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14 Best Cover-Up Tattoo Artists: Find The US Top Tattooers

Do you have an old tattoo that you are not proud of anymore? Did the colors change, or does the contour of what used to be your favorite body art is all gone?

If so, you don’t have to wear that inked design anymore, as you have a pretty excellent option to remake it. No, it is not about removing it and being in pain for a couple of sessions.

No, you can cover up the old tattoo and get it fixed up. However, the first thing to consider when preparing for this step is to trust the artist who will make the change. Tattoo skills are mandatory in this situation; thus, it is essential to turn to a tattoo shop you trust.

I got you covered, so today, I will talk about the top tattoo artists that can give your old tattoos a total cover-up and a new aesthetic. Bare with us to find more.

What Is A Cover-Up Tattoo?

What Is A Cover-Up Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Well, it is kind of easy to guess what this term refers to. However, it’s better to be clear, right? As the name indicates, a cover-up tattoo is the creative approach of a tattoo artist to transform, sometimes radically, the tattoo people do not like anymore into something artsy, much more attractive.

There is no wonder why you must visit the best tattoo shops in the USA to get a high-quality cover-up tattoo. Once approaching this kind of professional place, you can make sure you will be satisfied with the outcome.

The artists you will go to should have enough experience in the cover-up tattoo domain and be creative enough to reshape old patterns.

Covering up tattoos will take shorter and cost less money than other more invasive procedures, such as tattoo removal. Besides, you can choose to have a symbolic image, even a visual that has great importance to you, nicely drawn over the old tattoo.

This way, you will give a different look to your old tattoo and make it more attractive on your skin.

The process itself is pretty simple, as you already know the area you want to cover and the result you were thinking about. The rest is carried out by the experienced tattoo artist you chose.

So, the old tattoo you want to hide will be covered up with a different one. In some instances, the previous tattoo can be converted, let’s say, by adding a few more lines and colors. But most often, the initial lousy tattoo needs to be fully covered so you can say it is converted.

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Top Tattoo Artists To Offer Professional Cover-Up Tattoos

Here are the top cover-up tattoo artists you can always choose for excellent results. Read the reviews and find the tattoo shop that is closest to you.

Fame Tattoos(@fametattoos)

Fame Tattoos 1
Credit: @fametattoos
Fame Tattoos 2
Credit: @fametattoos

Fame Tattoos is by far one of the top tattoo shops in Miami to give your old tattoo a whole different look. The work of the artists here is fantastic, and the portfolio is also considerable.

As such, there has been a regular local clientele and celebrities and athletes who came here to get tattooed.

As the artists here themselves say they consider their work full of passion and vision, I cannot disagree. The pictures from the cover-up work are conclusive, and you can quickly see how beautiful the tattoo work is here.

The staff from Fame Tattoos have over 50 years of combining tattoo experience, so they will guide you through the process of renewing your body art pieces.

Professional tattoo artists have been to lots of conventions worldwide and have gained their reputations all through their work. Moreover, you will be enjoying a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy your tattoo cover-up among such lovely people.

Misha Tattoo Artist(@thecountessofcoverups)

Misha Tattoo Artist 1
Credit: @thecountessofcoverups
Misha Tattoo Artist 2
Credit: @thecountessofcoverups
Misha Tattoo Artist 3
Credit: @thecountessofcoverups

When it comes to the best cover-up tattoo artists, I need to mention “The countess of cover-ups,” Misha. Her salon is right inside Hollywood’s Salon republic, and her Instagram account is almost 40 percent made of cover-ups photos.

Now, the talent of Misha in remaking old tattoos is fantastic. Her cover-up tattoos can turn different shapes and designs, from turning a superficial scar into a blooming flower to transforming an ancient body art into a bird, a family tree, a lion, or a sleeve tattoo.

Misha, the countess of cover-ups, has helped people worldwide fix their old tattoos, and her skills are turning and masking old ink amazingly. She is like camouflaging old scars, like painting an old canvas and turning an old image into something fresh.

“The uglier, the more horrible, the more impossible it seems,” Misha says, “the more fun it is to figure it out.”

Firme Copias(@firmecopiasempire)

Firme Copias 1
Credit: @firmecopiasempire
Firme Copias 2
Credit: @firmecopiasempire

FirmeCopias is a tattoo shop with skilled artists who have enough experience to transform old tattoos in the most creative way possible in a highly competitive tattoo world.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Firme Copias is proud to have many great tattoo artists and pierces with lots of experience so that they can turn any old tattoo into a body art masterpiece.

The team is organized so that every client will benefit from full attention to detail and the artists’ creativity here. These two are essential in terms of getting a high-quality cover-up job that will completely satisfy you. The best part? The artists here will know how to create new visuals, even from ancient tattoos, to be fresh and vivid.

So whether you want to have your custom-designed original piece of art, or you look for a total cover-up for your old tattoo, be ready to go to these professionals. Here you will find a massive selection of ready-to-go tattoos, as well as a collection of cover-ups to inspire you.

Adal from Majestic Tattoo NYC(@majestictattoonyc)

Not all tattoos look desirable for a lifetime. Due to UVA radius and weight fluctuations, tattoos can lose their initial perfect look. However, laser tattoo removal can sometimes be really costly and also painful. Furthermore, you might need more sessions to remove the design for good.

Tattoo cover-ups made by Adal at Majestic Tattoo NYC look stunning and have become extremely popular for various reasons. Alan will help you get high-quality tattoo artworks, along with professional cover-up projects.

Along with the old tattoos, Alan can also cover up some old scars or stretch marks so that you can get away from your complexes.

Look for Majestic Tattoo in NYC and ask Alan about the whole tattoo cover-up policy. Then the tattoo artist will tell you everything about the design, the time it needs to be done, as well as the prices. Give your tattoo a total refashion and transform it into a piece of art.

Allegory Tattoo in San Diego(@allegorytattoo)

Allegory Tattoo in San Diego 2
Credit: @allegorytattoo
Allegory Tattoo in San Diego 1
Credit: @allegorytattoo

Ready to be thrilled with these artists’ great cover-up work? Right in San Diego, you will find the Allegory Tattoo shop, the perfect place to have a walk-in and get out, having a different look for your old tattoo. Just make sure you have an appointment first.

Ultra-Violence – Anchorage, Alaska(@ultraviolence_tattoo)

Credit: @ultraviolence_tattoo

You can say from the pictures that the tattoo artists from Ultra-Violence are total masters in cover-ups and tattoo designs. Who thought that Alaska is the home for some of the best tattoo artists in the US? Here you will find everything you need to cover up your old tattoos and give them a different look.

Urban Art Tattoo in Arizona(@urbanarttattooaz)

Urban Art Tattoo in Arizona 1
Credit: @urbanarttattooaz
Urban Art Tattoo in Arizona 2
Credit: @urbanarttattooaz

When you go for a cover-up tattoo at Urban Art in Arizona, you will be in the best hands. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from new school graffiti to traditional tattoo designs.

Choose your favorite from the 14 artists here, and see which one can offer you the most comfortable tattoo experience.

Black Cobra – Little Rock, Arkansas(@blackcobratattoos)

Black Cobra 1
Credit: @blackcobratattoos
Black Cobra 2
Credit: @blackcobratattoos

If you are looking for either a colorful or a black and grey cover-up tattoo, a traditional or a more modern one, you should look for the Black Cobra Tattoo Shop. This place is ideal for giving your old tattoos a different look and renew them with something full of creativity.

Black and Blue – San Francisco, California(@blackandbluetattoo)

Black and Blue 1
Credit: @blackandbluetattoo
Black and Blue 2
Credit: @blackandbluetattoo

Tattoo artists from Black and Blue are famous in San Francisco, California, and there is no surprise, as only some can surpass their talents. This is a female-owned, gender-inclusive tattoo shop, where people have come to get inked since 1995.

The artists accept walk-ins, too, so you can check their portfolio and choose how you want to cover up your original tattoo.

Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Company – Colorado Springs, Colorado(@pensnneedles)

Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Company 1
Credit: @pensnneedles
Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Company 2
Credit: @pensnneedles

You will be mesmerized by the work these artists are doing daily. The tattooers from Pens & Needles in Colorado Springs are great professionals working in a superb studio, where you will find all the collaborative spirit you need when covering up a tattoo.

Three Roses Studio – Fairfield, Connecticut(@Threerosestattoos)

Three Roses Studio 1
Credit: @Threerosestattoos
Three Roses Studio 2
Credit: @Threerosestattoos

Cover up your tattoo with style. The artists from Three Roses Studio are specialized in traditional Irezumi designs. Still, you can also choose to cover your old tattoo with flowers, mythical beasts, or other shapes you have been thinking about. This space is unique and looks like an art gallery.

Poppycock Tattoo – Wilmington, Delaware(@poppycocktattoo)

Poppycock Tattoo 1
Credit: @poppycocktattoo
Poppycock Tattoo 2
Credit: @poppycocktattoo

I will tell only this: the artists from Poppycock Tattoo Studio have together over 45 years of experience in this industry. No wonder why you will find hundreds of styles to choose from, as well as Eric Hendrickson’s unique talent in covering up old tattoos.

Till The End Tattoo – Miami, Florida(@tilltheendtattoos)

Till The End Tattoo 1
Credit: @tilltheendtattoos
Till The End Tattoo 2
Credit: @tilltheendtattoos

Till the End, Tattoo Studio is by far one of the best ones in the country. This iconic place is co-owned by Spike TV’s Ink Master Katherine “Tatu Baby.”

Her work is in high demand, as these tattoos are pieces of art inked into the skin. You won’t regret it, as the artists here are simply spectacular.

City of Ink – Atlanta, Georgia(@cityofink)

City of Ink 1
Credit: @cityofink
City of Ink 2
Credit: @cityofink

Give your tattoos a total refresh by visiting this custom tattoo parlor and art gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

This place is admirable, especially for clean line work, as well as its talented tattoo artists. Run for the best artists and look for this salon’s co-founder, Miya Bailey, a true artist in this domain.

Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki – Honolulu, Hawaii(@skindeeptattoowaikiki)

Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki 1
Credit: @skindeeptattoowaikiki
Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki 2
Credit: @skindeeptattoowaikiki

Let’s travel further away to Honolulu, Hawaii, and find one of Oahu’s oldest tattoo studios. This studio has been open since 1979, and it is only dedicated to some of the best experts in cover-ups, colorful tattoos, and custom artwork.

Most of the artists here are specialized in black and grey and realism line works.

Tattoo Factory – Chicago, Illinois(@tattoo_factory_jaipur)

Tattoo Factory 1
Credit: @tattoo_factory_jaipur
Tattoo Factory 2
Credit: @tattoo_factory_jaipur

Tattoo Factory in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the oldest tattoo shops in Chicago and still one of the best ones in America. The artists here are doing some fantastic cover-ups for the old tattoos and portraits, watercolor tattoos, and minimalist lines. This studio also has a bar next door, so you can bring your friends while watching you get tattooed right on the screen.

Steps To Cover-Up An Old Tattoo

Where should you start in the process of covering an old tattoo? There are simple ways to do this, so here are the main things to keep in mind when deciding to refresh the ancient body art.

1. Admit that the old tattoo looks not so friendly anymore

Yes, it may sound so simple, but people do not realize that some tattoos are not long-term anymore. Maybe you have a tattoo that was inked by an artist that was not so talented, or you had passed through weight fluctuations that changed the look of your body art.

Many talented tattoo artists specialize in covering up tattoos that you should not worry about the renewing process.

2. Decide to turn your problem into a masterpiece

Finally, after admitting the old tattoos do not look like you wish, turn your problem over to a tattoo artist who has enough experience and a great portfolio that includes before and after pictures with this type of procedure.

3. Prepare your funds

Sometimes, the cover-up tattoos can be a bit more expensive than the usual ones. This happens because the artist needs a lot of creativity and work to cover an old tattoo beautifully. Cheap tattoos are not good tattoos, and in time, they would look worse and worse.

4. Talk to the artist first

Have a chat with the artist you trust. Let them know what went wrong with the initial tattoo and, if you already have some ideas, show them those illustrations. This is how the artist will know where to start from, the cover-up, preferably designs, and your preferences in body art. The goal here is to avoid any possible regrets that might appear in the future, so do not skip this step.

5. Be ready to hear some professional opinions

Be willing to adopt other suggestions in case the artists will recommend different cover-up tattoo designs. If they suggest another color palette or maybe some more modifications to the initial setup, just know they are doing the best for you to have the result you wish for.

6. Let the tattoo artist place the cover-up design

This way, you will see the final result and adjust the optimal angle to cover up the old tattoo. Ensure you are happy with all the design’s details, so look in the mirror and sit in a visible position. Tell the artist if there is something that bothers you.

7. Have patience

The process of covering up an old tattoo might last more than expected. The touch-up sessions will take longer to cover the old design fully.

In Conclusion

Every cover-up tattoo is a challenge, but working with professionals will ease the whole process. Ask the best talents in the country for help and enhance your body art.

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