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30+ Best Rainbow Tattoo Design Ideas: What Is Your Favorite

Are you interested in rocking a gorgeous rainbow tattoo? A lot of women love this print since it is so colorful, vibrant, cute, as well as different. Guys can also wear a rainbow tattoo, especially if they enjoy its meaning. Interested in what it tells and stands for? Looking for some gorgeous tattoo options? Keep on reading and browse through these unique 30 tattoo ideas down below!

Rainbow Tattoo: Is It A Good Idea?

Rainbow Tattoos 4 Things You Need to Know 
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What Does A Rainbow Tattoo Symbolize?

Did you know that rainbows symbolize faith, good days ahead, optimistic thoughts, as well as hope?! They are gorgeous as well as super rare, which is why we have gathered some astonishing ideas in this article.

Who Should Get A Rainbow Tattoo?

Rainbows are, literally, for everyone! As long as you’re of age you can get this bright & loud tattoo. Here are some coincidences and reasons why you might enjoy rainbow tattoos:

  • You are an optimist who loves to show it through your presence
  • You believe that rainbows are beautiful and relaxing for the mind & soul
  • Some people might get them just because of their loud colors
  • You are gay or bisexual and you fully support this movement

Where Is The Best Place For A Rainbow Tattoo?

Rainbows are so pretty, quirky, as well as dominant. If you want them to be your conversation starter topic everywhere you go, make sure that you stick to a noticeable placement. Some of the best go-to options are:

Are There Some Different Kinds Of Rainbows?

Did you know that there are actually six different kinds of rainbows?! Here is what they are and how they look like:

Are There Some Different Kinds Of Rainbows
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  • Fogbow – is a rainbow that occurs whenever it comes in contact with a cloud. It is colored in blue, white & red.
  • Lunar – also known as a moon rainbow appears when there is a lunar month. It is a light and white-arc rainbow.
  • Several rainbows – double or even triple rainbows appear quite rarely. It happens once the sunlight is reflected in its raindrops.
  • Twin – two types of rainbows that are close & seen together.
  • Circle – full-circle rainbows are often found in high altitude areas.
  • Supernumerary bow – has different colors and most of them are light & pastel-like.

10 Small Rainbow Tattoos

1. Rainbow Tattoo Small Design

Rainbow Tattoo Small Design
Image Source: Instagram

How about a thin and delicate rainbow tattoo line idea? Guys or girls who are into smaller and delicate tattoos are going to love and appreciate this line of rainbow tattoos. It is not a time-consuming piece either, ideal for those who are into subtle tattoos.

This line represents your path and your stable journey. If you’re someone who knows how to handle any and every type of curve, show it off with this tattoo.

2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tattoo Design

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tattoo Design
Image Source: @charlestrujillo

The best tattoo inspiration? Place a meaningful saying right next to it. For a lot of people, the famous song is the way to do it. Go for a forearm or a shoulder placement since it works so well with this print.

Small rainbow and the words “somewhere” will indicate that you have somewhere else to be in this wild and crazy world. Somewhere can also represent your will to succeed and to be found anywhere else during these moments.

3. Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo

Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @suatt_uygun

Do you want a pop of color over your wrist? Do you enjoy dramatic and appealing tattoos? Not everyone can rock a splash of color, however, what about you? Do you enjoy showy and mysterious art?

This splash of color represents your artsy side. There is a creator in all of us, and every person who loves to create and show their true colors (pun intended) will enjoy this tattoo idea.

4. Artsy Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Artsy Rainbow Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: @witaminat

Some guys or girls can also go for a playful art-inspired tattoo. This small print looks a lot like something that your kid ended up drawing. It is a powerful artsy message if you know how to read it.

This tattoo shows your love and connection with your child or the person who drew this for you. You can let everyone see where you are at when it comes to deep and personal connections with your children, wouldn’t you want that?

5.  Minimalist Rainbow Tattoo Arm Print

Minimalist Rainbow Tattoo Arm Print
Image Source: Instagram

This small tattoo is for women who enjoy minimalistic tattoos. Are you one of those women as well? If you’re someone who enjoys smaller ideas and you’re on the lookout for quick and easy ideas you will prefer this tattoo.

It symbolizes your new journey and new ups and downs. You are a bubbly person who knows how to conquer and defeat any obstacles that are ahead.

Fun fact: did you know that you can never get to the end of a rainbow?!

6. Rainbow Tattoo Small Idea Over Hand

Rainbow Tattoo Small Idea Over Hand
Image Source: Tattoodo

Do you want a small paintbrush tattoo over your arm or your palm? Not everyone is capable of rocking or giving you this tattoo. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who knows how to do detailed art or precise elements.

This paintbrush stands for your explorer and creative side. If you are a creator yourself and you’re someone who knows how to create and do fun projects on the side, let it show with this tattoo.

7. Side Stomach Rainbow Tattoo

Side Stomach Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

You can get a rainbow tattoo and also decorate it with some clouds. If you’re an explorer and someone who loves to get into new elements often, show it with your new tattoo.

This one stands for your constant and passionate personality. It also shows that you’re a determined and passionate person for those who are around you. Everyone can always lean on you, is that right?

8. Small Chest Rainbow Tattoo

Small Chest Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Women who enjoy chest tattoos or collarbone placements, this one is your must-have! It is a small minimalistic and gorgeous design with a heart print that can say a lot about every girl.

This duo screams from top of your heart, literally! Let people know that you are someone who loves to dive into every adventure with your open heart & optimistic approach.

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9. Rainbow Bridge Tattoo Heart Idea

Rainbow Bridge Tattoo Heart Idea
Image Source: @u_ta2t

Why not connect different sets of hearts with your print? If you’re a fan of brighter colors and you love artsy minimalistic tattoos, give this one a go. All of these hearts in a rainbow print can tell a fun story.

New colors will symbolize different emotions. You can add to your tattoo as time passes by to make it proper and to embrace the rainbow print.

10. Rainbow Tattoo Flower Idea

Rainbow Tattoo Flower Idea
Image Source: @txttoo

Are you a delicate flower? Do you appreciate different pops of colors when it comes to your art? This rainbow-inspired floral piece is the perfect childish-inspired print that you will adore if you’re someone who loves kids, or if you have a child who can do something similar to this tattoo.

You can ask your child to give it a go with this print. After they draw it you can place it proudly over your body. This duo will say that you’re a proud parent who knows how to encourage personal growth.

Did you know that you are less likely to see a rainbow in the winter?

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10 Unusual Bright Rainbow Inspired Tattoos

1. Artsy Back Inspired Rainbow Splash Of Colors

Artsy Back Inspired Rainbow Splash Of Colors
Image Source: Tattoodo

Not everyone can do such great art, and this piece has different layers to it – literally! If you know of an amazing tattoo artist you should ask them to give this print a go. It is a realistic and modern tattoo that some men or women can rock.

This eye-inspired rainbow tattoo says that you’re an idealist. You’re probably someone who has a clear seeing and belief of life and its path. If you’re a mysterious individual and a fan of artsy colors – this is perfect for you!

2. Leg & Calf Rainbow Colors Tattoo

Leg & Calf Rainbow Colors Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Do you have someone special in mind when it comes to this tattoo? You can always dedicate your rainbow print to someone important in your life. This female-inspired idea is great for men or women who have their closest ones in mind!

Let the rainbow print shine through her eyes. This way, this tattoo will say that you know of someone who can light up your day with their presence, literally! If there is a bright and optimistic woman around you, dedicate this rainbow tattoo idea to her.

3. Rainbow Tattoo Ideas Bright Splash Over Arm

Rainbow Tattoo Ideas Bright Splash Over Arm
Image Source: Tattoodo

“Just keep me where the light is” is such a good saying and an amazing phrase if you want to rock a unique tattoo. Do you already have a bright and optimistic person around you? Are you someone who is proud of your genes and your personal journey, along with your story? Show it all with this tattoo!

Where is the light in your opinion? Is the light always brighter on the other side? If you’re someone who is a bubbly person and your personality can show through different groups and friends – let it all come to light with this rainbow idea.

4. Rainbow Colors Airplane Tattoo Design

Rainbow Colors Airplane Tattoo Design
Image Source: Tattoodo

Do you love to travel? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?! This little forearm tattoo is perfect for enthusiasts, as well as men and women who are up for an adventure.

If you are a hippie and an optimist yourself, just know that you can show off your character with this rainbow airplane tattoo. It is a must-have for anyone who wishes to travel the world!

5. Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo Circle Design

Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo Circle Design
Image Source: Tattoodo

Watercolor tattoo art is quite popular and is a famous go-to choice among creators, as well as those who love to look different and artsy. If you are a creative soul yourself and you know of an amazing tattoo artist who is capable of doing rainbow ombre art, you should hit him or her up and book this design!

This giant colorful piece symbolizes you & your path. We are all often on a track and we are embracing positive & fun change, wouldn’t you agree? This tattoo is a time-consuming piece, so heads up before you commit to it.

Fun fact: Earth is the only planet that has rainbows in the solar system.

6. Mystical Animal Inspired Rainbow Tattoo

Mystical Animal Inspired Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @bextattoos

Do you believe in fairies, magic, or mystical animals & creatures? Not everyone has a loud & bold imagination, but where do you stand when it comes to it? This fox-inspired rainbow tattoo is beautiful and one of a kind, that’s for sure!

Rainbow spitting image can be the ultimate representation of your soul. If you feel as if you’re always leaving traces (positive marks) everywhere you go, and that you are ready to make an impact- make it loud and clear with this rainbow beauty!

7. Leg Inspired Rainbow Tattoo Lucky Charm

Leg Inspired Rainbow Tattoo Lucky Charm
Image Source: @tattoosbydeana

Leg tattoos are pretty common for guys who enjoy brighter tattoos. Do you need a practical placement that others will spot with ease? Anyone who is a calf-showing person should consider this placement.

Nothing screams positivity, charms, and good luck better than rainbow colors and a clover tattoo! This combination will let everyone know that you’re an optimist looking for some fun, and that you can make-up anyone’s bad day!

8. Skeleton Inspired Rainbow Print

Skeleton Inspired Rainbow Print
Image Source: Tattoodo

Skeleton tattoos don’t always have to be scary or boring. This one, for instance, is a unique way of expressing your loud & dominant side! If you are a creator yourself and you love to goof around, consider showing it with this arm piece.

Two skeletons can symbolize the fact that time is always passing by. However, when adding the rainbow print, you will always remind yourself to invest in your memories, and not let time or bad energy consume you.

9. Dramatic Thigh Rainbow Tattoo

Dramatic Thigh Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @encretattoo

Guys or girls who are craving a juicy, phenomenal, as well as large tattoo should stick to this print. It is a giant tattoo that you will prefer if you’re someone who loves to look breathtaking everywhere you go. Heads up however, since it is a big & time-consuming idea.

You can see a lot of yourself in this ink. Every person has got a story that they can tell with their perfect combo, color duo, or different figurines and ink. This one with an eye image will say that you see yourself loud & clear as of this moment going forward.

10. Rainbow Tattoo Book Inspired Print

Rainbow Tattoo Book Inspired Print
Image Source: @mydailytattooselection

Do you love to read? Do you go to school? If so, you will enjoy this tattoo idea. It is a gorgeous thigh piece that looks mystical, different, as well as empowering! Splash of color will suit attention-seekers, as well as perfectionists.

This tattoo symbolizes and stands for your personal growth. Let everyone see that you love to read, study, as well as spend your time getting the needed information on how to study ‘’the book of life’’.

Did you know that no one can see the rainbow in an exact same way? It is an individual beauty!

10 Rainbow Tattoo Ideas For Women

1. Small Paint Rainbow Splash Of Colors

Small Paint Rainbow Splash Of Colors
Image Source: @disegnarti

Are you an artist? How about a painter? If this is your job or your hobby, why not consider adding a proper palette of colors to show your passion & appreciation?

With different rainbow colors you will show different emotions. This way of tattooing will say that you’re up on your creative journey, and that you are always channeling your inner spiritual and artsy personality.

2. Shoulder Heart Rainbow Tattoo

Shoulder Heart Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @sentimental_laundry

Shoulder tattoos such as this one are pretty common among women. Are you in need of a placement that is not too painful, and you also need a tattoo that will look lovely without being too overpowering? Here it is!

Your rainbow-inspired tattoo will say that you’re someone who has a lot of love & care for others. You are definitely someone who is not afraid to show your true colors to the world since you know how to love & be loved!

3. Shoulder Rainbow Tattoo My Little Pony Inspired

Shoulder Rainbow Tattoo My Little Pony Inspired
Image Source: @stevenjan_tattoos

Have you ever watched My Little Pony? Have you had a sudden urge to tattoo it and place over your shoulder? If you are an impulsive person, or someone who is always on the lookout for bright art – this is it!

This is a beautiful cartoon that can let others know that you are still a kid at heart. Rainbow colors will further support that concept!

4. Playful & Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Playful & Colorful Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @itsglitter

How about something cute & different than the rest? For guys and girls who love cartoon prints and pop of color, these two shiny clouds will do the magic! If you are a fan of cute prints and funny TV-shows, the concept will suit you the best!

This tattoo will let others know that you’re always trying to stay an optimist, no matter the situation! You are always having a good time and laughing, despite the rain or the storm.

5. Artsy Flag Rainbow Tattoo

Artsy Flag Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @_annuk_

Sometimes, your rainbow tattoos can be minimal and artsy without looking too dramatic. You can say a lot with your rainbow print without investing way too much time or effort, just get creative!

This self-drawing rainbow tattoo says that you’re your own creator of happiness, and your destiny! You know how to draw your path, and you are not afraid of taking it.

Fun fact: The state of Hawaii has the most rainbows on the planet!

6. Pink Floyd Rainbow Tattoo Designs

Pink Floyd Rainbow Tattoo Designs
Image Source: @homunculuslust

Any music lovers out there? How about Pink Floyd fans? If you are one of them just know that this neck rainbow tattoo is the one!

Your small & cute tattoo can say that you fully love & support this band, still to this day! Their famous logo with a triangle and rainbow image will never go out of fashion.

7. Coffee Rainbow Tattoo With Clouds

Coffee Rainbow Tattoo With Clouds
Image Source: @shiratwig

Clouds, coffee, and a rainbow all in one – what more can you ask for? This tattoo is quite funky and hippie-like, but it does have a gorgeous vibe, perfect for outstanding individuals!

This trio will say a lot about you. For starters, you will come off as an optimist who loves to drink coffee, feed off positive energy, and always keep your head high in the clouds!

8. Chest Rainbow Tattoo Designs For Women

Chest Rainbow Tattoo Designs For Women
Image Source: @stanza707_tattoostudio

This chest tattoo will look better on women. If you are a fan of large tattoos and you are not scared of the tattooing process, make this idea a priority!

This image of a girl painting a rainbow can be quite sentimental. Go for your sister or your daughter, and dedicate this creative tattoo to them! Let them know that you mean the world to them, and that you can make them feel positive, as long as they’re close to your heart.

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9. Rainbow Inspired Quote Tattoo

Rainbow Inspired Quote Tattoo
Image Source: @mcfarlandtattoos

Do you enjoy meaningful quotes, or quote tattoos? This forearm tattoo idea is a must-have if you love to look bright & loud everywhere you go!

‘’The play is the thing’’ is an amazing inspirational tattoo. It says that you’re always up for a challenge, and that you know that life is all about exploring and experimenting, while keeping your head up & your optimism high!

10. Small Flower Rainbow Tattoo

Small Flower Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: @blackhearttattoochi

Lastly, how about you give this forearm tattoo a go? It is not too big, and it will take you around three hours to place it on top of your skin.

Decorate your rainbow design along with a sunflower. This duo will make you look as a positive, optimistic, as well as cheerful person to be around with. You are probably someone who loves to get creative, and you fear nobody. Does this sound a lot like you?

Did you know that the Rainbow spectrum is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet?

Which Tattoo Is Your Favorite?

So, which one tattoo was your absolute favorite from the list? Are you now a proud rainbow tattoo owner? Let us know your favorite top choice when it comes to these 30 tattoo ideas, we would love to know what had piqued your interest!

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