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40+ Remarkable Venom Tattoo Ideas: Electrifying Body Design Collection

Because of the lashing tongue and the thrilling look, Venom tattoos have increased in popularity, and they became remarkable pieces of skin art. No wonder why social media has exploded in awesome images with Venom ink images.

Exuberant people will appreciate some Venom shapes tattoos on their skin, with fine lines flowing perfectly with their bodies.

Another epiphany regarding the Venom tattoo is that when it is written the other way around, the result is “Women.” And damn, it looks incredible.

People took “Venom” tattoos on Tik Tok higher and higher, as they did consider this pattern the ideal way to express their individuality.

Furthermore, some tattoo enthusiasts chose this ink drawing to pay tribute to their loved ones or probably to repress their anger. However, like any other tattoos, this is a trend that you might or not be interested in.

The poisonous snakes, the long tongue, and the creepy final look are all so attractive to ink into the skin.

But before searching for the most remarkable venom tattoo designs, let’s understand better the origins of this shocking character, why, and how it became so popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

Venom, from Marvel Comics To Body Art Piece

Marvel Comics first introduced the Venom character all the way back in the 80s, but it took them around 34 years to finally produce a dedicated film.

Ok, let’s dig deeper and explain the concept better to those who know nothing about Venom. Well, the concept for Venom was inspired by a new Spider-Man costume idea, and it actually came from a reader.

That was the starting point for a backstory, where Venom was the main character. Let’s make it even more explicit: Venom is one of the many alien Symbiotes, a fictional extraterrestrial race, that appears in Marvel Comics quite often. This species requires a bond with a human in order to survive.

Marvel fans got the real taste of Venom in Spider-Man 3, but it was brought to a whole new level after the role was taken over by Tom Hardy. Now that we know how Venom has hit the cinemas let’s move on to the Venom tattoo drawings.

Why Are Venom Tattoo Ideas So Attractive?

Because of the electric look and the lashing tongue, Venom tattoos are remarkable pieces of skin art. They can look amazing once inked into the skin, especially if the tattoo artist will add electric details.

Over time, this character took the antihero path. Eddie Brock became Venom once a Symbiote bonded with him.

This Symbiote looks amazing when incorporated into the Venom tattoo design in so many ways. When adding those shades of black and white and the creepy spider pattern, Venom will transform into the ultimate ink design.

Best Venom Tattoo Illustrations

There are several Venom symbol tattoo variations, so they can work for both women and men. While Venom’s face profile in shades of black would look amazing as a shoulder tattoo, especially once the character’s tongue will lash out, your artist can add splashes of color to make it more vivid.

Furthermore, it is a pity not to show off this piece of ink art. As such, the Venom tattoo would also look sick on the bicep or forearm and spectacular as a sleeve masterpiece. Due to the long shape, the tattoo artist can incorporate the Venom tattoo drawing into the skin so it will look like a nice fluid piece.

Check the list below to find the most amazing Venom tattoo designs, and let these pieces of art electrify your appearance.

Black And Gray Venom Tattoos

Black And Gray Venom Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Black And Gray Venom Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Black And Gray Venom Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

The classic Venom tattoo is custom-made for solid black and grey designs. The monochromatic color scheme goes perfectly with the mysterious yet diabolical symbolism of this character.

Choose the solid black lines, a deep saturation for the image, even some textured shading to accentuate the negative vibes of this tattoo image.

The black and white Venom tattoo drawings should take advantage of the teeth, eyes, and spider logo and make all these pop.

Make sure you take advantage of the lights and shadows to bring the black and gray Venom tattoo to life. The little light accents on the face, the splashing drool, as well as the wetness of the tongue, should be parts of this tattoo design.

The shades of grey create the ideal softness this ink drawing needs, as well as the mysterious vibe that this character design is all about. Take advantage of the curves and the realism of every tiny detail.

However, please consider the heavy black application for this type of design, and too many details might end up looking like a cover-up. As such, I recommend you to choose a master artist to do the shadings and to use all the neg

The greys create a softness in the curves and pulpy parts of the character’s design to give it a sinister depth and realism. Just be aware that a heavy black application for a design like this can end up looking like a cover-up if your artist hasn’t mastered shading and the use of negative space. Too much black can become a blowout blob.

Personal opinion: This model is a classic that can truly suit any Venom enthusiast.

Venom And Carnage Tattoo

Venom And Carnage Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Venom And Carnage Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Venom And Carnage Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

As you might already know, Venom was initially created when a Symbiote bonded with Spiderman.

However, this symbiotic relationship nearly drove him insane, so he had to separate from Spiderman and find another host.

As a result, Venom spawned Carnage, who had lots of powers and abilities to make him invincible.

The Venom Symbiote tattoo is a classic when it comes to body art pieces, so lots of Marvel Comics enthusiasts would choose this ink drawing.

The design of the Venom and Carnage tattoo symbolizes strength, as well as unpredictability. As the name suggests, the final impression is one of Carnage.

There are different ways to showcase a tattoo with Venom and Carnage and the symbiotic relationship between these two characters. The fantastic lines and shades will highlight the power and emotion of this ink drawing, making it an amazing piece of art.

Personal opinion: A new Venom movie is about to hit the cinemas soon is all about Venom and Carnage. So, these tattoos are perfect for those who wish to be ready for the premiere.

Venom Tattoo Black And White

Venom Tattoo Black And White 1
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo Black And White 2
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo Black And White 3
Credit: Instagram

What can better accentuate the creepy look of Venom’s character than the proper shades of ink?

The Venom tattoo in black and white has an amazing effect and symbolizes power, mystery, creativity, and, why not, a nightmarish vibe.

Personal opinion: The Venom Tattoo in shades of black and white is a very artistic approach. As such, it is essential to go to the best artists in town.

Savage Venom Tattoos

Savage Venom Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Savage Venom Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Savage Venom Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

We all know that Venom is meant to be a savage character. So these models are the perfect way to highlight the beloved comic book persona.

To make these tattoos stand out, you need to ask your tattoo artist to add a little bit of red or make Venom as fierce as possible. You can use fine black lines so the tattoo will give a nightmarish and grisly feeling.

Personal opinion: I think that this is the perfect model for a full sleeve design.

Cinematic Venom Tattoos

Cinematic Venom Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Cinematic Venom Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Cinematic Venom Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

It is very hard to imagine any other actor playing Venom after seeing Tom Hardy in that role. The tattoo designs representing the blending of Hardy’s face with Venom are epic and have an incredible impact.

They take time to be designed, and you might need more than one visit to the tattoo shop if you want the result to really stand out. So, make sure you understand the costs before you choose such a design.

Personal opinion: This is a tattoo model that works for any gender. However, I do suggest you give it a generous size to make it as realistic as possible.

Colorful Venom Tattoos

Colorful Venom Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram
Colorful Venom Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Colorful Venom Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

When it comes to tattoo models inspired by comic books, I really do think that they look amazing when colors are involved.

So before anything else, I suggest you consider adding some colors to your designs. You can choose to use just one color, such as red, to make your Venom more fierce, or you can go crazy and make the model all colorful.

You can play with notes of blue and purple when designing Venom’s costume. Also, you can give a more Hulky feeling to your tattoo with just a touch of green.

Personal opinion: I think that colorful Venom tattoos are meant for playful people who love to stand out and don’t be boring.

Size Conscious Venom Tattoos

Size Conscious Venom Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Size Conscious Venom Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Size Conscious Venom Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Venom is a big character, so you should not consider a small design if you want to tattoo yourself with his face.

I don’t say that it is either a full sleeve or no Venom tattoo. However, I think you should not choose small space body parts such as your ankle or wrist to draw a Venom tattoo on. The result will only look unrealistic and crowded.

Personal opinion: A talented artist should give life to a Venom tattoo, so let them do so in a generous space.

Spiderman Venom Tattoo

Spiderman Venom Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Spiderman Venom Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Spiderman Venom Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Venom is a famous comic book character, but can we think of him without thinking about Spiderman? I think not. This is why the association of the two is very well-loved in the tattoo world.

It is a great duo that allows you to play with colors and give the design a vivid look.

Personal opinion: My favorite Spiderman Venom tattoo is the mirror image of the two.

Writing Venom Tattoo

Writing Venom Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Writing Venom Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Writing Venom Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Even though I strongly believe that Venom deserves a big tattoo, I can understand that some people love writings when it comes to their tattoo designs.

If you are one of these persons or want a smaller tattoo, just write ‘Venom’ on your forearm, leg, or wrist.

Personal opinion: This design is great to be made monochromatic as well as in colors.

Best Places to Tattoo a Venom Model Tattoo

When choosing a tattoo model, it is very important not to pick a design but also a body part that suits your needs. This being said, here are the most popular ones.

Venom Tattoo on Leg

Venom Tattoo on Leg 1
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Leg 2
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Leg 3
Credit: Instagram

Your legs are among the most versatile canvases your body has to offer. They are perfect for tattooing Venom’s face, and why not his body.

Suited for both men and women, leg tattoos are perfect for those who don’t care about social boundaries.

Venom Tattoo on Forearm

Venom Tattoo on Forearm 1
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Forearm 2
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Forearm 3
Credit: Instagram

The forearm is another great place for a Venom tattoo. It provides a solution for those who wish for a smaller Venom tattoo. You can also go with a monochromatic or a colorful design, as both versions will look amazing.

Venom Tattoo on Arm

Venom Tattoo on Arm 1
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Arm 2
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Arm 3
Credit: Instagram

Don’t want to show your tattoo on every occasion? Move the tattoo higher on your arm and play with the design as much as you like.

Full Sleeve Venom Tattoo

Full Sleeve Venom Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Full Sleeve Venom Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Full Sleeve Venom Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

If you want to really stand out, then don’t be shy and go with a full sleeve tattoo representing Venom.

By doing so, you can really play with the model. You can draw just Venom or make a full comic scene. Don’t hold back as the ‘canvas’ is big enough to handle it.

However, you should keep in mind that this kind of tattoo is more time and money consuming.

Venom Tattoo on Back

Venom Tattoo on Back 1
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Back 2
Credit: Instagram
Venom Tattoo on Back 3
Credit: Instagram

Last but not least, don’t forget about your back. This truly is the biggest canvas part of your body, ensuring you the possibility of a realistic and beautiful design.

It really doesn’t matter what part of your back you choose for your Venom tattoo since the result will look great regardless of your decision.

Final thoughts

Venom is an amazing versatile character, and this is very visible in the wide variety of tattoo designs. Do you already have a favorite one, or are you still deciding?

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