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50 Best Girl Tattoo Design Ideas (On Different Part Of Your Body)

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, with the first tattoo being discovered to be over 4,000 years old. However, there’s still a lot of stigma about tattoos, especially on women who are told that it’s not ladylike. Gladly, today, tattoos are widely accepted and encouraged, even at the workspace, which is why there’s a growing number of brave and confident ladies who boast one or more tattoos.

However, with so many tattoo designs repeating themselves it can become quite challenging to come up with the right tattoo design. Don’t worry, however. In this article, we’ll present you with the best possible tattoo ideas that we could think of that are suitable for you. If you still can’t come up with the right idea, there are the best girl tattoo designs that you’ll enjoy.

We hope that you’ll pluck some inspiration from the ideas and designs we found and that you’ll come up with the tattoo that will describe your personality and style in the best way possible.

Editor’s notes: We’ll list some tattoos that feel more feminine than others. However, not all girl tattoos are feminine. Women don’t have to wear feminine tattoos on themselves, and that is completely fine. This article aims to help you find the design that you’ll resonate with, but no tattoo is or is not for females, anyone can get inspired by these designs if you’ll feel like it!

There are many girl tattoo designs and ideas, and not every girl resonates with the style and taste of another girl. That being said, think about what could be the best description of an ideal tattoo. Are you trying to add more details to a name, date, or quote tattoo but need a girlier symbol? Or do you want to highlight a memory of an important event that left you under a strong impression with a tattoo?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. In the further paragraphs of this article, we’ll talk about the tattoo designs that are commonly tattooed among girls, which may give you an idea for your next planned tattoo.

50+ Best Girl Tattoo Design Ideas

Before you let some random tattoo symbol take your attention and desire to get it inked, think about whether this design truly fits you, and whether it is something that you truly want.

Remember, trends come and go. Just because some symbol is increasingly popular or part of some phase don’t let it influence your life to get it inked unless you want it. A trend, style, or phase is temporary, but unless you want to go through painful laser tattoo removal that is not 100% precise, unwanted tattoos can be permanent.

With that in mind, browse through these ideas carefully, and remember to think about a tattoo symbol that corresponds with your emotions, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and experience. If your tattoo corresponds with you and your traits, then it’ll suit you even better!

Floral Tattoos

Floral Tattoos For Girls
Credit: @inkfusiontattoobar

Floral tattoos are considered one of the most popular patterns and symbols inked on the female body. Small floral tattoos, floral patterns, plants, trees, or floral tattoo sleeves, all look gorgeous when you visit a skilled tattoo artist and take the necessary time for it to heal.

Floral tattoos resonate with feminine appearance and graciousness. It’s an elegant symbol that marks innocence, fragileness, delicacy, and many other traits. Tattooing a flower or plant, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weak or unstable.

It’s an ever-growing symbol of strength, power, beauty, romance, and many other things. The flower is the first symbol of spring next to the singing birds. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to always consider the message that you want to send with flowers.

Flowers are also a good tattoo idea for people who want to ink some larger symbol but don’t know what to add. Flowers go great with tattoos of people, animals, especially wolves, foxes, birds, and other forest habitats, quotes, and many other things.

Flowers are the ultimate feminine symbol, and they go well with everything!

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Lettering Tattoos For Girls
Credit: @toptattoo.boss

When you don’t know what to make a tattoo of, you can never go wrong with lettering. So many people get letters and quotes tattooed daily, and if a quote carries an important message and valuable lesson, everyone who sees the tattoo on you can learn something new.

If you are not a fan of deep and cheesy quotes, there are other lettering symbols that you can ink. Science enthusiasts that are in love with physics, chemistry, and astronomy can easily ink a formula. Just be careful! If you have an exam that uses it, better hide it so teachers don’t think that you’re cheating.

Finally, some girls like to make a tattoo of their mother’s father’s or sibling’s name. Tattoos about a loved one’s name or the date you started dating also make a popular tattoo. We’d, however, advise our tattoo-fancying women to be careful when inking the name or date of birth of their significant other unless you’re sure they’re the one and they’ll be by your side as long as the tattoo – forever.

There are several problems with this type of tattoos, however. It’s important to communicate with your tattoo artist because mistakes happen even with the most experienced tattoo artists. That being said. Correct them before it’s too late, and make sure your design doesn’t have any spelling errors.

Exotic Tattoos

Hot girl summer, ever heard of that term or hashtag? It’s the term that is defined by girls and women working out, eating balanced and healthy food and just being overall mindful about their mental health to get ready for the hot summer days, looking and feeling like the best versions of themselves.

With that in mind, many girls want an exotic tattoo that will feel powerful and dope, and that they can show off on their bodies. An exotic tattoo can be a fruit, some tropic plant, or a large tattoo on some spot that gives more sex appeal, like on the chest or under breasts, on the lower tummy, rib cage, or buttocks.

Exotic Tattoos For Girls 1
Credit: @varsanyiangela

Many tattoo designers will work with girls and women who want to make themselves look sexier thanks to the power of ink and some strong and creative shading techniques.

No matter what the exotic symbol you’re looking for is, always make sure to pick the location on your body that will give it more sex appeal, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Exotic Tattoos For Girls 2
Credit: @ali.scavo

Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos For Girls
Credit: @ravennemesis

Do you have a friend or a family member that you promised you’ll ink matching tattoos with? This is not necessarily a girly trend but it was observed to be more common among girls. That being said, there are many matching tattoos that you can go for.

The symbols vary based on what preferences of both of you are. Sometimes it’s a heart, or a ring, or a portrait of mother and daughter. Sometimes, it’s a key or a date you met. As long as the tattoos match, it doesn’t matter what the symbol is for real.

Geeky Tattoos

Geeky Tattoos For Girls
Credit: @cazzajuice

Many guys think that women don’t have a geeky nature and don’t like video games or TV shows that men also watch. They couldn’t be more wrong. Geek girls unite to find the geekiest symbol for your next tattoo! That can be anything from your favorite TV show character, fantasy movie or a book, video game character, or anime character.

Additionally, it doesn’t have to be the character, it can be a symbol, object, or some other creature from a certain show or animated show. For example, it can be a pokemon or a pokemon ball. Then again, it can be a character or a symbol from some popular video game like World of Warcraft or Overwatch.

Finally, geeky doesn’t necessarily have to do a lot with pop culture. If you’re a STEM girl, you can come up with a STEM symbol to represent the field you work in. That can be anything from astronomy symbols of stars and planets to programming and web development for women in tech. The choice is yours!

Small Girl Tattoo

Small girl tattoo 1
Credit: @shadow.v.d
Small girl tattoo 2
Credit: @goodtattoostudio
Small girl tattoo 3
Credit: @dot._tattoo_studio

Some people like to make small tattoos that mean something to them personally. Some many girls and women share this opinion. With that in mind, if you want to get a tattoo that will be hidden and won’t be flaunted around, you can go for a smaller design like it was shown in the picture.

The best part is that you can go with any of these designs and make them smaller or bigger. If hiding a tattoo isn’t a concern for you, you can put it anywhere that you want, even at places that are more visible than others. If you want to hide it, lesser visible places will make your tattoo practically invisible, unless you want someone in particular to see it.

Large Girl Tattoo

Large Girl Tattoo 1
Credit: @top_tattoos_ig
Large Girl Tattoo 2
Credit: @top_tattoo_artists_
Large Girl Tattoo 3
Credit: @pinkpandatattoos

Where to put a large tattoo for girls? The right place can usually be areas that have a larger space for tattoos. We mean particularly back because there’s a lot of space for making a meaningful and storytelling tattoo.

More importantly, for women, the back is the least painful area to get tattooed, at least according to scientists. However, you can go with some other areas such as arms, legs, calves, rib cage, stomach, or thighs, the choice is yours.

Girl Tattoo Sleeve

Girl Tattoo Sleeve 1
Credit: @lilafanego
Girl Tattoo Sleeve 2
Credit: @the_ink.master
Girl Tattoo Sleeve 3
Credit: @bex.huh

When discussing tattoos, they are more commonly seen in men. However, more and more women are taking up the challenge and getting inked. The popularity of tattoo sleeves, be it arms or legs is growing, especially on women who get creative and get various symbols tattooed on their arms and legs.

Legs are more demanding for a sleeve tattoo than the arm, and the arm tattoo is visible more even during the winter. When it comes to symbols that you can get, the choice is yours, but we hope that the designs we presented you with have some meaning to you.

Other than that, you can ink a large symbol with some texture, pattern, or some other traditional or tribal mark. Alternatively, you can merge multiple symbols into one, which is something women most commonly do.

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Leg Tattoos For Girls

Leg Tattoos For Girls 1
Credit: @fourhorsemencustomtattooing
Leg Tattoos For Girls 2
Credit: @tattoospequenass
Leg Tattoos For Girls 3
Credit: @rik.ds_tattoo

Here are some ideas on what type of tattoo you could get. Leg tattoos are popular among girls who want to flaunt their summer body, especially on the beach and pool parties. However, given that legs are a larger area, it’s often hard to pick what would be the right symbol, what size, and what location.

Regardless, women generally take any type of tattoos, starting from smaller floral patterns, to texts, or even larger tattoos that span across the thigh, behind the thigh, or in the lower part of the leg. Some women who are bold enough, usually go with leg-sleeve tattoos, that are usually matched in a way to compliment the arm sleeve or some other tattoo that the person has. Still, some people find that the leg sleeves may be too painful to endure, which is why they get one or smaller tattoos on the leg.

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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @yazzink
Butterfly Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @leandrosink
Butterfly Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @chloebluetattoo

The butterfly is one of the most popular symbols for female tattoos. Butterflies are fragile, delicate, and they don’t have a long lifespan. However, their journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly is magnificent and mesmerizing. Many women resonate with the strength of the butterfly. Many women are fighting, and sometimes have to seclude themselves inside of larvae to protect themselves from pain, only to come out stronger in the future.

There are endless ideas for butterfly tattoos, but every woman that wants to highlight her dedication, rejuvenation, and road to healing should have a butterfly tattoo. Whether you choose to color it or not, it’s up to you. Minimalistic black and white butterflies look as majestic as those that are shaded with various colors.

Arm Tattoo

Arm Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @tattsntunnels
Arm Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @tatuagemdream
Arm Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @tattooslindass

Some women don’t want to have an arm sleeve, at least not immediately. If getting an arm sleeve looks like too big of a step for you, you can go with some other option, for example with a forearm or a bicep tattoo that will free you of the pain fear, and other fears related to getting a tattoo, especially if this would be the first tattoo for you.

Here are a few ideas for an arm tattoo that you can get. Some are larger, while some tattoos are smaller. If you’re afraid of the pain that comes with tattoos, or the healing process, it is always better to go with a smaller tattoo, and then enhance it in the future, after it heals.

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Back Tattoo

Back tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @tattooist_iwol
Back tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @liljtattoos
Back tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @wyldchyldct

As we mentioned earlier, back is the most popular location for a large tattoo. Back tattoos often tell a story, a feeling, a memory, or something else. That’s why back tattoos are large and deep. Back is often the vulnerable spot for a woman, the sign of intimacy. But, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t want to have a large tattoo on your back.

Just as with every other tattoo, you can start small, and then move in another direction and enhance your tattoo when you will feel like it. Back tattoos can be minimalistic as the ones we listed above. However, if you want to turn your back into canvas, you can emerge some colorful shades and add them to the story on your back.

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Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @petarge0rgiev
Thigh tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @tattoospequenass
Thigh tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @slumbabe

Similar to the full arm tattoo, many women who are not comfortable with tattooing their entire leg will go for the thigh tattoo. One good thing about thigh tattoos is that the thighs are not as painful an area for women as they are for men.

Given that thighs are a larger area, you can also get creative with both smaller and larger designs. They are always a good start for people who want to get started with tattoos but they’re worried that they won’t like the end result.

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Floral Tattoo

Floral Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @tattoosincriveis
Floral Tattoo For Girls 2
Floral Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @luis_tattoo_tatuagens

We finally got to the floral tattoos, the highlight and signature symbol of most women into ink. That doesn’t have to be that way, as not every woman is a fan of flowers. The best part of flowers is that there are so many species and sub-species that you can come up with a myriad of different tattoo designs for your body.

Women and girls, in general, prefer lilies, roses, tulips, Sakura tree flowers, and sunflowers. Many women also like orchid flowers and hibiscus, but it all comes down to the design that tattoo artist has. Finally, you can talk to your tattoo artist and see what options are available for you.

In the end, flowers are the symbol of youth, beauty, grace, elegance, sophistication, and delicacy. There are many flower traits and tattoo designs that will help these traits of yours stand out.

Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @tattoospequenass
Heart tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @emilyhiggins_tattoo

The heart is the ultimate symbol of love, prosperity, balance, and other traits. Many women use this symbol wisely to highlight their feelings, whether they’re sad or happy. Women use the heart as a tattoo when they want to highlight love, towards their friends, family, or significant others.

However, when the heart is broken, women will use it as a symbol of brokenness, highlighting their broken emotions through body ink. Keep in mind that you won’t always feel broken, a big and happy heart is the symbol of healing and the result.

Lettering Tattoo

Lettering Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @nataliatattooer
Lettering Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @elenagn_tattoo
Lettering Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @matt.vesta

Lettering tattoos are super-popular. Designers make fonts, while artists make beautiful lettering art. Lettering art can easily become your tattoo. You can ink anything, starting from your name in cursive to an important date in your life.

Something more popular among people who want to get lettering work done on their body is using quotes that marked important life decisions and moments, something that women consider to be a good mantra and amulet for a successful future.

Still, as always, be careful when inking these symbols, as mistakes happen, as mentioned earlier in the article.

Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @tattoospequenass
Animal Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @tattoosincriveis
Animal Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @tattooslindass

Many women and girls alike are animal lovers. More importantly, if you follow mythology and different cultures, different animals have different meanings. In some religions and cultures, some animals are considered divine beings.

Some women see their spirit animal in other animals, especially those who believe in zodiac signs. With that in mind, getting a tattoo of your favorite animal is a good idea, especially if you work with a talented tattoo artist who can help you make your animal design a realistic tattoo.

Some women even imprint dog or cat paws as a tattoo design and ink it on their body to show affection, love, and respect towards their pet, even after they’re gone.

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Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @tatuageminspiradora
Tree Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @sahruk35
Tree Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @jade.rock_bng

Our body is our temple, and our mind is the tree. As much as we tend to our garden and forest, it’ll grow, and develop, as will our mind. Tree tattoos are important to nature enthusiasts and plant mothers around the world, as much as floral tattoos.

There are a plethora of different tattoo designs for women that have trees in them. It can be just a simple tree, some women prefer marking a family tree as a DNA tree, while some women are bound to different cultures so they ink the tree of life from Celt and Norse mythology.

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Chest Tattoo

Chest Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @elsamajatattoo
Chest Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @tattooist_silvia
Chest Tattoo For Girls 3

Some women want to add more sex appeal and feminine looks by adding a tattoo on an explicit place. That being said, some women add more beauty to their chest and breast by tattooing meaningful and attention-grabbing symbols in those areas.

It can be anything, starting from leaves and flowers, to symbols such as Mandalas, dream catchers, the moon, and others. It all comes down to you, but keep in mind that these tattoos can be particularly painful to make.

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo For Girls 1
Credit: @blanco_tattoo_
Ribbon Tattoo For Girls 2
Credit: @cossmo_tattoo
Ribbon Tattoo For Girls 3
Credit: @mika_tattoos

Ribbons used to be extremely popular, among the noble women from previous centuries, ballerinas, and many others. They always manifested some level of elegance and sophistication, especially because of their close resemblance to butterflies.

Today, ribbon tattoos are quite popular among girls and women. Some of them make small and hard to notice symbols of ribbons, while others make this symbol stand out as much as possible. Any location is popular, as you can see, they can be found on arms, on the back and chest.

One of the most popular locations is thighs because they are inked carefully to resemble halters and long socks that add more elegance and sex appeal to women. If done carefully and well, they’ll also make a woman’s legs appear longer than they are.

Girl Tattoo: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a girl who wants to get her first tattoo, here are some frequently asked questions to help you make your final judgment and decision.

Q: Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men?

A: Some scientists suggest that women are more sensitive to reaction and pain as opposed to the pain men experience. The nerve ends are distributed in a different manner in both men and women. Some areas that appear mundane and moderately painful for men can be extremely painful for women.

However, it all also comes down to your pain tolerance, as well as age, weight, and whether you’re taking medication or drinking alcohol before the tattoo appointment.

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Q: Do Tattoos Take Longer For Women to Heal?

A: There is currently no evidence that supports that tattoos on female skin take longer to heal. Apply soothing bandages, clean your tattoos frequently, and don’t irritate them, and it’ll heal before you know it.

Q: What Are the Most Popular Tattoo Symbols For Girls?

A: That depends on your personal preferences. However, statistically speaking, we did our best to research the most popular tattoos for women. That’s why we included floral tattoos, animal tattoos, dolphin tattoos, dragon tattoos, and many other interesting symbols. Still, we agree that all symbols look good on girls if they were done by a skilled and talented tattoo artist.

Q: Can Girls Have Large Tattoos?

A: girls can get any tattoo that they want, be it smaller or bigger. For women who haven’t gotten inked yet, it’s best to start with a smaller symbol that can later be enhanced and turned into a powerful symbol. Still, there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing the best tattoo be it smaller or bigger.

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