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30+ Best-Looking Dagger Tattoos: Symbolists, Designs, And Inspiration Adviser

Dagger tattoos have gained popularity during recent years, and there is no wonder, as this design has such a beautiful predominance on the body. Their unmatched sheen is artfully ornate. If you want to show off your masculinity, dagger tattoos are the right choice.

Consider these rebel blades for an epic revival. Dagger tattoos have been in fashion among the urbane 21st-century men.

The sky’s the limit, so nothing can stop you from customizing your design. All of you want to be original when it comes to your body art; this is why it is essential to do the correct research.

How would life look without a bit of intrigue and danger, right? Dagger tattoos are the right body art pieces you need to show that you are not an ordinary tattoo lover.

These designs are still symbols of traditional tattooing and style. However, they have evolved in a matter of looks.

Why Have People Always Loved Dagger Tattoos?

Why Have People Always Loved Dagger Tattoos
Saved Tattoo

Dagger tattoos will always be the ideal body art piece as they are great gap fillers due to their tall and slim shape.

As such, they will look superb on large sections of your body, such as the legs, the arms, or the back. For more personality, you can always add some animals, flowers, hearts, or skulls to your body art pieces.

Furthermore, you can ask your tattoo artist to enhance your model and offer it a more artsy look. Whether you want to have a cleaner look, or a dagger tattoo full of details, there are many accents or symmetrical embellishments to make.

So if you consider getting a new dagger tattoo, keep on reading to find more about the symbolism and meanings of this design. Also, check out our favorite picks of dagger tattoos from the list below.

Good To Know Before You Are Getting Your Dagger Tattoo

If you have always found the dagger tattoos truly interesting, then here are some things to know before adopting this body art design.

Some facts are always good to be aware of right before you make this decision. In a nutshell, it is wise to know the size, placement, and style to be a dream come true.

Good To Know Before You Are Getting Your Dagger Tattoo
Saved Tattoo

Define The Dagger Tattoo Design

If you want to go on the more dagger tattoo traditional path, choose a thicker outline design, more simplistic visual form, and bolder colors. The overall look should be minimalistic and not too artsy.

On the other hand, the illustrative, also known as neo-traditional dagger tattoos, comes in a more varied color palette and lots of ornamental details. No matter the style you will finally choose, you should always look for the artist to make your dream come true.

Consider The Best Placement For You

The most important thing to remember when having a dagger tattoo design is that this body art piece is long and thin. As such, you should choose a skin part that allows you to surround yourself in the future.

So if you are planning to have a dagger tattoo on large body areas, such as the arm, hip, shoulder, or thigh, discuss with your artist the possibilities of adding more features and accents all around.

Don’t Forget About The Hilt Design

Let’s not forget about the main details. The hilt is the vital part of a dagger tattoo, so why not spruce it up? The handle of your dagger tattoo is the component that offers you and the artist the chance to be creative.

If you are not the traditional kind, add romantic or more warrior details to the hilt.

Dagger Tattoo Inspirations And Designs

Lots of people have different interests when it comes to creating their body art pieces. The same happens with the dagger tattoo designs.

These historic knife tattoos are not quite the mainstream tattoos you find on everybody’s art enthusiast’s skin.

This tattoo inspiration is unique, and people would usually choose it to show their courage and strength. As you have previously seen, dagger tattoos come with good and negative implications.

Use your imagination to add that kind of personal touch. Particular elements, such as hearts, flowers, or snakes, will clarify the meaning that you want to share with people around you.

When you add roses around the dagger symbol, then the whole look will be more romantic. On the other hand, the final design will be more damaging and morbid as soon as you ink yourself with a skull and a dagger.

Moreover, in some Asian countries, like China, the blades’ design you choose will be joined with a cherry contour to display perpetuity. On the other hand, without anything else around, a simple dagger will represent courage, integrity, and atonement.

So if one of these symbolistic is exactly what you want to share through body art, go ahead and choose one of the dogger tattoo designs we will shade below.

However, you can go wild with the dogger tattoo designs inspiration. Ask the tattoo artists and check their opinions. Here are some of our favorite traditional dagger tattoos, as well as more modern approaches.

Pierced Dagger And Rose Tattoo

Pierced Dagger And Rose Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattoosbyaurajane
Pierced Dagger And Rose Tattoo 2
Credit: @sacredartfl
Pierced Dagger And Rose Tattoo 3
Credit: @szutattoo

When it comes to dagger through rose tattoo, the symbolism is potent. The association is more romantic if you add a heart or a flower next to the dagger. While daggers usually signify a failed relation or disappointment, the rose adds romantic treason.

Do you know how we mentioned the dagger and rose tattoo meaning? Well, this design is one of the popular ones. It usually features a pierced dagger with a rose, whether in minimalist lines or thicker details.

Personal opinion: From all the tattoos today, this one is for the badass types, meaning that the rose and dagger tattoos are for the wicked ones.

Dagger and Panther Head Tattoo

Dagger and Panther Head Tattoo 1
Credit: @delly_tattoo
Dagger and Panther Head Tattoo 2
Credit: @over_veneno
Dagger and Panther Head Tattoo 3
Credit: @jaydecaytattoos

If you want to be even more creative, you should choose this dagger and panther head tattoo design. You cannot go wrong with this pattern. If you’re going to go with the flow, then make sure you ask the artist to add lots of colors.

Personal opinion: From pastel tones to raw ones, the dagger and panther head tattoo will look sharp, cool, shiny, and timeless.

Tip: Take care of the blood-spatter accents.

Traditional Rose and Dagger

Traditional Rose and Dagger 1
Credit: @inkdchronicles
Traditional Rose and Dagger 2
Credit: @antoniovelatattoo
Traditional Rose and Dagger 3
Credit: @vikingashley

If you are looking for a traditional dagger tattoo, then take a glance at this one. You might have seen this typical tattoo pattern many other times. However, you can make it look particularly excellent by adding some pops of bright blue on the handle.

Tip: Make a wise color choice to ensure that the result will be awesome. Some saturated greens, yellows, and reds would look fantastic, and no one could ever deny it.

Rose and dagger tattoos are some of the most popular and common traditional designs that contain this powerful symbol. The pattern has been evolving during these years, and it does continue to change its forms and details.

The dagger and rose tattoo meaning will highlight the quality of life. As such, the dagger relates to a dark side, where the rose symbolizes joy, love, and beauty. Blade and rose do beautifully coexist and make a beautiful tattoo pattern.

Take a look at the pierced rose and dagger body art. Like the previous ones, this pattern represents heartbreak and betrayal, considering roses symbolize beauty and love.

Personal opinion: Don’t choose this tattoo type without understanding its true meaning.

Arya’s Needle

Arya’s Needle 1
Credit: @janicetattdoo
Arya’s Needle 2
Credit: @_inked_ann_
Arya’s Needle 3
Credit: @lixi_sickandnormal

If you are looking for a dagger tattoo on your forearm, the Arya Needle is the one for you. Okay, although this tattoo might look more like a sword, it is you who makes the rules, right?

Take a look at these tiny handle details; aren’t they all perfection?

Personal opinion: So if you are a big fan of Game Of Thrones, this tattoo can have lots of details from that mythological world.

Heart And Dagger Tattoo

Heart And Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @ashleynicoletattoos
Heart And Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @jarretcrosson
Heart And Dagger Tattoo 3
Credit: @lottireidart

Dagger face tattoos do exist. Sometimes, heart and dagger tattoos say it all. Although it is a traditional pattern, the transparent effect on the heart is excellent, original, and once you add the rope-like detail on the handle, this body art will be complete.

This dagger tattoo liner is usually fine and minimalist, and we all can agree on how clean it looks. You can choose a whole black heart or the popular red one.

The dagger through heart tattoo means and looks quite satisfying and also full of symbolism. The most solemn color palette contains green, black, red, and gold.

Dagger through heart tattoo meaning is pure and potent: this symbolizes lost love and betrayal. The dagger going all through the heart tends to be the symbol of sufferance.

Moreover, when you get this tattoo, you will share your lost love through body art. Furthermore, hearts and daggers’ meanings also have a religious iconography behind them.

Personal opinion: I love this model made in vibrant colors.

Dagger And Snake Tattoo

Dagger And Snake Tattoo 1
Credit: @shadowhandtattoo
Dagger And Snake Tattoo 2
Credit: @isa.tempestade
Dagger And Snake Tattoo 3
Credit: @tattanna_

When it comes to the dagger and snake tattoo meaning, the symbolism of these two elements is powerful. If you notice in the examples above, the upper hand is usually circled by a snake or has a snake bite.

This is the main sign of betrayal. Moreover, the tattoo of a snake and dagger relates to a sort of deception that someone has done to you. Snakes and daggers together represent deceitfulness. Most people who choose this tattoo pattern have a firm decision behind it.

The dagger and snake tattoo meaning generally focuses on bravery, triumph, and overcoming obstacles and demons. If the snake and dagger tattoo displays the dagger or sword stabbing the snake, then the meaning is an all-around triumph.

If the snake is wrapping around the blade, the dagger and snake tattoo meaning is referring to the Roman god Mercury.

Personal opinion: Best suited for people who are not afraid to battle their own demons.

Minimal Black Dagger Tattoo

Minimal Black Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @reggietherascal13
Minimal Black Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @normstattoo
Minimal Black Dagger Tattoo 3
Credit: @borovska_tattoo

The dagger finger tattoo is by far one of the most appreciated designs from this article.

Personal opinion: This black dagger tattoo will suit almost any part of your body, from the clavicle to the finger, hip, inner arm, or inguinal area.

Skull and Dagger Tattoos Symbolism

Skull and Dagger Tattoos Symbolism 1
Credit: @brianriggstattoos
Skull and Dagger Tattoos Symbolism 2
Credit: @caesarsunderyourskin

Quite similar to the other skull tattoos’ meanings, daggers are the different accent for death. So, if you are not afraid to show your dark side, then this tattoo design will suit you.

Personal opinion: If the dagger pierces the skull, the tattoo will stand out for bravery and overcoming death.

Cloak And Dagger Tattoo

Cloak And Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @orange.wombat
Cloak And Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @sorte.arte

Are you courageous when it comes to body art pieces? Then you should consider the cloak and dagger tattoo. However, keep in mind that this ink and dagger tattoo will take a large part of your skin.

Tip: Add more details, play with colors, and enjoy the final look.

Colorful Shin Flower and Dagger Tattoo

Colorful Shin Flower and Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @somethingoriginaltattoo
Colorful Shin Flower and Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @artbybreab
Colorful Shin Flower and Dagger Tattoo 3
Credit: @jadersontattoos

If you love more original-looking tattoo pieces, then these colorful pastel shades and dagger tattoos will satisfy your taste. Look how beautifully the handle is shaped.

Also, let’s give a thumbs up to the overall palette. You can already imagine yourself at the beach.

Tip: Look for the lovely blue shades, yellow, and greens. The effortless color will fade beautifully.

Eye And Dagger Tattoo

Eye And Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @noir8noah
Eye And Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @leigh_higginson_tattoos
Eye And Dagger Tattoo 3
Credit: @goatwhoreal

You will fall in love with this eye and dagger tattoo pattern. The artists doing these color tattoos are transforming simple body art into true masterpieces.

I love this colorful tattoo; how bold and straightforward the result will look once you look closer. Look closer at the tiny, fine lines. The dagger tattoo lines here are beautifully executed, just take a look and be ready to enhance your body look.

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Chunky and Colorful Dagger Tattoo

Chunky and Colorful Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @rennietattoo
Chunky and Colorful Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @toothandtalontattoo
Chunky and Colorful Dagger Tattoo 3
Credit: @dantattooandart

If you do not necessarily look for some fine lines, then this chunky and colorful dagger tattoo is an excellent example of having a unique-looking body art piece.

Personal opinion: The blade in these tattoos looks almost crystalized, while the decorative details perfectly contrast with the other colorful parts.

Blue Dagger Tattoo

Blue Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @francamurilo.ttt
Blue Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @goodbodyart
Blue Dagger Tattoo 3
Credit: @fatjimmytattoos

For those passionate about the neo-traditional picks in terms of tattoos, this blue dagger tattoo has beautiful linework.

The details are romantic, and the dagger looks like it was made of ice.

Personal opinion: You will simply love how the color plays in this body art piece.

Bunny Dagger Tattoo

Bunny Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: @dgrimz
Bunny Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: @_aexl_

When it comes to lethal weapons, you might not expect to find one with a bunny handle, right? Even so, this one is the cutest body art piece. And if you go to a talented artist, the result will be exceptional.

The bunny dagger is original, joyful, and full of fairytale details.

Personal opinion: All the daggers should be topped with bunny heads, don’t you think?

Last Thoughts

There are so many ways you can enhance your body art by simply using some dagger tattoo lines; choose one of the patterns above and show the world how you feel and which are your superpowers.

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