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20+ Fashionable Hamsa Tattoo Ideas: Design To Always Protect Your Spirit

The meaningful hamsa design dates back thousands of years ago when archaeologists discovered some ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia and Phoenicia civilizations.

The ancients referred to the hand, formed of two symmetrical thumbs, as the “evil eye.” However, the symbolistic is more versatile and different, as you will discover down below. This clear sign has been used for thousands of years, and Hamsa hand comes in various spellings.

People will find references to hamsa, hamesh, chamsa, or khamsa. What is for sure is that the Hamsa symbol is like an amulet that offers spiritual protection and which has a strong history behind it.

This symbol was undoubtedly used in some of the world’s major religions, like the Jewish and Islamic faiths. Today you will learn more about the powerful symbolistic of the Hamsa hand, the history of this pattern, as well as the applications of this ancient symbol.

Let me introduce you to the magical and incredible world of hamsa tattoos and illustrate some art pieces that you will want to show off to the world.

Is Hamsa Tattoo Suitable For Anyone?

The Hamsa symbol has deep roots in some of the world’s most potent faiths, like Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, and Christianity. Nevertheless, the logo itself might pre-date all these traditions. That being said, the symbol of Hamsa should not be used irrationally, as people should have a deep connection and understanding.

So, if you are considering the Hamsa hand tattoo, make sure you know and agree with the information below:

  • Understand the true meaning of Hamsa’s hand and give it more consideration: now, do you feel it is like the appropriate protective symbol for you?
  • Pay attention: this is a sign you will have on your body forever.
  • Most of the faith systems that incorporate the Hamsa sign are African, South Asian, and Middle Eastern. Are you passionate about any of these civilizations?
  • Do you respect the beliefs of these civilizations, considering you will wear a potent symbol that is associated with them?
  • Many clothing and jewelry designers are using and capitalizing the hamsa symbol; you will find lots of people who end up wearing this symbol without understanding it entirely. Sometimes, people will go and buy a simple shirt without having a clue about it. As such, you may start researching more about the hamsa amulet and its meanings;
  • Choose the documentation sources carefully,

If so, pick your sources carefully. Make sure you understand the powerful symbolism behind the hamsa pattern.

The Meaning of Hamsa Tattoos

The Meaning of Hamsa Tattoos
Saved Tattoo

The universal symbolism of the Hamsa sign is “protection against evil.” And this is the universally agreed meaning of this so popular pattern. The oldest design of this symbol is a depicted hand featuring two symmetrical thumbs. They can either point down or outward.

You will notice different names for this design; as such, in Islamic faiths, people are referring to hamsa as the “Hand of Fatima.” While in Judaism, this sign is called the “Hand of Miriam.”

The significant sign was primarily used in tattooing and spiritual practices as a symbol of feminine power and invoking luck throughout the ages.

However, it would be unfair to stop at one single meaning of the Hamsa tattoo. The symbolism behind this pattern is associated with the period and culture in which it is used.

Going back to different times of our history, Hamsa’s hand has held different spiritual meanings and importance. The ancient civilizations are a live testimony. The significance of this symbol is obvious, considering all the major world religions that have been displaying it.

Starting from the early civilizations to today’s modern times, it is pretty visible that the hamsa symbol has been used as a genuine charm against the foreboding “evil eye.”

The Evil Eye is not a new concept but an old one, defined as the embodiment of an evil look. The Evil Eye is thought to bring bad luck and harmful words and negatively impact a person.

But once using the protection of the Hamsa hand, people believe they are living under a spiritual shelter that will keep them away from negative feelings and thoughts. More than keeping banishing the evil spirits, the Hamsa tattoo brings luck and prosperity instead.

Back in time, but also nowadays, many of life’s ills were associated with the Evil Eye, whether they happened to poor or wealthy people. Although the physical pattern for the Evil Eye does not exist, people believe that keeping close to the Hamsa symbol can be a protective charm.

Even if the Hamsa tattoo is usually considered a masculine symbol, women can also tattoo their skin and enrich their body art with a more straightforward Hamsa tattoo style.

While this type of tattoo design comes with different symbols and meanings, there is a single thing that no history could change: the Hand of Fatima stands for protection. So if you want to always have a protective charm with you, keep on reading.

Most Creative Hamsa Tattoo Designs With Meanings

There are lots of methods to create a unique Hamsa tattoo design. As such, it depends on the details and images you will include within your tattoo.

If you don’t have any experience with the Hamsa tattoo designs, don’t worry, as down below, you will find lots of methods you can customize depending on your preferences.

If you struggle with designing your tattoo, you can always call your favorite tattoo artist and ask them for more inspiration. When you go to a talented artist, the result is already extraordinary.

Searching on the internet for the ideal Hamsa tattoo design can be exhausting; this is why I brought together some of the perfect styles and strategies for this powerful symbol.

Without any further ado, let’s discover together some of the most common yet stylish tattoo designs and their meanings.

How Should People Tattoo The Hamsa Face?

The Hamsa symbol is quite versatile when it comes to choosing an exact design. As such, the tattoo artist can ink it pointing up or down, as both of these styles are invoking the same robust protection and blessings.

It is essential to watch the placement context for those who want to understand even the tiniest detail of a Hamsa tattoo. The up or down placement can come with different meanings and spiritual beliefs:

  • The hamsa hand tattoo with the face down is thought to increase fertility, bring all the blessings around, and allow prayers and manifestations to receive an answer;
  • The hamsa hand facing upwards, on the other hand, is believed to protect you from evil, as well as dispelling all the negative inner thoughts. Moreover, this design can help in creating harmony within our lives during those hard times.

Hamsa Tattoo Design Ideas

There are different styles to adopt when preparing the Hamsa tattoo. The lines, the angles, all the elements have a substantial impact on the meaning of your body art piece. There are different Hamsa tattoo styles as best inspirations.

Here are the most popular styles of Hamsa tattoos:

  • Traditional
  • Minimalist
  • Tribal
  • Floral
  • Watercolor
  • Modern
  • Realistic
  • 3D
  • Pointillism

Star And Hamsa Tattoo

Star And Hamsa Tattoo 1
Credit: @albertosanvalz
Star And Hamsa Tattoo 2
Credit: @tattoomariart

This type of design will suit those people who are looking for an atypical Hamsa pattern. While this tattoo usually has floral or geometric elements within it, this time, the center of Hamsa’s hand has a symmetrical star.

Usually, the principal will have the company of the eye. It can be a tiny one, while it can also extend on a large skin area.

While the first symbol of the Hamsa is protection, the meaning is even more powerful.

Personal opinion: For instance, this piece of ink art can stand for the relationship with God, while it can also be the protection sign against darkness and hardship times.

Hamsa Hand and Floral Patterns

Hamsa Hand and Floral Patterns 1
Credit: @mangust_tattooer
Hamsa Hand and Floral Patterns 2
Credit: @caitlintattoo
Hamsa Hand and Floral Patterns 3
Credit: @nikkadott

Floral patterns have always been a powerful and meaningful element to enhance the aesthetic of a tattoo. The result will be feminine whether you would like to add a full flower right in the middle of the Hamsa hand or in the center of the eye.

The best part of floral patterns is that you can convert and play with them.

Create a pattern on the hand’s fingers, or place the Hamsa hand in the middle of an Orchid flower. There is no right plant to choose but go for different plants and flowers, just as you wish. Lilies, sunflowers, peonies, or daisies are just some options.

The last flowers are just the most popular ones in the industry. Before you go for the option you like, I recommend reading more about the meanings of that flower.

Personal opinion: While usually, the flower is the symbol of beauty, a specific plant can come with deep significance.

Hamsa Heart Tattoo

Hamsa Heart Tattoo 1
Credit: @lelladrummondtattoo
Hamsa Heart Tattoo 2
Credit: @paintingisntdead

Observe the examples above and try to find the heart within the Hamsa tattoo. While a heart pattern usually symbolizes love or the love for someone, once added to the hamsa tattoo, the symbolistic is deeper.

The final design can mean you are passing through heartbreak, or you simply want to protect your soul.

More than that, this Hamsa heart tattoo can mean you are trying to protect your loved ones. This heart pattern that stands right in the center of the hand means love, power, sensitivity.

Tip: Add roses or doves to highlight even more these emotions.

Traditional Hamsa Tattoo

Traditional Hamsa Tattoo 1
Credit: @nicoleellisse
Traditional Hamsa Tattoo 2
Credit: @julapps_artist
Traditional Hamsa Tattoo 3
Credit: @tattooistgoun

The traditional Hamsa tattoo design is the classic look of this meaningful sign. This tattoo is usually filled with floral details and patterns that have strong roots in the Mandala style.

Personal opinion: The lines are generally fine ones, while the colors are bright and joyful. Colors are not mandatory. Fill the tattoo with shades only if you wish so.

Tribal Hamsa Tattoo

Tribal Hamsa Tattoo 1
Credit: @kolli_tattoo
Tribal Hamsa Tattoo 2
Credit: @shey.creative

Tribal Hamsa tattoos are pretty similar to the traditional ones. However, they come with thicker lines, tropical patterns, swirling curves, and atypical designs that make them unique.

Interesting fact: The style of Tribal Hamsa has deep roots in Polynesian civilizations.

Minimalist Hamsa Tattoos

Minimalist Hamsa Tattoos 1
Credit: @tattooist_eq
Minimalist Hamsa Tattoos 2
Credit: @dado_ink93
Minimalist Hamsa Tattoos 3
Credit: @villagepoptattoo

Minimalist tattoos are elegant, tiny, sensitive, and stylish body art pieces. Minimalist tattoos use crisp lines, negative spaces, minimal details, and a light color palette to display a simple tattoo.

Most of these tattoos come in small sizes; they do not contain too many details and have regular patterns. The tiny Hamsa tattoos are great to have as matching body art pieces too.

When it comes to Hamsa tattoos that are all minimal, they contain only the hand shape and the eye. Not too many other details, not lots of shades.

The minimalist designs are not festive, but they feature the essence of the hamsa symbol.

Personal opinion: I recommend this small pattern to have on small skin areas, such as ankles or wrists.

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoos

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoos 1
Credit: @jrh_tattoos
Watercolor Hamsa Tattoos 2
Credit: @inkedlifemiami
Watercolor Hamsa Tattoos 3
Credit: @evilfromtheneedle

Watercolor tattoos are a big hype today and an actual trend these days. What defines this tattoo style are the washed-out colors, basically the same hue as you would get with watercolors.

The same happens with watercolor Hamsa tattoos. You will notice all those watercolors like all leaked into a paper.

Overall, the watercolor Hamsa tattoo has a relaxing, artistic aesthetic, ideal for a minimalist tattoo with an exciting twist. Adding a colorful hint within the Hamsa tattoo will make it look stunning and just like a piece of art.

This trend is more and more popular, and women prefer these gentle colors for their body art pieces.

Personal opinion: However, men can also adopt this style, as the watercolors will make the tattoo more delicate.

3D Hamsa Tattoos

3D Hamsa Tattoos 1
Credit: @the.madhattress
3D Hamsa Tattoos 2
Credit: @godshalltattoos
3D Hamsa Tattoos 3
Credit: @grovertattoonz

3D tattoos are the most artistic and most complex to achieve, as they require talent. If a 3D tattoo is what you want, then make sure you are looking for an artist who masters this particular technique.

It takes a lot of talent, courage, and knowledge and mastering the shadow and highlight placement to create that ideal effect of a 3D object.

Personal opinion: You can look for a Hamsa tattoo with an optical illusion or a hyper-realistic design.

Realistic Hamsa Tattoos

Realistic Hamsa Tattoos 1
Credit: @frankie_deny_tattoos
Realistic Hamsa Tattoos 2
Credit: @jroxxtattoosofficial
Realistic Hamsa Tattoos 3
Credit: @inkwelltattoocompany

Realistic tattoos have always been a genuine hit, and I bet you don’t want to miss them. However, just like 3D Hamsa tattoos, you need to choose from the best artists; otherwise, the result won’t be that mind-blowing.

Realistic tattoos are not as intricate as 3D ones to get; however, they need to look as accurate as possible. The eye is usually the main element where all the attention goes to. The central eye should have a stunning design, as you want a head-turner body art, right?

Personal opinion: These tattoos do not have the exact impact of 3D ones, but they’re nearly there. Usually, realistic Hamsa tattoos only choose to make the eye a little more life-like. It can be a stunning design and will be a head-turner.

Pointillism Hamsa Tattoo

Pointillism Hamsa Tattoo
Credit: @arthur_tattoo

Pointillism is that tattoo art that uses dots to create the contour of a precise pattern or image. This is one of today’s trends when it comes to body art pieces, especially among men.

Since the Hamsa symbol is considered quite masculine, combining the dots with this tattoo idea will look stunning and almost surreal. However, you can combine the millions of tiny dots with lines for a unique effect.

Personal opinion: So, if you are looking for a unique style for the Hamsa tattoo, the dotted technique is the right one for you.

The Highlighted Eye Figure

The Highlighted Eye Figure 1
Credit: @annetetattoo
The Highlighted Eye Figure 2
Credit: @angelinakaduk
The Highlighted Eye Figure 3
Credit: @jessparrytattoos

The eye figure is kind of the central element when it comes to Hamsa tattoos. If you want a tattoo to transmit many feelings, you should make sure the eye design is as realistic as possible.

You can add some letter symbols underneath or the top or bottom of the Hamsa hand.

Personal opinion: The dull pattern around the eye will make your skin symbol even more noticeable so that the enemies will move away from you.

Last Thoughts

The Hamsa hand is a powerful symbol with a solid sentimental load. Read carefully about its healing properties, then choose the design that shares the most of these feelings.

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