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40+ Trending Octopus Tattoos In 2024: Creative Skin Drawings To Get Inked

Some tattoos will always be trendy, timeless, joyful, and popular. Everyone loves the octopus tattoo designs, so there is no surprise that body art enthusiasts always look for new sketches and outlines.

With their unique shades and tentacle moves, these sea creatures will always look amazing on everyone’s skin.

No wonder why even artists love to ink these sea creatures’ tattoos. The best part? The sky’s the only limit, so don’t hesitate to complement this design with your vision.

Octopus tattoos are pretty versatile, considering their dual meaning. First of all, the octopus can be shown as a beast in some fairy tales, games, and movies.

On the other hand, their cute shape looks so adorable and friendly in some cartoons. So, lots of body art enthusiasts would look even more for an octopus tattoo design because of the media exposure and octopus’s popularity.

I have chosen the trendiest yet most versatile and timeless ones, so make sure you research before inking yourself.

Octopus Tattoo Meaning

Octopus Tattoo Meaning
Saved Tattoo

The octopus is a sea creature that is quite powerful and brave. Its shape allows it to escape quickly and attach to any other predators and shortly destroy them. Many people would love to have some of these qualities in their daily lives, so this is one of the top reasons many ink enthusiasts prefer to have an octopus tattoo.

The octopus tattoo refers to mystery, strength, intelligence, agility, and also cuteness. Moreover, you can create octopus tattoo designs in any size, color, and shape. No wonder why people love octopus tattoos so much.

Octopus Tattoo Placement Guidelines

As we mentioned before, octopus tattoo designs are truly versatile, so the effect will be the same no matter the shape and size you choose. Now, when it comes to the placement of these tattoos, this decision will depend on the size you choose.

As such, if you prefer to have a large tattoo, an octopus tattoo sleeve is the one that requires the most considerable amount of skin. On the other hand, if you enjoy minimalist tattoos, a small model is the right choice for you.

However, considering the versatility of this design, you can have it on big and tiny body parts and enjoy the result equally.

If we talk about those octopus tattoo ideas that come with eight limbs, you can imagine the large skin area you will need. An octopus tattoo on the arm or a leg tattoo will require a lot of space for all those details.

All in all, if you relate to that saying, “Less is more,” then an octopus hand tattoo will be enough for you.

On the other hand, if you are not afraid of going wilder, then a tattoo design on your chest, shoulder, back, or thigh will be the right one for you.

However, there is no rule in this direction, as an octopus tattoo design can extend from your shoulder to the chest. Octopus tattoos for women are tinier, while men will mostly prefer larger designs.

30+ Best Octopus Tattoo Design Ideas

Would you genuinely love to have an octopus tattoo design on your skin but don’t know where to start from? Let me help you. Here are some of the top octopus tattoo ideas to suit multiple skin areas.

Octopus and Anchor Tattoo

Octopus and Anchor Tattoo 1
Credit: @chris_buzztattoo
Octopus and Anchor Tattoo 2
Credit: @nenacameranesi

According to some ancient cultures, the octopus was a mythical monster that people feared. Its powers were uncontrollable, so this creature was primarily associated with flexibility, intelligence, mystery, deception, and unpredictability.

On the other hand, the anchor represents resilience, strength, and stability. Once combining these two elements, the contrast will be pretty obvious, making this octopus tattoo idea even more powerful symbolistic.

Personal opinion: This design would suit anyone looking for some calmness in their life but still understands that there are possible dangers around the corner.

Tip: Regardless of how and why you choose this design, give it more space on your skin and have an octopus leg tattoo or an octopus shoulder tattoo.

Skull Octopus Tattoo

Skull Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @krowtattoos
Skull Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @saltoftheearthtattoo
Skull Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @hybridtattoova

Let me tell you this. When it comes to original, forceful octopus tattoo ideas, the skull octopus tattoo is a true badass. By looking at this pattern, the first things that may come through your mind are mystery, danger, or death.

As such, when you see someone wearing a skull octopus tattoo, they might look a bit intimidating. Don’t you agree?

The octopus tattoo’s meaning is robust and versatile, but adding a skull in this design will simply renew the association. When you combine the octopus with a human head, this pattern represents intelligence and the life cycle.

Although people would typically associate a skull with death, and the whole image is quite dark, this octopus skull tattoo can also symbolize protection and overcoming hard times.

Personal opinion: Consider this sketch if you want an octopus thigh tattoo, as you may need larger skin areas for all the details.

Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo

Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @trueloveart
Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @inksterchad
Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @james_bosticco

If there is one sea creature you don’t want to meet while sailing or swimming, this is the blue-ringed octopus.

Although it is hazardous in real life, the blue ring octopus tattoo will make your body art genuinely stand out.

The genus of this creature is deadly, and you will mostly find these evil creatures on coral reefs, tide pools, even in oceans, such as the Indian and the Pacific Ocean.

If you want a blue-ringed octopus tattoo, consider your arm or shoulder as ideal skin places.

Personal opinion: Men are more than likely to have this octopus tattoo design to indicate that they want to be taken seriously.

Traditional Octopus Tattoo

Traditional Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @frankie.ftw
Traditional Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @harringtontattoo
Traditional Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @inkformed

The red octopus tattoo is one of the traditional approaches you can consider when having a brand new ink design. Octopus tattoos are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pattern associated with intelligence.

The traditional octopus tattoo is the symbol of mystery, illusion, and danger.

The red octopus tattoo is one of those striking outlines with a bold color that will truly stand out.

Personal opinion: If you want to share a hyper-realistic design or a style that will make the octopus appear intimidating, this traditional octopus tattoo will be genuinely appealing.

Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Japanese Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @ben_rt
Japanese Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @thompsontattoo
Japanese Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @tattoos_by_agus

If you consider having an octopus leg tattoo, the Japanese style will look amazing on a large skin area. The vibrant color palette is a distinctive element, so most images you will see have mixings of grey, black, and red or blue.

Other familiar images are used in these designs, such as dragons, koi fishes, and lotus flowers. Opting for a Japanese Octopus Tattoo can show your interest in Japanese culture.

The sea monster in these sketches is easily recognizable and also the symbol of a distinct style.

Personal opinion: An octopus tattoo sleeve would look amazingly cool with a Japanese design, as it looks more mythical and respected.

Small Octopus Tattoo

Small Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @mysticabodyartstudio
Small Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @nature_obscure
Small Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @yendis.tattoo

When deciding on your future tattoo, you need to consider the details and placement, but mostly its size. A tiny octopus tattoo will be appealing, versatile, and timeless if you enjoy minimalistic tattoo ideas.

One of the main advantages of getting yourself a small octopus tattoo is that you won’t be restricted in placement. As such, if you want an octopus tattoo on your forearm or a finger tattoo, this outline is exactly what you need.

Small tattoos are a wise option due to their versatility. Moreover, minimalist ink designs are less costly and painful so that they won’t contain so many details.

Personal opinion: These pieces never get old, so don’t wait anymore for having a small octopus tattoo.

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @perpetualrootz
Polynesian Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @yokarin1
Polynesian Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @ricosaldivar

If one octopus tattoo design requires a large piece of your skin, then this is the Polynesian octopus tattoo.

This outline is not only beautiful but also has lots of symbols behind it. Depending on the details you choose, the design can indicate the genealogy and hierarchy of the people who are wearing it.

The design of this octopus tattoo has been a worldwide debating topic. Some believe that once having a Polynesian octopus tattoo is like honoring culture and art, while others think that inking yourself with this design is a sign of offense.

Personal opinion: I believe that this decision is only up to you and your lifestyle. The Polynesian octopus tattoo idea can be linked with strength, even adapting to any situation.

Tip: Keep in mind that you should go to the best artists, as this style is incredibly detailed. Furthermore, consider your chest, leg, or sleeve so there will be enough space to draw this kind of design.

Elephant Octopus Tattoo

Elephant Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @slingerstattoo
Elephant Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @tattootipsy
Elephant Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @kairosink

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box approach for your octopus tattoo design, this one will never disappoint you. When getting an elephant octopus tattoo, you will enjoy a pretty unusual combination, a valid symbol of rebirth and strength.

Who thought of combining the largest land-living animal and a sea creature? Well, they might seem like making a great team on the skin.

This elephant-octopus tattoo can be a great symbol of power. Alternatively, if you want a more positive approach, consider the Dumbo octopus.

Interesting fact: Also famous as Grimpoteuthis, the pelagic umbrella octopus is one of the world’s deepest-living species. Its name came from the Disney film, as the resemblance is quite apparent.

Watercolor Octopus Tattoo

Watercolor Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @dead_hand_sea
Watercolor Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @tattooerzacklevey
Watercolor Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @noemi_tattoo

If you are more into getting yourself an octopus tattoo design that screams joy and uniqueness, then you should start considering the watercolor octopus tattoos.

These sketches have been increasingly popular due to their brightness and beauty. The watercolor technique is quite simple, as it blends various colors to create the same effect. It is like the artist is taking their paintbrushes and starts putting colors on a piece of canvas.

The watercolor octopus tattoo looks much more fluid than traditional approaches. This design does not need to follow the bold outlines.

However, this technique comes with both advantages and downsides. The gift is their cool look, with lots of pastel shades. The downside is that these shades will tend to fade away quickly.

Personal opinion: Don’t let these disadvantages stop you from getting the tattoo of your dream away. After all, octopus sea creatures are colorful, so why not add some motion through colors?

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @inkedbyalex
Cartoon Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @harryflashmans
Cartoon Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @madisonstreettattoo

What better way to always remember your childhood highlights than with the help of a cartoon octopus tattoo design?

The best part of this tattoo idea is that there are so many options to choose from and multiple inspirations for a unique ink design.

For instance, you can select Squidward from SpongeBob Square Pants as your inspiration, or you can talk to the artist, and both create a cartoonish design for your next tattoo.

This idea will most often include unrealistic proportions, vivid colors, maybe some exaggerated features.

If you don’t have deep emotions to share through your body art, this famous cartoon octopus tattoo idea will help you celebrate simpler times.

Personal opinion: I think that cartoon octopus tattoos are more suited for women and teenagers.

Geometric Octopus Tattoo

Geometric Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @emanuelesircanatattoo
Geometric Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @mastika.dot.bcn
Geometric Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @lukebetton

Geometric tattoos have always been popular among body art lovers due to the sharp lines and the captivating designs.

The geometric shapes will look fantastic on the skin and highlight the body symmetry of this gorgeous sea creature.

Moreover, you can ask the artist to create unique patterns using mathematical elements.

One of the main reasons you will always love your tattoo is the ink precision and the harmony of shapes, lines, and angles.

Personal opinion: If you want your body art to be different, still catchy, and unique, the geometric octopus tattoo will meet your expectations.

Realistic Octopus Tattoo

Realistic Octopus Tattoo 1
Credit: @sharfreeman.ink
Realistic Octopus Tattoo 2
Credit: @edkilin.goodjob
Realistic Octopus Tattoo 3
Credit: @sharfreeman.ink

Let’s say that you are looking for a more realistic approach. If so, these 3D octopus arm tattoos will meet the creature’s beauty and potent symbolism.

As such, make sure you will go to the most talented artists, who have enough experience in inking people as realistically as possible.

Although the realism technique is quite popular, it also takes a lot of skills to create an image close to the real thing.

Imagine an octopus thigh tattoo that will look like an actual sea creature living on your skin. This artwork will usually come in black, white, and grey shades, but you can also include some other vivid colors if you like.

Tip: If you choose this type of piece, then make sure you select something significant. Moreover, keep in mind that this design is time-consuming and more expensive than a minimal or small octopus tattoo.

Octopus and Ship Tattoo

Octopus and Ship Tattoo 1
Credit: @jony_tattoohut
Octopus and Ship Tattoo 2
Credit: @tabanan_inktattoo
Octopus and Ship Tattoo 3
Credit: @gregwhelantattoo

Many stories highlight the power of an eight-legged monster that usually attacks ships and sailors. The only thought about these tales is frightening, and the Kraken beast should only remain in our imagination. Or on our skin.

The Kraken is mainly connected to the power and ability to regenerate. However, it is also a creature that threatens to attack and sink ships.

If you want a cool tattoo, consider the one that incorporates a boat and an octopus. The result will not only be exciting but will carry lots of meanings behind it. Others would think about always being prepared for unknown outcomes.

Personal opinion: Do not hesitate to add slogans, names, or phrases, so the final tattoo is even more unique.

Last Thoughts

There are so many octopus tattoo ideas to choose from. Just be sure to find the ideal connection with one of them and pick the one that meets your emotions. My favorite style is the cartoon octopus tattoo, but I could also choose the minimalist idea too. What’s yours?

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