Best Tattoo Shops in Houston

Best Tattoo Shops in Houston: Look For The Best Artists

Your tattoos will tell the world where you have been, who are your beloved ones, what memories you want to keep with you for life, and, finally, what artist is wearing its signature on your skin.

Tattoos are speaking so much by following only some fine lines. They are talking about where we were born into, what religion we are part of, so they should be really original, meaningful, and amazingly done.

As such, no wonder why you should always look for the best tattoo shops and artists in the neighborhood. If you are from Houston and want to look for the top recommendations in this domain, well, keep on reading.

I eliminated all the street-style shops and focused only on the elite ones. Well, this is why I have looked on different social media sites, reviews, as well as recommendations to bring together some of the best tattoo shops in Houston.

Below is a complete list of the top leading Tattoo Shops in Houston to consider when looking for finally having the tattoo you dream about. Check this list and choose your favorites.

10 Top Tattoo Shops In Houston

One by one, I will take each tattoo shop and talk about its profile, the services, products, location, as well as people’s general reviews about them.

3rd Generation Ink (@3rdgenerationink)

3rd Generation Ink Sleeve Tattoo Men

I need to talk about 3rd Generation Ink, one of the oldest tattoos in America. Yes, you read it right. This studio is a family-owned business by Bob Shaw, and it was first open in 1940.

Bob has worked for and with Bert Grimm, from whom he learned one of the world’s best tattoo techniques. So he learned everything like a good student, and finally, he took over the studio of Bert.

You need to know that Bob was considered very influential when it came to the tattoo industry. And aside from his special tattoo skills, he was looking for its clients’ safety.

Now, if you want to go to a reputable tattoo shop in Houston, 3rd Generation Ink has made its way to the Tattoo Hall of Fame Induction, and it should be your first choice.


  • Traditional tattoos
  • New School Tattoo Designs
  • Japanese Ideas
  • Illustrative tattoos
  • Neo-traditional
  • Blackwork Designs

Find Them Here:

126 Heights Blvd, Houston

Phone: (713) 485-5062



People usually appreciate this tattoo shop due to the friendly, professional staff and their talent in this domain. Furthermore, this studio is immaculate; the tools are permanently sterilized, which offers you a comfortable feeling.

Flying Squid Tattoo (@flyingsquidtattoo)

thigh tattoo from Flying Squid Tattoo

Some tattoo studios would look normal: with black walls, some pictures with the artists’ best tattoos and maybe, a Sphinx Cat walking around. Well, forget about the basic interior designs, and look for the Flying Squid Tattoo, which has all the functions of an art gallery.

This tattoo shop is nestled right in the middle of the Houston Heights area, and a group of tattoo experts owns it.

Each of them has its style, so it is impossible not to find the right artist for you. Despite these people’s fantastic talent, this tattoo studio considers a lot of the clients’ health, and everything is so clean and comfortable.

Here are some critical names you should consider when looking for a tattoo artist: Dustin Whelan, Mel Mo’Black, Perez, Billy Ho, and other essential words to make your tattoo dream come true.

Each of these artists has their rooms in this beautiful gallery, so you will have enough intimacy to discuss and establish the body art’s details. Moreover, these particular rooms ensure a total concentration for their needlework.


  • Art Gallery
  • Custom Design Tattoo
  • Piercing Jewelry

Location: 1507 N Durham Dr, Houston

Phone: (346) 444-6606



Some of the Flyingsquid Tattoo Shop clients say that they were thrilled by these artists’ fantastic experience and the design of this unique place.

Scorpion Studios Tattoo (@scorpionstudiostattoo)

tattoo works by Scorpion Studios Tattoo

If you are looking for more than a tattoo but a whole experience, you should look for the Scorpion Studios Tattoo.

This place offers a unique experience to its clients, and the professional artists who are working here are so talented that they can execute any concept or tattoo style you wish.

Furthermore, you can be sure that you will be in the hands of the best-licensed tattoo artists in the area. The equipment here is the latest one in this domain and all single-used, so there is no worry about clean-up and sterilization.

If you don’t know what tattoo would suit you best, well, here there are over a thousand choices of designs. Furthermore, artists here can help you to design a drawing you have in mind.

The team is professional enough to offer the artistic consultation you are looking for, even before having the tiniest drawing on your skin.


  • Tattoo services
  • Design and redesign
  • Consultation
  • Traditional/ Modern/ Gothic/ Asian and other tattoo designs


1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 306-7376



People brag about the professionalism that artists have, as well as their friendliness with their clients. Whether you are looking for a fully detailed, shaded tattoo or just for some fine line body art, this tattoo studio will satisfy all your needs.

Texas Body Art (@texasbodyart)

tattoo works by Texas Body Art

Texas Body Art is by far one of the top shops in Houston, and there is no wonder why, as Johnny Jackson, a tattoo icon, fully manages this studio. Jackson has taught all of his people to draw the most beautiful ink lines and create unique body art.

This studio is all equipped with the best artwork surfaces and needles, so you don’t have to worry about style, comfort, and the final result.

When it comes to the cleaning aspect, you should know that all the surfaces are covered with films and ink caps, while every piece of equipment is thoroughly sterilized after each use.

There is a wide range of clients who have trusted this studio, so no wonder this tattoo shop is in the 10 top Best Tattoo and Piercing Studios in Houston.


  • Modified designs
  • Wedding tattoos
  • Matching tattoos
  • Classic, Traditional, Spider, Asian, or Mandala tattoo designs


Address: 12537 Jones Rd, Houston

Phone: (281) 894-2282



People find these people’s work meaningful, as they had influential body art here that will always remind them of unforgettable moments in their lives.

The Redhawk Studio (@theredhawkstudio)

tattoo @ The Redhawk Studio

Let’s continue the list of the top tattoo shops in Houston with Redhawk Studio, a premier tattoo shop that exists for 20 years now.

Yes, you will find this studio in Houston’s East Downtown area, and the artists here are mainly specialized in blackwork and fine line tattoos.

Whether you are looking only for the blackwork or some adjustments, you can ask the artists to show you their artistic vision and then get the result you are looking for.

And the whole process will happen only by using black ink. You can choose to add some colors and some other variations and shades to get some realistic images.

If you want a more elaborate tattoo, you will surely need some good talent and expertise from your artist. And the line tattoo is also great art that requires you to go to the best ones.

Keep in mind! This tattoo shop policy does not agree with walk-ins to maintain the focus for every project. So to enjoy the services here, it is mandatory to make a booking.


  • Blackwork tattoos
  • Colorwork tattoos


3420 Rusk St #10, Houston

Phone: (832) 314-5555



Every artist from Redhawk Studio got terrific reviews. Also, people appreciate the relaxing atmosphere, which makes the tattoo experience a lot more calming and memorable.

Imperial Tattoo Company (@imperialtattoocompany)

full back tattoo women @Imperial Tattoo Company

If since now we have discussed larger, older tattoo studios, well, it’s time for talking about family-owned shops in Sugarland, Texas. Imperial Tattoo Company was founded in 2011, but the artists working here have already combined 25 years of piercing and tattooing.

Furthermore, the whole experience is enjoyable and comfortable, so take your seat and get your first awesome tattoo.

According to the reviews, customers were pleased with the quality of their body art pieces and this studio’s cleanliness. In addition to the tattoos’ designs here, the staff will help you get some custom-made tattoos as well.


Sugar Land, TX 77478


Noble Street Tattoo Parlour (@noblestreettattoo)

sexy thigh tattoo @Noble Street Tattoo Parlour

If you are looking for some high-quality body art in Houston, you won’t be disappointed by Noble Street Tattoo Parlour.

Well, the studio itself is describing its work as an “old-school tattoo shop and art gallery,” meaning that it has a lot of history and experience in this domain of body art.

You can be sure that the Noble Street Tattoo Parlour combines some of the top time-tested methods globally, which is why the results are simply excellent. As such, you can come with a simple tattoo design in mind, representing your personality, a beautiful moment in your life, or merely a drawing you love, and the artists here will transpose it into ink.

The owner of Noble Street Tattoo is simply a fan of well-done work, and it has numerous years of experience you can count on.



Spring, TX 77373, Old Town Spring


Noble Street Tattoo Parlour has 45 years of experience and millions of quality tattoos people are still enjoying today.

Prison Break Tattoos (@prisonbreaktattoos)

works @Prison Break Tattoos

How amazing are these tattoos all made under the Prison Break Tattoos signature? This “prison break” themed tattoo shop is located in Houston, Texas, and provides fantastic body art services. You cannot go wrong once coming here, whether you are looking for a more complex design or just a fine line tattoo.


  • Cover-ups tattoos
  • Custom tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Modern tattoos


Houston, TX 77007


When it comes to popularity, well, needless to say, the Prison Break studio was also a host of a TV show, as its owner, BK, has been working in the tattoo domain for over 23 years. As such, the studio has tremendous pride in matters of supporting body art design.

Rampage Tattoo (@rampagetattoo)

lion tattooo @Rampage Tattoo

Rampage Tattoo Studio in Houston has been operating as a custom tattoo studio since 2011. Here you will find five tattoo artists led by Ram Perez, a tattoo artist with ample experience in this domain. He and his team are specialized in personalized tattoos in uncommon styles.


  • Portraits
  • Realism tattoos
  • Black and Grey Tattoos
  • Biomechanical Tattoo Designs


Houston, TX 77006


More than the fantastic tattoo results, this studio also provides valet parking and accepts card payments and cash.

Virtue Tattoo (@virtuetattoo)

work @Virtue Tattoo

The Virtue Tattoo studio offers both tattooing and body piercing services. This tattoo shop was firstly open in 2010, and since then, it is famous as one of the most professional yet pleasing places to get tattooed.

Moreover, this shop won a lot of awards as the best tattoo studio and piercing shop in Houston.

If you want to get your first tattoo and you are looking for excellent results, well, this shop is led by Tim Gooding, a talented artist and very appreciated. However, this studio has other artists with more than ten years of experience.


  • Tattoo services
  • Piercing Services


Meadows Place, TX 77477


People who enjoyed the services at this location were pleased by the high standards of cleanliness. Despite other studios, the Virtue Tattoo is opened to walk-ins, as well as appointments.

How To Choose The Best Tattoo Shop

How To Choose The Best Tattoo Shop
Saved Tattoo

So if you have never been before to a tattoo shop and know little about this kind of place’s main requirements, make sure you do some research first. Finding the best tattoo shop in Houston takes a bit of time, so asking around might be the best idea.

Considering a tattoo is something permanent, I recommend you do your due diligence. If you don’t know what the main things to check before you choose your artist and tattoo shop, well, consider the points below are:

The Tattoo Studio Needs To Be Licensed

Maybe you have heard more about tattoo artists offering cheap services at their homes, or maybe in a basement shop. Finding the best tattoo shop in Houston that has a license is mandatory.

Otherwise, you might end up in a huge disappointment and horrible-looking body art. Worst case scenario? Getting an infection or a skin disease. Don’t take any risks when it comes to your health and how you want your body to be enhanced by ink art.

Ask For Referrals and Reviews

What people say about their experiences with a specific tattoo shop can be a significant lead to success. Ask your friends, family, or Instagram followers for their recommendations. Or you can simply ask the tattoo artist you admire to provide you some referrals. Some will be more than happy to recommend their colleagues.

Health And Safety

A tattoo shop should respect itself and its clients and take health and safety seriously. All the tattoo equipment should be sterilized or be covered with particular protective layers so that each client will be safe.

Tattooing is like getting hundreds of shots into the skin, so safety is essential. As such, look for those studios that offer a clean experience to their customers and work areas that are regularly sanitized.

Have a meeting with the artists

Before getting tattooed, it is essential to talk to the artist and establish the style of the body art you are looking for and your personality. This way, you will get to know what kind of tattoo suits you best: portrait body art, maybe some white work, a Japanese-style tattoo, and so on.

Last Thoughts

Getting a tattoo is very exciting; however, it takes time to get to know the studio that suits you best, the artist you are looking for, and how your expectations can be all covered. A tattoo is permanent, so look for the best tattoo shops in Houston.

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