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50 Trendy Spiritual Tattoos Design Ideas (Deep Meanings And Sacred Ink Charms)

Do you find yourself being a genuinely spiritual person? Are you fulfilling yourself by doing meditation, yoga, or simply connecting with all your chakras?

Well, in this case, there is a lot of chance you are a spiritually connected individual. I bet you want to express these deep feelings with your body art, and tattoos are the most excellent way to show your spiritual side.

Each individual who has a profoundly spiritual part connects with different symbols, with powerful significations. What tattoos succeed in doing is carrying this powerful symbolism in some simple ink lines.

The result will be beautiful body art. This is the reason why this article will explore the meanings and designs of the top spiritual tattoos.

And, on top of this information, we have brought together the most potent and excellent examples of spiritual tattoos you can consider when going to the tattoo shop. Find those symbols that you can most connect with.

What Are Spiritual Tattoos?

What Are Spiritual Tattoos
Saved tattoo

Speaking of body art, there are lots of ink designs that have deep meanings. However, spiritual tattoos are by far the most potent skin signs.

They suit both men and women, and they do not need to have a religious significance, but mostly a more sacred one. These tattoo designs will feature powerful symbols, such as Budha, lotus, the powerful Eye, the yin and yang signs, or Mandala.

These signs are the best expression for spirituality, the feelings of a person, or their religious beliefs. Some designs are also based on typical images for Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, or Buddhism, while some have no spiritual roots.

Now, whether these are non-religious or religious signs, these tattoos are by far a powerful statement and something to protect, guide, or inspire you every day.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand and know the meaning of the future tattoo you will have, so the message you will send to yourself and the world is the one you wish.

Let’s discover together some of the most spiritual and potent symbols, as well as their meanings.

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50+ Most Inspiring Spiritual Tattoo Design Ideas

Which one is the most potent symbol? How should someone choose their future spiritual tattoos? Is there any rule?

This answer is simple: no, there is no exact path. When selecting the spiritual tattoo, the essential aspect is what you feel, how you feel, and why you chose that pattern.

Body art lovers will learn more about divinity signs and their meanings by speaking about each of these designs.

The Hamsa Hand Tattoo

The Hamsa Hand Tattoo 1
Credit: @sonerkurak
The Hamsa Hand Tattoo 2
Credit: @theunknowntattooist

The Hamsa Hand tattoo is by far one of the most popular and meaningful tattoos out there. The design of the Hamsa tattoo features a palm-shaped amulet, with the powerful eye right in the middle of it.

The Hamsa hand tattoo is the most popular among varied religions and cultures, and people associate it with a charm that wards off evil thoughts and evil spirits. This significant sign is ideal for keeping the bad vibes and negative emotions out of people’s lives.

Another interpretation of the Hamsa Hand tattoo is a more religious one. This symbol is thought to represent the hand of God. The design is depicted either with fingers apart or some closed fingers.

Personal opinion: What people should know, in a nutshell, is that the eye that stands in the middle of this hand is a sign of confidence, protection, power, and also other profound meanings.

Here are some other meanings of Hamsa hand:

  • Among Islam beliefs, Hamsa is the sign of Fatima’s hand.
  • In Christianity, Hamsa is the symbol of femininity and warmth, kindness, and it is also linked to the hand of the Virgin Mary.
  • On the other hand, among Judaism beliefs, Hamsa reminds people that God is among us and always present anywhere in the world. Moreover, this sign can symbolize the five books of the Torah.

Water Symbol

Water Symbol 1
Credit: @joolzdenby
Water Symbol 2
Credit: @guseul_tattoo
Water Symbol 3
Credit: @newtattoo_demi

Maybe only a few have ever thought that water is a spiritual sign; however, once understanding its importance, you will immediately want to tattoo it on the skin. Water is such a powerful element and is often present in body art design.

As most of you know already, water is one of the four general elements in nature. Water is life, we are water, and no one can argue with this.

Tattoos that contain water in their design are pretty old; however, they do not lose their relevance.

Personal opinion: Water is also symbolizing purity and life change, as well as the fluidity of life moments. Based on the Christian symbol, water represents purity and purification.

Moon And Sun Tattoos

Moon And Sun Tattoos 1
Credit: @passionfruittt
Moon And Sun Tattoos 2
Credit: @batu.bara.tattoo
Moon And Sun Tattoos 3
Credit: @atelier.scarabee

Moon and Sun tattoos are some of the most representative spiritual body art pieces. These patterns date back thousands of years, and their design is easy to recognize by anyone in this world.

The sun symbolizes rebirth and fertility and strength, new challenges, new beginnings, and enthusiasm. On the other hand, the moon is the sign of eternity, mystery, and elegance.

Personal opinion: I think that this model suits all genders.

The Tree Of Life Tattoo

The Tree Of Life Tattoo 1
Credit: @julia.paige.art
The Tree Of Life Tattoo 2
Credit: @gee_tattoos_uk
The Tree Of Life Tattoo 3
Credit: @wredeklooftattoo

The Tree of Life is one of the most influential and profound spiritual tattoos. These signs are connected to the idea of family, connections with our ancestors and descendants, love, legacy, and eternity.

No wonder trees are some sacred elements in so many cultures, and they do symbolize the strong connection between the earth and heaven.

Furthermore, trees are a sign of evolution and growth. Moreover, they symbolize fertility, the complete cycle of life, knowledge, wisdom, eternity, protection, and immortality.

Personal opinion: Depending on each one’s personality, you can add numerous leaves and fruits. Furthermore, it is believed that trees contribute to our good health.

Dove Tattoos

Dove Tattoos 1
Credit: @tattoo.montenegro
Dove Tattoos 2
Credit: @choiyun_tattoo
Dove Tattoos 3
Credit: @zelx_tattoo

Dove tattoos are not some mainstream body art pieces. However, they do have deep meanings. Dove birds are the sign of peace and love, eternity and fragility.

When it comes to Christianity meanings, the dove stands for Jesus Christ. Maybe some of you know already that dove birds have been mentioned in the Bible.

Dove is also thought to be a messenger for the message from God. Moreover, these tattoos will signify devotion, faithfulness, the Holy Spirit, and indeed new beginnings.

Personal opinion: These dove tattoos are the ideal combination of words and divinity for people looking for a unique spiritual tattoo.

The Dream Catcher Symbol

The Dream Catcher Symbol 1
Credit: @julius_tattoo_studio
The Dream Catcher Symbol 2
Credit: @sylwia.silw
The Dream Catcher Symbol 3
Credit: @yezottt

The dream catcher tattoo is one of the most popular ones, and this symbol has deep roots in American Indian culture. In this culture, the dream catcher is essential. The Indians were using the dream catcher as a powerful symbol.

Indians used to weave the dream catcher to ward off natural feathers, evil spirits, possible bad luck, and ghosts. These dream catchers stood over the bed. Based on ancient Indian beliefs, the dream catchers were used to protect people from evil spirits.

To increase the “power” of dream catchers, the North American Indians often combined the image of dream catchers with some totemic animals, such as wolves or bears.

Other people believed that these dream catcher tattoos were able to restore the internal power of the ones using them, as well as helping people to fulfill the spiritual experience.

Personal opinion: I really like how these models go in colors.

The Trinity Knot Tattoo

The Trinity Knot Tattoo 1
Credit: @ewetattoo
The Trinity Knot Tattoo 2
Credit: @oliviarosetattoos
The Trinity Knot Tattoo 3
Credit: @ittziri

Also famous as Triquetra, the Trinity Knot is one of the most prominent symbols from the Celtic culture. This Triquetra symbol has deep symbolism, and body art lovers often relate to it.

The Trinity Knot was the sign of natural forces for the Celt people: water, earth, and air. But when it comes to a more spiritual level, this symbol also represents death, birth, and rebirth.

In Christianity, the Trinity knot symbolizes the three elements that stand at the base of religion: The Son, The Father, and The Holy Spirit.

Personal opinion: When searching for the Trinity Knot Tattoos, you will find designs combined with a circle, the symbol for eternity, and a life cycle.

Chakras Spiritual Tattoos

Chakras Spiritual Tattoos 1
Credit: @joao.ch
Chakras Spiritual Tattoos 2
Credit: @akino.tattoo
Chakras Spiritual Tattoos 3
Credit: @snatchtatuajes

Chakras are the invisible centers that carry human energy. These centers are located all along the spine. The symbols of Chakras belong to the spiritual tattoos groups, and their design is beautiful. Chakras come in geometric figures or lotus.

Chakra tattoos are the best choice for those who want to connect their bodies, minds, and souls. Each of the seven chakras comes with a different meaning, as well as other color shades.

Those who will choose to tattoo themselves with a chakra tattoo design should understand its symbolism and what it represents. If you are interested in deep spiritual tattoos, these might satisfy your attraction to the inner world.

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Yin and Yang Tattoos

Yin and Yang Tattoos 1
Credit: @artorcry
Yin and Yang Tattoos 2
Credit: @tattoosbylaineybee
Yin and Yang Tattoos 3
Credit: @xzibittattoo

The Yin And Yang tattoo can take lots of forms. This design is one of the oldest yet popular symbols of balance. The most common form is the one in white and black, and also an easy to recognize one. The inseparable opposing forces are beautifully working in harmony.

Yin and Yang’s tattoos come in various designs, such as fishes, lotus, the eye symbol, the Koi fish, and many other elements.

People should know that Yin and Yang are opposite energies, that once put together, are forming a circle, the symbol of infinity. In addition, you can notice the mystical center, where there is nothing, no struggle, no stress, no problems, no sufferings, no worry.

Personal opinion: Don’t choose this tattoo if you don’t understand its true meaning.

Buddhists Symbols

Buddhists Symbols 1
Credit: @surya.keresna
Buddhists Symbols 2
Credit: @maxiespino
Buddhists Symbols 3
Credit: @mozg_art

Buddha tattoos are trendy considering many of today’s adepts of Buddhist philosophy. A popular religious tattoo, the Buddha body art has many followers, as this teacher’s philosophy attracts many people.

The Buddha tattoos are beautiful; they usually contain lots of decorative elements and, last but not least, have a deep spiritual meaning. Even people who do not relate that much with the East culture encounter emotions while looking at the Buddha symbol.

Personal opinion: I genuinely find these designs appealing and emotional. However, people do not have to choose the classic Buddha image and other characters that relate to this image. For instance, a blossoming pink lotus flower symbolizes the Buddha himself. How amazing, right?

Lotus Spiritual Tattoos

Lotus Spiritual Tattoos 1
Credit: @thetattoovalley
Lotus Spiritual Tattoos 2
Credit: @nadi.b.tattoo
Lotus Spiritual Tattoos 3
Credit: @inspireinktattoos

Lotus Spiritual tattoos are popular flowers and a valid symbol for the East culture. According to the initial stories, this flower represents the throne for meditation.

Lotus is a miraculous plant, admired for centuries, not only for its beauty but also for its capacity to eliminate dirties and purify the air around.

Lotus is also the sign of life, perfection, eternity, purity, spiritual growth, fertility, happiness, tranquility, etc. In Japanese tradition and beliefs, the Lotus flower symbolizes purity and is one of the most encouraging signs.

However, the meaning of the lotus flower can change, depending on the color you will choose. For instance, the pure white lotus symbolizes spiritual perfection, while the red lotus signifies passions, love, and heart. If you select a blue lotus, then you will attract wisdom and knowledge.

Personal opinion: choose just one color or make a combination as you seem fit.

The Om Tattoo

The Om Tattoo 1
Credit: @aguscolltattoo
The Om Tattoo 2
Credit: @tattootornado_udaipur_official
The Om Tattoo 3
Credit: @hinstzart

The “Om” tattoo is a spiritual design and also a powerful word in Sanskrit. This ink pattern means the song of the universe, that is, the start and finish. Here are some other specifications to consider when choosing the Om tattoo:

  • This is the sign and source of knowledge.
  • The Om Tattoo is an endless source of inspiration and wisdom, as well as sensual existence.
  • This design represents the connection between the universe and personal energy.

Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo 1
Credit: @hezetattoo
Cross Tattoo 2
Credit: @__danykim
Cross Tattoo 3
Credit: @studiobysol

The cross tattoo is by far one of the most spiritual, significant tattoos that you can always have with you. The cross is by far a sign of spirituality, faith, and the cyclicity of life. Here are the short meanings of a cross:

  • This is the sign for Christianity, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • An ornate Celtic cross stands for eternal love
  • On the other hand, the tribal cross is the sign of dedication and courage
  • When it comes to the Egyptian cross, the sign will be of femininity and wisdom
  • Wearing a cross tattoo means love for God
  • Cross can also mean loss and sadness
  • The cross symbol is for the reflection of the inner world

Now, in a nutshell, the most popular significance for a cross is the sign of Jesus.

Personal opinion: Most religious people would choose this type of tattoo for their protection, almost like a charm. For some people, the cross tattoo signifies the rise up.

Mandala Spiritual Tattoo

Mandala Spiritual Tattoo 1
Credit: @oboy_tattoo
Mandala Spiritual Tattoo 2
Credit: @juandamartineztattoo
Mandala Spiritual Tattoo 3
Credit: @sic_luceat_lux_tattoo

The mandala is a complex yet universal spiritual symbol that consists of uniform, intricate patterns, and elements. The meanings and complex iconographic images are visually attractive, and the symmetry of them is so inspiring.

The  Mandala design is a sacred symbol, with a geometric scheme and structure for Buddhist mythology.

Furthermore, this diagram is also showing all the Buddhist saints. When it comes to the visual part of the Mandala, the image is a holistic one, while the central figure is a circle contoured in a square. Sometimes, you will notice the Mandala symbol divided into four triangles, which are usually orientated into the exterior part.

Angel Wings And Angles

Angel Wings And Angles 1
Credit: @beautyxtheresa
Angel Wings And Angles 2
Credit: @tattooist_zec
Angel Wings And Angles 3
Credit: @millertudor1

Angel wings are by far one of the most popular spiritual tattoos to choose from. They suit both men and women and come in numerous designs:

  • Crying angels
  • Fallen angels
  • Angels with luminous crowns

These messengers of God are popular among many cultures, and people still believe they have a protective angle. While the religious side is extreme, other people associate the image of wings with freedom, free spirits, or love.

Personal opinion: You can combine angel wings with flowers, hearts, or other symbols that have deep meanings for you.

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Peace Sign Tattoo

Peace Sign Tattoo 1
Credit: @rbettz
Peace Sign Tattoo 2
Credit: @cath.hatt
Peace Sign Tattoo 3
Credit: @victor_aka_chili

The symbol of peace stands for tranquility and freedom. You can have this tattoo in minimal lines or other details, so the final result is more complex.

Personal opinion: My favorite meaning of the peace sign is the connection between real life and intense memories.

All Seeing Eye Tattoo

All Seeing Eye Tattoo 1
Credit: @vladmorgantattoo
All Seeing Eye Tattoo 2
Credit: @inkybynature
All Seeing Eye Tattoo 3
Credit: @james_jordan_tattoos

The All-Seeing Eye is an old sign with divine providence, which offers protection and spiritual awakening. Maybe you have heard about the Eye of Buddha, and The Third Eye or The Eye Of God.

Personal opinion: Each of these names is right and symbolizes protection and God’s mercy. So wear them with pride.

In A Nutshell

Showing your spiritual side is now more accessible, as there are so many body art pieces to display your beliefs and express your feelings. Choose the most significant spiritual tattoo from the ones above and connect it with your inner ethos.

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