asian culture, you can turn your Pisces tattoo into beautiful Koi fish.

Mermaid Pisces: Pisces are often highlighted with a mermaid design in modern-day zodiac readings. Mermaids as fantasy and abstract creatures are a great way to tell you’re Pisces on a tattoo.

Geometric Pisces Tattoo: Geometric shapes are also popular among Zodiac tattoos. You can surround your Pisces tattoo with a Geometric shape or focus on creating a rather complex shape that everyone admires upon seeing it.

40+ Best Pisces Tattoo Designs

We dedicated this section to the best tattoo designs that we could find. Make sure to check them out and see if they’ll work for you.

1. Pisces Zodiac Tattoo

Pisces Zodiac Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Pisces Zodiac Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Pisces Zodiac Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Next to Gemini, Pisces is the only Plural sign in the zodiac. People born under this sign are intelligent, passionate, empathetic, humble, emotional, and lovely. It’s hard to put all these emotions in a tattoo design.

However, with these particular designs, we focused on the Zodiac symbol for Pisces with added details that surround it. In some designs, we used flowers, while other designs also included the Pisces fish shape, surrounded by a blooming flower that was inked with impeccable detail.

Our favorite pick is the third one. Still, it may be too large for someone’s taste, which is why we also included the design that is more generous towards smaller and less noticeable tattoos.

2. Pisces Tattoo Male

Pisces Tattoo Male 1
Credit: Instagram
Pisces Tattoo Male 2
Credit: Instagram

Pisces zodiac is believed to be emotional and delicate. That goes both ways, for both men and women. That’s why we wrote a section to dedicate a few ideas to the male Pisces who want to make an amazing and memorable tattoo that will look sleek and catch the attention of other people.

We observed that many male-like designs like to implement a more feminine figure of the Pisces tattoo. Some of the implementations include inking mermaids that carry the zodiac symbol of Pisces like the trident or something else of that sort. On the first tattoo we showcased, that looks like the case. Nevertheless, the design looks impeccable, it’s detailed and takes the breath away.

Getting such a design is not so easy, but this one can help you with creating your own if you’re interested in that sort of thing. You can also use the regular Pisces symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Give them colors you like, add the details to the fins and tail, and do your best in coming up with the design that will bring your tattoo to life.

3. Small Pisces Tattoo

Small Pisces Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Small Pisces Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Small Pisces Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Small Pisces Tattoo 4
Credit: Instagram

If you’re one of the people who love tattoos but don’t want to be seen, choosing a small, minimalist and gentle design is exactly what you need, especially if you want to try getting inked for the first time. The good side is that there is a lot of room for experimenting in that case.

You can get a simple Pisces tattoo of two fish, the zodiac design that is made with a thin black ink, or even the constellation that consists of tiny dots for stars and barely visible, faint lines that connect the constellation and keep it together.

Small tattoos are also convenient because they can go to the least visible parts of your body, and the designs we featured seem to look great with smaller shapes of tattoos.

3. Minimalist Pisces Tattoo

Minimalist Pisces Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Minimalist Pisces Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

A good tattoo doesn’t have to contain impeccable detail, be large and noticeable or colorful (even though that’s the trend now) Instead, it can be small or medium, black and white, and simplistic enough to give the best details about your personality adding more softness and appeal to your body.

Minimalist tattoos don’t have to be visible. But, if they can with the power of a good tattoo artist and the right design, they’ll take breaths away. We especially liked the floral implementation of the Pisces constellation where the stars represent the flowers that are connected by branches in the constellation. It’s visible that the tattoo artist has focused on every detail to bring the tattoo to life.

4. Pisces Tattoo For Females

Pisces Tattoo For Females 1
Credit: Instagram
Pisces Tattoo For Females 2
Credit: Instagram
Pisces Tattoo For Females 3
Credit: Instagram

There are many ways to make your tattoo more feminine and girly. The above designs are just small portions of beautiful designs that will add up to your look and make you feel more like yourself. Still, it’s up to you and what you like will decide what will the tattoo look like.

You can make the tattoo small and simple, with nothing but the Pisces symbol surrounded by a black and white floral pattern like in the first picture. Yet, it can be more complex like the two fish with a gorgeous and detailed scale which stands out no matter where the tattoo sits. It can also contain floral elements or some other element that will serve as the background or simply make the tattoo more detailed.

5. Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Pisces Constellation Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Pisces Constellation Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

For the longest of times, historically, it was believed that the Pisces constellation represented the goddess of love Aphrodite and Eros connected by a cord in the night sky as per Greek mythology or Venus and Cupid, as per the Roman mythology.

Nowadays, this vast constellation that spreads across the Northern hemisphere sky consisting of multiple large stars serves as a great inspiration for a tattoo.

It’s particularly interesting to astronomy and astrophysics hobbyists and enthusiasts. Nevertheless, some people may not like the initial zodiac sign for Pisces, which is why they opt for getting a constellation symbol with strong details.

6. Watercolor Pisces Tattoo

Watercolor Pisces Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Watercolor Pisces Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

You’d be surprised to know all the stunning and mesmerizing designs you could make with the watercolor. Just look at the designs we displayed above. They are perfectly blended, and the main ink is still detailed to make the border between the different hues of the watercolors.

Watercolor works for everything – be it the fish symbol, Pisces symbol, or the Pisces constellation. It’ll work with everything and add more detail to the overall design. Watercolors can be used for smaller and bigger designs, but you must be careful about choosing the color that will make it stand up.

7. Pisces Sleeve Tattoo

Pisces Sleeve Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Making a sleeve tattoo with Pisces can be difficult because there would be a lack of context. However, if you’d include other signs into the story, like your Moon sign and other signs from your natal card, you could make wonders with your sleeve tattoo.

We shared a photo of two large fish swimming around each other to inspire you, but that just shows that the design is difficult to realize if you don’t have an adequate idea. Play with different elements, add the Pisces symbol. Play with the constellations and make the stars bigger.

You can even turn the constellation into one large knot and add other celestial bodies to the story like planets, moons, and galaxies.

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8. Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Koi Fish Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Koi Fish symbol is one of the more important symbols in China and other Asian countries. It’s there to represent fortune, wealth, good luck, power, fertility, and much more. Given its similarity to Pisces, Koi Fish grew in popularity in western countries when it comes to copying the best idea for tattoos.

If you’re looking for unique ways of making your Pisces tattoo more appealing, you should consider inking Koi Fish as the Pisces symbol. If you’re out of ideas, make sure to view the designs we listed above and get your idea.

9. Geometric Pisces Tattoo

Geometric Pisces Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Geometric symbols are the most popular with Tribal tattoos, particularly the Native American and Celtic cultures. Celtic knots look great with complex Geometric signs, which will make your Pisces tattoo stunning and mesmerizing. Combining different shades of black and grey ink should add more depth to the Pisces tattoos, and you can use it for a variety of types of Pisces design.

If you’re going for a geometric tattoo, you can also combine it with other zodiac signs and eventually develop a strong sleeve tattoo. If you’re not a fan of turning your tattoo into an architectural piece of art, you can simply surround your tattoo with geometric signs, similar to how the design we featured looks.

10. Mermaid Pisces Tattoo

Mermaid Pisces Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Mermaid Pisces Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

In modern culture and pop art, zodiac signs are often represented by a feminine being. Pisces tattoo is no exception, and one of the most popular feminine representations of this tattoo is a mermaid.

Mermaids have grown in popularity during the last decade, and many Pisces designs take a breath away with the unique creativity. The options we listed above are no exception and you can use them to bring your designs to life. If you’re going to be working on a Pisces tattoo make sure to check the options we displayed above.

11. Floral Pisces Tattoo

Floral Pisces Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Floral Pisces Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Floral Pisces Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Finally, Pisces and flowers go together nicely. Flowers and their softness and delicacy give a lot of options to the tattoo designs to look stunning and mesmerizing.

Like we mentioned in one example above, you can combine the Pisces constellation with flowers and leaves, which gives it a more natural and cottage care approach for the lovers of nature and astronomy.

Secondly, you can turn the Pisces symbol into a floral arrangement that will look and feel amazing. Another option is to surround the Pisces fish design with gorgeous pond flowers and floral patterns that work as a background. Flowers can mean many things, but they’ll mainly make the tattoo look more real, delicate, and feminine.

FAQ About Pisces Tattoo

If you’re looking to get a Pisces tattoo for yourself, there must be some unanswered questions you were looking to answer. Don’t worry, we answered the most common questions about the Pisces tattoos, that can help you inform yourself before the process.

What Is The Best Location For Pisces Tattoo?

Pisces tattoos are usually smaller than other tattoos that you may want to get for yourself. That’s why they can be added to different parts of the body. For example, some people like to ink them on their wrist, ankle, forehand, shoulders, chest, back, neck, and other places. It’s completely up to you where you’ll get your Pisces tattoo. If you’re worried about pain, it’d be best to check our Tattoo Pain Chart guide article and 75 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas for Inspiration.

What Color Should I Use For My Pisces Tattoo?

While black ink remains the most popular choice for the Pisces tattoo and any tattoo in general, a lot of people prefer vivid colors and ideas that will help them feel more comfortable with their tattoo and happier in the process. You can go with black ink and see how that goes for you.

You can also go with some colors like red or yellow to mark happiness and joy, or colder colors like blue and green to mark the nature of Pisces that are a water sign. If you’re going with the constellation tattoo, it’s worth trying out a mix of green, blue and purple colors to represent the gases in the space that surrounds certain stars from the constellation. You can also play with some kind of watercolor design combination.

What Is The Price For Pisces Tattoo?

The zodiac-like tattoos are usually small unless you’re making a huge star constellation on your back. With that in mind, your tattoo could cost from $50 to $150, depending on the details of the tattoo, shading, coloring, and time that your tattoo artist will book to bring your tattoo into life.

If you’re working on some bigger project, and want a tattoo that will catch everyone’s eyes, prepare to spend up to $500 for the larger Pisces tattoo.

Which Celebrities Did Make Pisces Tattoo On Their Body?

A lot of people that want to get their tattoo done rely on the tattoos of their celebrity role models. Several celebrities have inked their zodiac into their body. Those include Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Adam Levine, and many others.

What Is The Least Painful Area To Get Pisces Tattoo?

We know that tattoos are quite painful. However, depending on your biological sex and pain tolerance, you can find the spot that will be the least painful for you to get your tattoo. For women, the back and outer thighs are the least painful area. For men, that’s arms, legs, thighs, shoulders, and part of the back.

The pain you’ll experience also depends on how frequently the tattoo artist will take a break, the time you’re getting a tattoo, the use of pain relievers and numbing ointments, and finally your pain tolerance. Some people get addicted to the pain that comes with tattoos and learns to enjoy it.

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