Tattoo Shops In Omaha, Nebraska

9 Best Tattoo Shops In Omaha, Nebraska (2024 Updated)

Omaha is a sub-$500,000 people city with various attractions and places to visits. It’s home to one of the people’s favorite zoos, while also being historically known for railroads and breweries. If you’re ever stopping by Omaha, Nebraska, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy all the beauties that this city has to offer. But, if you ever find yourself needing to get inked in this city, know that you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, it is our goal to educate our readers on all the best tattoo shops in Omaha, Nebraska. Good tattoo artists may not be that hard to find in a city with millions of citizens and a strong presence on social media. However, in a tad smaller city, it may be more difficult.

That’s why we dug, researched, tested, compared, and explored some of the best tattoo shops in Omaha. We wanted to make sure that we’re working with talented individuals who have neat and hygienic conditions to bring your tattoo design to life.

During the times of Pandemic, many tattoo studios closed due to financial strain, while some other ones demand strict appointment process which may work for people who plan to visit this city, but not if they find themselves presently. Luckily, we included some tattoo studios that welcome walk-ins, as long as you call beforehand.

We wanted to find the best tattoo shops that will let you tell your story with a tattoo, that will look stunning and give you more appeal. Moreover, these tattoo studios and shops have super-skilled artists that will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

What we value the most is that all the tattoo artists are experienced and skilled, to the point that they won’t shy away from giving you their piece of advice on how to care for your tattoo once that it’s done and how to help it heal faster.

9 Best Tattoo Shops In Omaha

Now that we introduced you to Omaha and how tattoo artists work there, let’s dive into tattoo artists. Their websites may not be as flashy as some tattoo shop websites in bigger cities, while the Instagram accounts don’t have a large following, but you can recognize their talents from miles away. Let’s go!

Big Brain Omaha

Big Brain Omaha 1
Credit: @bigbrainomaha
Big Brain Omaha 2
Credit: @bigbrainomaha
Big Brain Omaha 3
Credit: @bigbrainomaha

Big Brain Omaha is a confident and highly popular tattoo shop that takes pride in claiming they’re the number one of Omaha tattoo studios, and they can’t be more right. The seamless website design and nicely-made tattoos on the Instagram page are just the introduction to how skilled, polite, and experienced all the staff is.

These tattoo shops will, besides carefully designed and shaded tattoos, also offer skilled piercings, so you can get a touch of both if you’re a fan. What we also want to point out is that the staff is incredibly neat, clean and polite.

When it comes to designs, they’re flawlessly executed. Fine lining, thin or thick lines, and a lot of depths and details. We noticed a lot of portraits, both real ones and from pop culture. We also noticed that arms and legs are a popular tattoo spot here, but anything you want can be arranged with ease.

The rooms are made so that you’ll feel at home, while tattoo artists are communicative and will take breaks if necessary. From our understanding, no walk-ins are allowed, but you can easily book an appointment through the contact form. We also recommend using the contact form as your Instagram inquiry may go unnoticed.

Green Fox Tattoo

Green Fox Tattoo 1
Credit: @green_fox_tattoo
Green Fox Tattoo 2
Credit: @green_fox_tattoo
Green Fox Tattoo 3
Credit: @green_fox_tattoo

Green Fox Tattoo studio gave us an impression of a large tattoo-loving family, that will be overwhelmed with joy to bring your new tattoo idea to life. They’re located at the heart of Omaha. That being said, they won’t be hard to find, and if you’re on a visit, you’ll enjoy the sightseeing.

Besides its innovative name and branding, this tattoo shop has an amazingly designed website, that will allow you to make appointments with ease. Due to the fanbase of a couple of thousands of followers, it’s a bit harder to make an appointment on Instagram. Luckily, there is a detailed and informative form on the website that will make filling the form much easier.

It’s a popular place for geeks, you’ll see various colorful and geeky designs on both website and social media, but as much as your creativity and inspiration don’t end, neither does that of Green Fox tattoo shop. Make sure to share the tattoo idea or design you want to get inked, and you’ll be able to visit as soon as possible.

Liquid Courage Tattoo

Liquid Courage Tattoo 1
Credit: @liquidcouragetattoo
Liquid Courage Tattoo 2
Credit: @liquidcouragetattoo
Liquid Courage Tattoo 3
Credit: @liquidcouragetattoo

Liquid Courage tattoo, the name says it all. This is a place that will encourage you to embrace your tattoos as your state of mind, creativity, and expression. This tattoo studio may not be all about branding, as the website is noticeably outdated and not so stylish as others.

However, one look at the Instagram feed is enough to see how talented the tattoo artists are. We enjoyed the attention to detail and how neat the lines and ink look overall. The hygiene conditions are also strict, which is good because the staff wants to welcome you as if you’re at home.

Tattoo artists are also quite patient and understanding, especially if you’re visiting the first time and getting your first tattoo done. Also, if you’re a fan of traditional and tribal tattoo pieces, you can check some of the designs from their website and see what would work the best for you.

Don’t feel discouraged if you’re looking for a different design style, we’re sure that they’ll help your tattoo tell an amazing story.

Sailor Grave Tattoo

Sailor Grave Tattoo 1
Credit: @sailorsgravetattoo
Sailor Grave Tattoo 2
Credit: @sailorsgravetattoo
Sailor Grave Tattoo 3
Credit: @sailorsgravetattoo

You must notice that Sailor Grave Tattoo and Liquid Courage Tattoo have a similar concept, with their website being completely the same. They’re two separate places owned by the same person. What’s the difference then? Sailor Grave Tattoo allows for walk-ins, as long as you respect the epidemiology measurements.

As we mentioned above, one of the greatest things about Sailor Grave Tattoo is that the walk-ins are acceptable, at all times while the tattoo shop is often. This is what makes it one of the best tattoo shops in Omaha because you can visit and get your tattoo done as soon as possible if an amazing tattoo idea pops.

The Sailor Grave Tattoo shop justifies the quality of Liquid Courage Tattoos. You’ll find designs of all kinds, and you’ll love them!

Rawhide Tattoo Studio

Rawhide Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @rawhidetattoostudio
Rawhide Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @rawhidetattoostudio
Rawhide Tattoo Studio 3
Credit: @rawhidetattoostudio

This tattoo shop is located in Ralston, which may be outside Omaha, but is still considered part of its metropolitan area. Nevertheless, it’s one of the more popular tattoo studios and shops, so if you don’t live at the heart of Omaha, you may still have an easier time visiting it.

If you’re traveling to get a tattoo here, Omaha Zoo is just around the corner. Although it doesn’t have a large following base on Instagram, this tattoo studio makes amazing tattoos. On their Instagram page, you’ll find a plethora of different designs, starting from small to larger tattoos, as well as nice fine lining.

They will make you custom tattoos, so anything you want can easily turn into a gorgeous tattoo you’ll boast everywhere you go. Just bear in mind that there are no walk-ins, so you have to make an appointment yourself.

Black Squirrel Tattoo

Black Squirrel Tattoo 1
Credit: @blacksquirrelomaha
Black Squirrel Tattoo 2
Credit: @blacksquirrelomaha
Black Squirrel Tattoo 3
Credit: @blacksquirrelomaha

Black Squirrel tattoo shop excels at making custom tattoos and welcoming their guests and customers in an inviting, neat, and clean tattoo studio with private session rooms so that visitors can enjoy privacy and a lot of other benefits that this tattoo studio offers.

Located at the heart of Omaha, this tattoo studio will offer you an extensive choice of various tattoo designs that were custom made, but can also collaborate with you and the ideas and designs that you can offer.

The tattoos look outstanding. High-quality inking skills and ink themselves ensure that every customer will leave satisfied and recommend it to their friend, while also coming back. If hygiene, friendly tone, and welcoming attitude while providing exceptional services means something to you, then you should visit the Black Squirrel tattoo studio.

Inkfu Tattoo Studio

Inkfu Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @inkfutattoostudio
Inkfu Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @inkfutattoostudio
Inkfu Tattoo Studio 3
Credit: @inkfutattoostudio

If you’re looking for a smaller yet cozy tattoo studio where you’ll be embraced by the lovely and dedicated staff, you should visit the Inkfu tattoo studio. It is located a bit away from the main streets, so you may have difficulties finding it, but once you do, it’s worth it.

It’s a nice place that is welcome to people of all colors and preferences. If you want to get a small to medium tattoo that won’t take too much time to heal, you’ve come to the right place. They do an exceptional job at quotes, names, and smaller symbols. Still, we found some cool-looking portraits and custom tattoos too.

Revolution Studios

Revolution Studios 1
Credit: @revolutionstudiostattoo
Revolution Studios 2
Credit: @revolutionstudiostattoo
Revolution Studios 3
Credit: @revolutionstudiostattoo

What we like about Revolution Studios is that it has an amazing website with an intuitive and creative contact form where you can easily make an appointment. The tattoo studio’s Instagram page may boast a smaller community than the rest from the article, also more than tattoo studios from our other articles.

Still unique and custom-designed tattoos are its signature and attract a great number of visitors and customers daily. They may not post as much as the other tattoo studios, but in this feed, you can see a lot of creative tattoos, both smaller and larger ones. We’re sure they will warm your heart. The space is clean and the staff is super-inviting and polite.

Grinn & Barret Tattoo

Grinn & Barret Tattoo 1
Credit: @grinn_and_barrett
Grinn & Barret Tattoo 2
Credit: @grinn_and_barrett
Grinn & Barret Tattoo 3
Credit: @grinn_and_barrett

Grinn & Barret tattoo studio has an innovative name that would attract a lot of customers at first sight. However, their branding isn’t as powerful. The website looks heavily outdated, while the Instagram page is not so posted regularly. Nevertheless, from what is posted, we can see that they do an amazing job.

It’s worth mentioning that Grinn & Barret tattoo shop encourages walk-ins. That being said, if you want to have a good tattoo done, you can just visit and evaluate how it’ll look with the tattoo artists in the shop.

The staff is friendly, innovative, and responsible. You’ll get all the necessary advice you need to properly care for your tattoo and let it heal. More importantly, tattoo artists keep all their equipment clean and sterilized, so bear in mind that you’re in the right arms.

How We Picked The Best Tattoo Shops In Omaha

For some people, Omaha may be a large city, but it may not be large enough to birth tattoo artists with thousands of followers. While we did find some great tattoo artists with just as great branding, it’s visible that most of the tattoo shops in Omaha, Nebraska sport small businesses that are growing slowly but steadily.

This may not be a sufficient indicator that the tattoo artist is doing a good job, so here are the things we consider when picking the tattoo studio. Besides the overall design of the website and follow base, we also considered the following things.

  • The state of equipment, whether it’s new, frequently updated, clean, and sterile, and whether the tattoo shop follows the regulations set by the regulatory bodies in the USA.
  • Whether tattoo artists have the necessary certifications to do their job.
  • The time to heal and the overall quality of the tattoo after it heals as opposed to the fresh tattoo.
  • Location and how easy or hard it is to access it
  • How many positive and negative reviews does the tattoo studio have.
  • Ease of appointment. Whether there’s visible contact information.
  • Whether the tattoo studio allows walk-ins or if they don’t, how fast are the appointments processed?
  • Whether tattoo artists in the studio explain to their visitors how to care for their tattoo properly.

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