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13 Leading Tattoo Shops In Charlotte, NC: Choose The Top Artists In Town

Famous as “The Crown Town,” “Buzz City,” “Home,” or “The QC,” Charlotte is a major urban center and the most populous city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The city is located in the Piedmont region, and it is a vital commercial hub in the area.

The city center, or the Uptown, is a modern area and the home for the Levine Museum of the New South, which is all dedicated to the post-civil War history in the New South and many more. Uptown is also famous for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a pure celebration of auto racing through films and exhibits.

You will fall in love with the city itself, as well as with the diversity of its residents. The colorful history is present at every corner.

From master chefs to fierce athletes and mission-minded tattooists, Charlotte, NC, is both an eclectic and funky city and charming and traditional in the same way. People worldwide come here, so the cultural mix is vibrant.

The town itself is great for adventurers and is an excellent spot for a combination of all-day activities, as well as for night owls.

Furthermore, Charlotte in North Carolina comes with an artistic vibe, so there is no better place to enhance your body image than here. Today’s article lists the top-rated tattoo shops in Charlotte, NC, with their strong points and top artists. Ready? Let’s explore together.

13 Leading Tattoo Shops In Charlotte, NC

When choosing the best tattoo shops in Charlotte, it is essential to know you are doing the right thing and play safely. This article aims to help people find their best local experts and have an excellent tattoo experience.

As such, I scoured lots of the tattoo shops in Charlotte, NC, and found the top ones. These tattoo places include the customers’ reviews, maximum points, the costs, and general experience.

Tattoo Bill’s

Tattoo Bill's 1
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Tattoo Bill's 2
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Since 1999, Tattoo’s Bill has been one of the world-renowned tattoo shops in Charlotte, NC. This studio has some of the most appreciated artists in the area, who all combined have nearly 60 years of experience in the tattooing universe.

No matter what type of tattoo you wish to have, whether it is a solid Japanese design, a bold traditional one, even a minimal or delicate ink pattern, this is the place to come to. As such, you can either come with a favorite tattoo in mind or ask the artist to enhance their look and have a custom freehand.

When getting tattooed, it is crystal clear that you wish this process to happen in a safe environment.

Personal opinion: the Tattoo Bill’s studio has a clean, hygienic space where people are comfortable to stay. The artists here also offer tattoo removal services and piercing.

Tattoo Specialties:

Hollywood Ink Tattoos

Hollywood Ink Tattoos 1
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Hollywood Ink Tattoos 2
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Since 2001, Hollywood Ink Tattoos has been one of the leading players in the tattoo industry from Charlotte. The artists here have a lot of experience in providing quality body art pieces at reasonable prices.

The styles you can choose from here are versatile; however, if you want to go straight to the top point, decide to have some black and grey tattoos or neo-tribal and Polynesian designs.

When it comes to sanitary measures, you don’t need to worry about it, as the staff from Hollywood Ink Tattoos is specialized in keeping a genuinely sterile environment.

Furthermore, the studio has a license from the North Carolina Department of Health to make everything more transparent and ensure a comfortable working habitat.

It does not matter how complex or minimal your tattoo-wish is, as the artists know precisely how to complete the ink work and make your dreams come true.

Personal opinion: The ink used here is high-quality to deliver long-lasting results to all customers. Make your appointment by entering the studio, as this place is accepting walk-ins.

Tattoo Specialties:

Canvas Tattoos

Canvas Tattoos 1
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Canvas Tattoos 2
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Canvas Tattoos is located in Historic North Davidson Arts District and has been doing one of the most important jobs in this domain since 2015.

There’s nothing new in the tattoo industry the artists here don’t know about. The talented people here use the latest methods to create unique work for their clients and the most enthusiastic ink lovers.

The tattooists are the top ones in creating custom tattoos, fine art, black and grey tattoos, portraits, and landscapes.

The environment here is friendly, and most of all, very clean, as the person is using sterile tubes, grips, and needles, to ensure everyone is healthy and safe.

When creating a professional tattoo, the artists need the proper state-of-art equipment, so the result is more reliable.

Canvas Tattoos Studio accepts walk-ins. Just enter the shop, talk to the artists, check their work and make your appointment.

Personal opinion: Just relax and let the artists enhance your body art pieces in the most comfortable and clean environment you have ever been.

Tattoo Specialties:

  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Traditional Ink Art
  • Natural tattoos
  • Wildlife
  • Skull
  • Religious themed inks pieces of art
  • Eagle
  • Geometric designs

510 Expert Tattoo

510 Expert Tattoo 1
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510 Expert Tattoo 2
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Let’s continue our list with one of the oldest tattoo studios in Charlotte. The 510 Expert Tattoo has been providing some of the top professional body art inks in town.

The tattoo styles are versatile, while other designs are more complex and can even take some more days to be completed.

The artist accepts all kinds of tattoo designs, from minimal styles to traditional tattoos and realistic and full-body ink art pieces.

Personal opinion: The environment here is friendly, relaxed, creative, and available during all seasons.

Tattoo Specialties:

  • Piercings
  • Traditional tattoo

Black Cloud Tattoo & Piercing

Black Cloud Tattoo & Piercing 1
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Black Cloud Tattoo & Piercing 2
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When it comes to tattoo artists with a lot of experience behind them, the personnel from Black Cloud Tattoo And Piercing have 40 combined years of tattooing. From complex body art pieces to minimal tattoos, body jewelry, and permanent makeup services, you can get a complete treatment here.

Even the most complex tattoo ideas get real here, as the person has the actual expertise to make your wishes come true. Furthermore, they specialized in various tattoo features, such as colorful body art, black and grey, portraits, and realism.

Moreover, you also get piercing services once entering the medical-grade piercing rooms.

Personal opinion: The atmosphere here is rather personal rather than commercial so that you will feel at home.

Tattoo Specialties:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • Neo Traditional tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Body Art Ink Images

Blaq Lyte Tattoos

Blaq Lyte Tattoos 1
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Blaq Lyte Tattoos 2
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If you are in Charlotte and want a permanent souvenir, don’t forget to pass by Blaq Lyte Tattoos studio. This is one of the top custom tattoo and piercing shops, with over 30 years of combined experience with artists.

No matter the design you will choose, whether it’s a complex tattoo, a one-line ink piece, the artists here offer a wide range of styles.

The clients who have chosen the services here left excellent reviews about the artist’s talent in making cover-ups and custom work. Would you love to have a permanent cat-eye look?

Come to Blaq Lyte tattoos and ask for the permanent makeup service.


  • Various Tattoo designs
  • Permanent makeup
  • Piercings

Blood Sweat & Tears Tattoo

Blood Sweat & Tears Tattoo 1
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Blood Sweat & Tears Tattoo 2
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And the prize for the best tattoo studio goes to Blood Sweat & Tears Tattoo. Don’t take it literally, as this is only a metaphor and an exterior image people like to see about tattoos generally.

The tattoo shop has existed and operates in Charlotte since 2008. You can already imagine the experience the artists here have.

It would be a century of combined knowledge and thousands of tattoos and cover-ups. Clients who want to take advantage of the services here can make an appointment in person, as well as a preliminary consultation.

In addition, the studio is available for walk-ins and is open all week long.

Personal opinion: The owner himself is one of the most creative artists here. Just search for Dave Scearce and discover his excellent work.

Tattoo Specialties:

  • Traditional Tattoos
  • Complex Ink Art
  • Minimal Tattoos
  • New-Area Tattoo Design

Elysium Ink

Elysium Ink 1
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Elysium Ink 2
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Elysium Ink Tattoo provides some of the best tattoo services in town and permanent makeup, body piercing, and Swarovski crystal tooth art.

If you want to be sure your future tattoo will look excellent and professional, don’t hesitate to call for the Elysium Ink personal experience.

The previous clients who came here were pleased by the talent and friendliness of the team.

Personal opinion: The environment is friendly and the staff here; as such, you will benefit from top services.

Tattoo Specialties:

  • Jewelry
  • Piercings
  • Body Art Services
  • Traditional Tattoos

Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio

Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio 1
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Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio 2
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Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio in Charlotte has been there since 1995. Yes, lots of experience, right? This tattoo shop serves its clients as one of the most comfortable, sterile, and professional areas for getting a new tattoo.

The experience of the staff here is consistent, reliable, and not too expensive. The owner of Immortal Images is Steve Huntsberry, an artist who has been awarded for his great work in this domain.

Also, he made sure all the staff here knows and respects the main rules in sterilization and sealing the equipment they work with.

Moreover, the autoclave equipment is well-tested every month, so it works properly.

Tattoo Services:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • New-area tattoo
  • Minimal ink work
  • Complex artwork

Nikki’s Tattoo Studio

Nikki's Tattoo Studio 1
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Nikki's Tattoo Studio 2
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Nikki’s Tattoo Studio has been in the Charlotte artistic community since 1995. Yes, a lot of experience in this domain, right?

Well, the studio is female-owned and operates in one of the most comfortable, clean, and friendly spaces you can ever be.

One of the main “specialties” is a custom tattoo, decorative tile body art, permanent makeup tattoos, black and grey styles, and wildlife tattoos.

Moreover, the owner, Nikki Thompson, is a professional in permanent makeup.

Personal opinion: Nikki has a lot of experience making women feel beautiful and sexy again.

Tattoo Specialties:

  • Watercolor tattoos
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Portraits
  • Microblading
  • Micro-needling

Infamous Ink Tattoo Studio

Infamous Ink Tattoo Studio 1
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Infamous Ink Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: Instagram

Look for Infamous Ink Tattoo Studio if you search for custom artwork and a piercing studio in Matthews.

The artists here have around 40 years of collective experience, making them one of the top tattoo artists in the area.

Never worry about the equipment and sterilization, as the person here takes a lot of care in offering a clean vibe.

Personal opinion: The Infamous Ink Tattoo is one of the top shops in Charlotte due to the quality of the artwork, the pristine environment, and the sterilization equipment.

Tattoo Services:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • Fine-line tattoos
  • Cover-ups

Paris Tattoos

Paris Tattoos 1
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Paris Tattoos 2
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Location: 1820 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28203


Since 2010, Paris Tattoos make people feel more comfortable with their bodies and enhance their skin art. Paris Pierides is the owner, and he has vast experience in the domain of tattoos and several accolades and awards.

His team also has a lot of experience in the tattoo industry, and they know everything about making a tattoo look as realistic as possible. Furthermore, they help the clients improve the initial tattoo design and create something truly unique.

Women who are tired of doing their makeup every day can choose permanent makeup services.

Personal opinion: What I like the most is that the Paris Tattoo team provides all the resources you need to know about the healing process of a tattoo.

Tattoo Services:

  • Portraits
  • Body art
  • Permanent makeup

Seventh Sin Tattoo Company

Seventh Sin Tattoo Company 1
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Seventh Sin Tattoo Company 2
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The Seventh Sin Tattoo Company is a group of award-winning artists in the tattoo domain who stay and work in the Charlotte region. If you wish to have watercolor or a realism tattoo, please visit Chris Toler, the tattoo studio owner.

Throughout his career, the artist has won lots of awards that attested to his work quality. Imagine more than 15 years of creating fantastic body art pieces.

Tattoo Services:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • Cover-ups
  • Body art
  • Black and white tattoos
  • Mandala tattoos
  • Pointillism

Tattoo Shops in Charlotte: More FAQ

So these are the best tattoo shops in Charlotte. Do you still have questions about them? Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

Q: Are there any special laws that I should be aware of when getting a tattoo in Charlotte?

A: Getting a tattoo in North Carolina can only be done after the age of 18. Minors can’t get one even with parental approval.

Q: I got an infection after getting a tattoo in North Carolina. What can I do?

A: All infections that are the result of a tattoo need to be reported at the local health department within 48 hours.

Q: Are there any illegal tattoo artists in North Carolina?

A: There probably are. So before anything, you need to see if the artist has a permit to operate. If anything looks suspicious, contact the local authorities as this kind of action is considered a Class 2 Misdemeanor under General Statute § 14-400

Last Thoughts

There are plenty of great tattoo shops in Charlotte to choose from. The studios from our list are offering professional art services, as well as a customer service-oriented landscape. If you want to have your first tattoo or complete your body art collection, choose one of these talented artists.

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