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Top 32 Superpower Avenger Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Did you enjoy watching The Avengers? Let’s be honest, everyone loved them! Avengers made billions of dollars during their promotion and people from all over the world enjoyed watching them on their big or small screens and especially in cinemas.

Which avenger was your favorite? We will talk about all of them in the article down below. We will also list some amazing tattoo ideas for both genders to explore and look into. Find your perfect next flashy tattoo down below and show everyone just how much you love this movie!

8 Big Avenger Tattoos

1. Colorful Avengers Tattoo Symbol

Colorful Avengers Tattoo Symbol
Image Source: @ines.pecht

Go for a pop of color with your Avenger design and make it look different and unique. This color pattern is ideal for those who love watercolor tattoos and similar concepts.

This one, as your final result, will show you as a person who loves all characters equally and with passion. Show that you’re deeply connected with the movie and embrace the diversity!

Fun fact: Chris Hemsworth (Thor) had to boost his caloric intake to maintain his muscular physique.

2. Avengers Tattoo Sleeve

Avengers Tattoo Sleeve
Image Source: @vicki_choquette_artiste

If you’re a true die-hard fan you’ll like this sleeve. It is a time-consuming and pricey piece, but the end result is like no other and ideal for perfectionists and lovers of The Avengers.

If Iron Man was your favorite character and you’re still interested in trying out something fancy, you’ll adore this one. Show that you are also made out of steel, right?

Did you know that Marvel doesn’t have rights to the Avenger movie?

3. Shoulder Avengers Symbol Tattoo

Shoulder Avengers Symbol Tattoo
Image Source: @stilo_g13

Shoulder tattoos are quite gorgeous, but only once done the right way. You’ll enjoy this one if you’re a fan of precision and outstanding fonts and colors. This Avenger sign is a universal symbol for all die-hard fans.

Different color patterns and colors in general represent your emotions and your colorful layers. If you like to show off and you’re a huge fan of the movie you’ll like this concept.

Did you know that the Iron Man’s suit has changed with the times?

4. Avengers Tattoo Designs Over Calf

Avengers Tattoo Designs Over Calf
Image Source: @daniedismay

Calf tattoos are a bit unusual, but they look amazing on guys who are proud of their physique. If you work out and you have bigger calves, as well as a lot more surface to work with, you’ll like this popping image.

Blue is a color of victory and honor. If you appreciate all things that are linked to purity and bravery you’ll like this gorgeous tattoo.

Fun fact: Stan Lee wrote the original members out of the comic because, at one point, he was getting too distracted & confused.

5. Avengers Tattoo Designs Arm Over Chest

Avengers Tattoo Designs Arm Over Chest
Image Source: @lafayetteunderground

Chest tattoos and brighter colors usually look dramatic on guys rather than on girls. If you, yourself, enjoy masculine ideas make sure to test this one out.

Earthy elements and different colors are for true fans who have watched every Avenger movie out there. Make sure that you have 3-4 hours to spare since this is how much it will take you to end up with this tattoo.

Did you know that The Wasp and Ant Man were pivotal in the creation of the team?

6. Avengers Tattoo Robert Downey Jr

Avengers Tattoo Robert Downey Jr
Image Source: @crazyyytattoo

Everyone loves Robert Downey Jr, right? He is a charismatic character that always looks so good in all of his movies. This tattoo is a must-have if you wish to show great respect and homage to him as a character, but also as an actor.

Represent Robert and let the world see that Iron Man is your favorite movie. This tattoo is quite easy to read and it is flashy while not being too overpowering.

Fun fact: Avengers featured one of the first civil rights stories in the comics history.

7. Avengers 6 Tattoo

Avengers 6 Tattoo
Image Source: @martinlampron76

Sleeve tattoos are only for those who are not scared. Are you scared? If you enjoy brighter and bigger colors you’ll like this concept. It will take you 6-8 hours to end up with this colorful and cheerful tattoo.

Show how much you love each and every one of these characters, and let others see you as a true geek/nerd when it comes to your movie selection, as well as favorites from the show.

Did you know that there’s a British TV show called The Avengers that has nothing to do with Marvel’s Avengers?!

8. Avengers Scary Tattoo

Avengers Scary Tattoo
Image Source: @weareink_tattoo

If you’re a fan of newer movies and you like to enjoy scarier tattoos this bright and loud one is ideal in your case.

Show how you respect and value the bad guy aspect. If you have a thing for symmetry and precision this or similar scary guys will look great on you.

Fun fact: Rogue from the X-Men debuted as a villain for the Avengers.

8 Black & White Avenger Tattoos

1. Avengers Tattoo Sleeve Black And White Idea

Avengers Tattoo Sleeve Black And White Idea
Image Source: @joeyboontattooartist

A full-on sleeve is a time-consuming choice, but it is the right one. If you are a fan of precision and extraordinary ideas, try this one for a change!

Show your teeth and how dangerous you can be with this tattoo. It will suit those who loved the old-school Spider-Man as well.

Did you know that Hulk has fought The Avengers multiple times in the comic?

2. Small Black Avenger Symbol Tattoo

Small Black Avenger Symbol Tattoo
Image Source: @alcateia.studio

Small and delicate black and white Avenger symbol are for minimalistic guys or girls. If you dislike the feeling of a needle pressed against your skin just know that you can get it over with quickly and swiftly with this idea.

You will look like a fan of the Avengers but in your discreet way. How passionate are you when it comes to your superheroes?

Fun fact: David Letterman once guest starred in an issue of the comic.

3. Avengers Tattoo Ideas Black Ink

Avengers Tattoo Ideas Black Ink
Image Source: @goat.tattoo_warszawa

Leg tattoos can be spectacular once done the right way. If you have a bit more surface to work with and if you’re naturally driven to larger designs this one will suit you.

Show the world that Hulk is your favorite character and that you love to stick with the black and white concept. A lot of people know how to rock black designs, are you one of those as well?

Did you know that the Captain Marvel once became pregnant with the child of the villain Marcus Immortus?

4. Avengers Tattoo Sleeve Print

Avengers Tattoo Sleeve Print
Image Source: @angelldef

If your tattoo artist has done Avenger tattoos and Avenger prints before you can fully trust him or her with this design. As long as they’re talented and precise with their artwork you’ll like this idea.

If you’re as tough as the Iron Man himself you’ll enjoy this giant shoulder and sleeve tattoo. It is perfect for anyone bold and stubborn.

Fun fact: The Avengers comic was rebooted back in the ’90s.

5. Robert Downey Jr Avengers Tattoo Forearm Idea

Robert Downey Jr Avengers Tattoo Forearm Idea
Image Source: @yadriart

If you know of those tattoo artists who know how to give amazing portraits, make sure to book them beforehand! This idea is phenomenal and quite tricky to achieve for a lot of tattoo artists.

Show that you love Robert aka Tony Stark and that you’re a fan of The Avengers overall. This forearm tattoo that has the saying “Part of the journey is the end” will say a lot about you and your spiritual side as well.

Did you know that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are brother and sister?

6. Chris Hemsworth Avengers Tattoo

Chris Hemsworth Avengers Tattoo
Image Source: @flametattoostudio

Those who love Chris Hemsworth a tad bit more than other actors or actresses will like this design. Add a pop of red and make your tattoo one of a kind!

Everyone loved Captain America, right? If this was your favorite movie as well make sure that you get this tattoo for yourself and represent it proudly.

Fun fact: Spider-Man didn’t join the team for over 40 years.

7. Calf Avenger Symbol Print

Calf Avenger Symbol Print
Image Source: @kandyacuevaz

Get that subtle print over your calf and represent your love for the movie. This tattoo is not too big or time-consuming to go for.

The symbol and its elements will show that you know how to tell good movies apart. Each color symbolizes some different actors. If all of them were equally important to you, represent this idea proudly.

Did you know that Black Widow was revealed to be a traitor in The Ultimates?

8. Black Captain America Avengers Tattoo

Black Captain America Avengers Tattoo
Image Source: @osema_pulido

Black and white ink with some grey pop looks gorgeous. This tattoo is for fans of Captain America and true heroes.

This tattoo shows a true fierce soul and someone who’s been knowing how to choose their heroes from day one. If you enjoy detailed art you’ll like this Avenger tattoo.

Fun fact: Before Avengers, Joss Whedon wrote the first X-Men film which was also the best-selling & common hit.

8 Small Avenger Tattoos

1. Chest Captain America Tattoo

Chest Captain America Tattoo
Image Source: @fddcitron

Chest tattoos and masculine guys usually enjoy this print. If you like a pop of color you’ll also want to show off your bright and perky side.

Show that you’re always in tune with your characters. If you’re someone who loves movies and optimistic-looking ideas this is great for you.

Did you know that Black Widow is in fact well over 70 years old?

2. Calf Tattoo Shield Design

Calf Tattoo Shield Design
Image Source: @caleblynchtattoos

Show off this calf and rock your new calf image. If you have a bit more space to work with and you’re naturally driven to artsy prints this shield is right for you!

Make sure that the world knows that you’re naturally protective and someone who knows how to stay true to others and that you can guard them at all times.

Fun fact: Hawkeye was going to take out the Hulk and Iron Man in Avengers.

3. Small & Cute Hulk Avenger Tattoo

Small & Cute Hulk Avenger Tattoo
Image Source: @taricotattooandbarber

You can come off as a funny and comic person with a love for cartoons and funny scenes. If you’re someone who loves cute and mini designs this option will suit you.

The end result shows a playful character who loves to win and who knows how to transform based on the given situation. This tattoo will also show your cheerful persona.

Did you know that Marvel couldn’t get Hulk’s roar to sound just right, so they used recordings done by a professional bodybuilder?

4. Stone Inspired Avenger Tattoo Symbol

Stone Inspired Avenger Tattoo Symbol
Image Source: @marifertatua

Stones and different colors can look like a colorful rainbow dream come true. If you are a fan of spicy tattoos and you want something artsy you’ll enjoy this shiny detail.

The end print shows how all things in life come back around and go around in circles. If you are a true believer in that and you also enjoy this movie you’ll like the outcome.

Fun fact: The Wasp was originally going to take the Black Widow’s place in the first movie.

5. Ironman Avenger Tattoo

Ironman Avenger Tattoo
Image Source: @chrisskon

If red color is your favorite and you naturally gravitate toward it you’ll like this tattoo. If you’re a true fan of the Iron Man, give it a go with this tattoo.

This end result will symbolize your persistence and your powerful side. Show that you know how to look like a true hero in every given situation in your life.

Did you know that Lindsay Lohan auditioned for the role of Scarlet Witch?

6. Bright Yellow Avenger Tattoo

Bright Yellow Avenger Tattoo
Image Source: @littleimmytattoos

This bright yellow tattoo from Infinity Gauntlet is for fans of the movie, but also the glove image.

This yellow bright color and its stones have a gorgeous appeal that symbolizes your wealth and future. If you’re optimistic and happy about it you’ll like this design.

Fun fact: Robert Downey Jr. made twice as much money as the entire cast of the first film.

7. Green Hulk Avenger Tattoo Print

Green Hulk Avenger Tattoo Print
Image Source: @pastimetattoo

Your green Hulk tattoo can be beautiful and artsy. Let the world see you as a creator and someone who knows how to try out fun prints when it comes to your Avenger tattoos.

The Hulk himself symbolizes and stands for your inner power and energy. You can show that you’re always rightful and tough while being a true sweetheart on the inside.

Did you know that Jeremy Renner, while preparing for the role of Hawkeye, ended up with top-notch training from Olympic archers?

8. Leg Calf Avenger Tattoo

Leg Calf Avenger Tattoo
Image Source: @tattooinspo07

If you enjoy leg or calf tattoos you’ll also like this one. It is a stylish piece and something that you’ll enjoy if you like relatively bigger designs.

Place the saying “whatever it takes” and show the world that you’re serious about your actions. This can apply to anything in your life.

Fun fact: The Hulk’s body was modelled after Long Island body builder.

8 Unique Avenger Tattoos

1. Dramatic & Colorful Avengers Tattoo Iron Man

Dramatic & Colorful Avengers Tattoo Iron Man
Image Source: @tattoos.by.steve

Get yourself this gorgeous and bright red-colored tattoo if you’re a true fan of the Iron Man. Heads up since this design can be quite pricey to get and go for, especially if you’re a fan of artsy ideas.

The end result will show you as a victorious person and someone who knows how to get everything, no matter what it takes. Show the world that you’re up for some Avenger movie time, at all times.

Did you know that, according to Box Office, The Avengers have made 1.519 billion USD?

2. Red Artsy Avenger Print

Red Artsy Avenger Print
Image Source: @gink53

If you know of a good tattoo artist you’ll enjoy this print. It is red and gorgeous while being kind of time-consuming to get. Make sure that you have 4-6 hours to spare before you fully commit to it.

You will come looking like a detail-oriented person. Show the whole world that you’re a fan of precision and movies in general when it comes to The Avengers.

Fun fact: Mark Ruffalo was director Louis Leterrier’s first choice.

3. Chris Evans Avenger Tattoo

Chris Evans Avenger Tattoo
Image Source: @oldlondonroadtattoos

If you’re someone who likes portrait tattoos you will enjoy this design. It is one of a kind and quite rare to go for and rare to achieve when it comes to its level of hardness.

If Captain America was your favorite you’ll enjoy this design. Show the whole work that you’re up for some fun colors and rightful characters when it comes to your choice of movies.

Did you know that Tony Stark has been choked in every Marvel film he appeared in?

4. Large Shoulder Print Avenger Inspired

Large Shoulder Print Avenger Inspired
Image Source: @celebrityinktattoo_

This larger shoulder print and sleeve tattoo are for anyone who likes to shine and look overpowering at all times. If you have a brave vibe and your intentions are strong you’ll like the outcome.

The end result shows a fighter that is always in the mood for something out of this world. You’ll look like someone who is a die-hard fan as well.

Fun fact: Iron Man is the most-loved movie & character among kids.

5. Scary & Unique Avengers Tattoo

Scary & Unique Avengers Tattoo
Image Source: @alexander_slobodyan

Darker ink and mystical colors will show that you’re someone who knows how to embrace their beauty. Not a lot of people are comfortable with rocking similar prints, but do you wish to stand out from the majority?

Show that your soul is dark yet powerful. You’ll look like someone who is mysterious and always trying to overcome challenges.

Did you know that In Age Of Ultron, everyone but Black Widow tries to lift the hammer, and fails?!

6. Forearm Symbols Avenger Colorful Idea

Forearm Symbols Avenger Colorful Idea
Image Source: @rcastillotattoo

If you have ever played a fun interactive game or something that was Avenger-based you’ll like this idea. It is ideal for anyone who loves glamorous elements. Show that you’re also a fan of childish ideas.

These symbols of all of your favorite Avengers will come as a pleasant tattoo idea. Show the world that you know how to enjoy a good movie and colorful ideas as well. If you’re still a child at heart you’ll like this outcome.

Fun fact: Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during the filming of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

7. Artsy Cartoon Inspired Avenger Tattoo

Artsy Cartoon Inspired Avenger Tattoo
Image Source: @leigh_higginson_tattoos

Red is a common color choice when it comes to your tattoo ideas. If you’re favorite Avenger was or still is Thor to this day you’ll like this tattoo.

People who love cartoons and funny tattoo ideas will also enjoy this concept. You’ll look like a fanatic and someone who knows how to value a good colorful tattoo that is filled with action.

Did you know that the comic was released back in September 1963?

8. Beautiful & Dramatic Avatars

Beautiful & Dramatic Avatars
Image Source: @imtherealbrucewayne

Lastly, you can add a bit of mysteriousness to your tattoo. Show the outer space along with your Iron Man and look like a true beast when it comes to your ideas.

The end result shows a person who is all about glamour and drama. You’ll enjoy this tattoo if you’re a fan of a splash of color and unique tattoos that are always one and only.

Fun fact: Chris Evans turned down the role three times before accepting.

Avenger Tattoo: FAQ

1. Who Can Get An Avenger Tattoo?

Luckily for you, you can place your Avenger tattoo anywhere and everywhere you like. There are no specific rules in this case since Avengers are super broad and unique, which makes them quite easy to rock for both genders.

2. What Is The Best Placement For Your Avenger Tattoo?

The best placement for most people is around their calf, but a lot of women prefer thigh placements as well. You can go for chest & back tattoos as well. It is best to stick to larger designs since they can truly capture the beauty of every Avenger.

3. Are Avenger Tattoos Pricey?

Pricing can be quite tricky, and not as pleasant, unfortunately. You will pay quite a lot for this tattoo design since it is a well-known and complex concept that not a lot of tattoo artists can achieve as easily or smoothly. This is why you should have $300 spare for the smallest tattoo. You will pay around $500 for a medium-sized design.

4. What Is The Best Size To Go For When It Comes To Your Avenger Tattoo?

Size-wise you’ll like the good old plain old rule in this case: “the bigger the better”. You’ll definitely enjoy something visible, bright, loud, as well as dominant. Do not go for small or black and white tattoos since the whole point of the avengers is to look flashy and breathtaking.

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5. Which Celebrities Have Avenger Tattoos?

The original six Avengers ended up getting matching tattoos, and they can also be your inspiration for this movie. In fact, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Evans got inked by tattoo artist Joshua Lord, and they also got a matching cute Avenger print that symbolizes their love for the movie, as well as all of its parts.

It Is Time For Your New Avenger Tattoo?

Ready for your next avenger? Which character was or still is your favorite to this day? There are loads of different ideas for you to explore and test out, so make sure that you let us know which one is your must-have out of these top thirty creations.

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