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40+ Captivating Cherubs Tattoo Design Ideas (Spiritual Connection, Powerful Meanings)

When it comes to cute tattoos, cherubs designs are preferred by all genres. With their carrying arrows and tiny hands, these mythological chubby babies have deep meanings, especially regarding protection.

The Bible is the first testimony that these cherub angels will always be next to the innocent people and protect them from evil spirits. Moreover, people believe that those who have died are now cherubs that watch them from heaven.

Tattooing yourself with a cherub’s tattoo design, will stand as a symbol of full faith. Furthermore, cherub babies can symbolize some superpower or heavenly body that always takes care of the loving ones. Nevertheless, if you feel like the one protecting the others, this can be the sign of this feeling.

Cherubs Tattoos: The History Behind The Baby Angels

Cherubs Tattoos The History Behind The Baby Angels
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Cherub tattoos are by far some of the cutest and meaningful body art pieces. Also popular as “cherubim” or “cherub, “ these patterns display a baby angel with fragile wings.

Nowadays, cherubs are displayed as young boys or girls with withummery clothing. Most of the cherub’s portraits have very innocent looks. No wonder the pure faces.

In the Bible and also during ancient times, these angels were the symbol of modesty and carrying spirits. It is said that cherubs were in charge of protecting heaven and God.

During ancient Italy, cherubs were famous under the “putti” naming. Maybe you have already noticed them among the Renaissance pieces of art. Artists were the “guilty ones” who gave the cherubs that innocent look we all know today.

However, the original figure from the Bible displays a huge angel with enormous wings and four faces. Yes, four. But let’s be clear, these four faces belonged to some animals, like an eagle, lion, ox, and human.

Although cherubim had many other tasks on Earth and Heaven, their main attributes were protecting and following those who believed in God. However, as nothing is certain in this world, the cherubs haven’t always been the top-tier angels. Once upon a time, a long, long period ago, the cherubs were only some messengers.

Think about Cupid, who is maybe the most popular cherub, and by far the iconic image for Valentine’s Day. Cupid is also the sign for matchmaking. He comes with his arrow and starts shooting two people who seem to be soulmates. When the needle hits them, these people will instantly fall in love.

Cherubs are not that type of mainstream tattoos; however, their design is increasing in popularity. In this article, you will learn everything about the top design options and all meanings behind each pattern.

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Cherub Designs Meanings

In human belief, we all have a guardian angel that takes care of us and watches over our spirits. This is the simplest definition of a cherub, as the main task of this surreal presence is to watch over the believers.

If you are a true believer and look for a tattoo charm to protect you forever, the cherub’s tattoos will be the lucky symbol. While people have different meanings to this tattoo, the general perception is of faith, protection, and guardians.

The ones who are wearing this type of tattoo always think they have a permanent guardian beside them. What is for sure is that there is a strong connection between these designs and spirituality. Cherubs tattoos stand for endless love and Christianity.

40+ Most Captivating Cherub Tattoo Ideas And Designs

What is for sure about cherub tattoos is that they can be designed with many symbols and elements, such as flowers, angels, or crosses. Considering cherubs are mainly the image for baby angels, these tattoos are often linked to some crucial children in our lives.

Many people, once they become parents, get the cherub’s tattoo to represent their little ones. For instance, if someone has two kids, this tattoo design can describe them.

The cherub’s tattoo is easy to personalize, as you can incorporate your children’s name into the final design. Some ink art lovers would go even further and replace the initial faces with their child’s look.

Speaking of creativity, you should not restrain yourself. As such, do not hesitate to frame the tattoo; use clouds or a type of drapery as background. Speaking of wings, cherubs can have either some bat wings or two very tiny horns right on the forehead.

Cherubs are also associated with music, so many tattoo designs will feature some musical instruments or musical notes. Some cherub tattoos will face the portrayal of an adult angel watching over some little ones.

Classic Cherubs Tattoos

Classic Cherubs Tattoos 1
Credit: @emma_newman_ink
Classic Cherubs Tattoos 2

Cherubs, just like angels, have profound religious implications. These symbols are connected to Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

When inked into the skin, the classic cherub will have a considerable impact, not only as a physical charm but also as a body art piece with powerful meanings for the spirit.

Tip: Make sure you explore all the cherub angel tattoo ideas so you have enough inspiration when visiting the tattoo shop.

Cherub Angels With Deep Thoughts

Cherub Angels With Deep Thoughts 1
Credit: @issyvincent
Cherub Angels With Deep Thoughts 2
Credit: @jesie.tattoos
Cherub Angels With Deep Thoughts 3
Credit: @heartinhand_lg

The cherubs in these pictures are seamlessly shaded with black, and the faces of these babies share powerful vibes. The cherubs seem to be in profound thought and the symbols of sanctity.

Personal opinion: So, if you are searching for a cherub tattoo that symbolizes faith and purity, consider the deep thinking cherubs to have on the arm or back.

Cupid Angel Tattoo

Cupid Angel Tattoo 1
Credit: @gabriellag_art
Cupid Angel Tattoo 2
Credit: @anagarcia.t
Cupid Angel Tattoo 3
Credit: @izzystabs

The Cupid angel tattoo is by far one of the most popular designs for the cherubs tattoos. Moreover, this pattern will mostly suit those who are looking for matchy-match body art pieces. According to the examples above, the cupid has bows and arrows in its hands. Also, the design features fragile wings on the back.

These elements are not random, as they commonly follow the ideas of love and marriage.

Personal opinion: For those looking for similar deep meanings, it’s time to book their spot at the tattoo shop and get inked on the arm, shoulder, or upper back.

Divine Golden Cherub Tattoo

Divine Golden Cherub Tattoo 1
Credit: @priscilla.tattoos
Divine Golden Cherub Tattoo 2
Credit: @martinaderosa_mua
Divine Golden Cherub Tattoo 3
Credit: @bearcattattoogallery

When we think of heaven, we imagine that milk and honey-like space, embraced by a golden light and divine touch. So why not add these particular shades and create a magnificent golden cherub tattoo design?

If you go to the best tattoo artists in town, they will know how to add that metallic touch and complete a work of sheer excellence.

Personal opinion: These tattoo designs are a true statement and are usually popular among women who enjoy standing out of the crowd.

Tip: Show off this work of art to other people and ink your forearm, the wrist, or the area behind the ear.

Cherub Baby Angels Holding Beers

Cherub Baby Angels Holding Beers 1
Credit: @cuggio_
Cherub Baby Angels Holding Beers 2
Credit: @camilo_nunes

Joining a cherub angel next to a cocktail or a beer is not usual, but hey, tattoos should also be fun. If you are a party animal but have a sweet, thoughtful soul, consider bringing together these two elements and enjoy an unconventional body art piece.

The result will be unique and look stunning. Consider a joyful selection of colors. If you don’t feel comfortable with the alcoholic part, replace it with a bird, maybe a flower, or some stars.

Personal opinion: This tattoo will look amazing on the arm, forearm, or chest.

Cherub Tattoo With A Bouquet

Cherub Tattoo With A Bouquet
Credit: @vondiezyltattoos

Here are some sweet designs, facing baby angels with a tiny bouquet or just a simple blade of flower in their hands. This approach is a very artistic one, with profound details and remarkable attention to particularities.

Ink lovers who consider looking for a cherub tattoo or a simple bouquet should think about pairing these two together and making their body art more purposeful.

Personal opinion: The cherub tattoo with a bouquet would look lovely on the forearm or on any other larger skin area.

Cherubs With A Heart

Cherubs With A Heart
Credit: @kane_tattoos

In the pictures facing these cherubs, the baby angels are holding little crystal-red hearts. The crystalline seats are the perfect pop of color for this type of design, while the rest of this tattoo is beautifully inked using grey and black ink.

For people who believe in love, devotion, and faith, this design is ideal for wearing forever on the skin.

Personal opinion: The back of the neck, the ribs, or the forearm are perfect skin spots to wear this tattoo.

The Mother And Her Baby Angel Tattoo

The Mother And Her Baby Angel Tattoo 1
Credit: @skamr_tattoos
The Mother And Her Baby Angel Tattoo 2

Cherubs are the symbol of purity, sensitivity, and childhood. Moreover, these elements have a strong religious connotation. The tattoo facing Mother Mary holding her baby child is an intelligent approach for looking for a meaningful body art piece.

Ask the tattoo artist to add lots of shading so that they will bring the characters to life.

Now, the symbolism behind this tattoo design marks the importance of protection and love. Mothers do care for and protect their children, so this tattoo is the perfect testimony for these feelings.

It is for those mothers who want to carry the love for their little ones forever and have a tattoo to remind them of this feeling.

Personal opinion: I would encourage anyone to have this body art piece on a larger skin area so that the details will be accurate enough.

Cherub Angels Tattoo With A Cross

Cherub Angels Tattoo With A Cross
Credit: @Pinterest

Considering cherubs have a solid connection to divinity, the cross will perfectly complete this tattoo’s picture. While the cherub with black wings stands for purity and protection, the cross is the ideal symbol for faith.

This body art piece is suitable for those who have immense dedication and a special connection with divinity.

Personal opinion: You can personalize the tattoo by adding a name or some important dates anywhere next to this tattoo.

Praying Cherub Angels

Praying Cherub Angels 1
Credit: @tat2sbychin
Praying Cherub Angels 2
Credit: @crimclay

What better way to show the spirituality behind this design than a cherub praying? In these examples, the angel tattoos are praying. The final design is contouring, a technique that has been very popular around 2020 and even way before that.

Personal opinion: People who have immense faith in God should think about this tattoo as the ideal display for their feelings.

Colorful Baby Cherubs Tattoo

Colorful Baby Cherubs Tattoo 1
Credit: @missngnmbr
Colorful Baby Cherubs Tattoo 2
Credit: @camgameltattoos
Colorful Baby Cherubs Tattoo 3
Credit: @baconthrasher

Are you looking for a more joyful tattoo? The colorful baby cherubs are a happy approach for this type of tattoo. The adorable images of cherubs are even more cheerful once you add splashes of color.

Cute baby cherub tattoos are by far one of our favorite designs, and once you add colors, they will look even more pretty. Most tattoo lovers will choose to have this tattoo on the neck, waist, or feet. And wait, there is more.

Tip: Add a cute little bird, such as the dove, and you will have the prettiest tattoo ever.

A Pair of Baby Cherub Angels

A Pair of Baby Cherub Angels 1
Credit: @peaudvoyou_
A Pair of Baby Cherub Angels 2
Credit: @tattoosbyrachelgrace
A Pair of Baby Cherub Angels 3
Credit: @taogallerymad

While some would prefer to have only one cherub as a tattoo, well, a pair of these angels will look more authentic.

These lovely angel cherub tattoos show boys and girls falling in love with each other.

Personal opinion: If you choose a cute baby couple of cherub angels, the final design will be very attractive.

Tiny Baby Cherub on Waist

Tiny Baby Cherub on Waist 1
Credit: @lorenjonestattoo
Tiny Baby Cherub on Waist 2
Credit: @brittany_tattoos
Tiny Baby Cherub on Waist 3
Credit: @bynxinks

Minimalist tattoos are by far an elegant, timeless and lovely approach for the cherub tattoo. Once the tattoo is made of fine lines, the design will be more exciting and add that symbol of peace, happiness, and love.

Women will mostly choose this type of design to have on the waist, shoulder, or neck.

Personal opinion: The overall design is eye-catching, as well as subtle and chic.

Peaceful Cherub Tattoo

Peaceful Cherub Tattoo 1
Credit: @black_pentacle_tattoo
Peaceful Cherub Tattoo 2
Credit: @pieris_tattoo
Peaceful Cherub Tattoo 3
Credit: @guttertattoo

The peaceful cherub tattoo is a traditional design, spreading all love, peace, faith, and power. This tattoo is ideal for wearing on the hand, on the forearm, or the chest.

The power of this symbol makes peace everywhere where it belongs.

Personal opinion: The simple image of peaceful cherubs spreads peace and joy.

Triple Cherubs Tattoo

Triple Cherubs Tattoo 1
Credit: @badinfluencetattoo
Triple Cherubs Tattoo 2
Credit: @finelinesbyanesha
Triple Cherubs Tattoo 3
Credit: @gginapini

When two little cherubs are not enough, consider having triplets. This type of tattoo is the expression of joy, playfulness, and help.

However, people tend to believe in different meanings of cherub tattoos, but the universal belief is in love, protection, innocence, hope, and divinity.

Last But Not Least

When it comes to cherub tattoos, people tend to believe in the idea that they exhibit. Oftenly cherubs and angel tattoos are the definitions of faith, love, purity, and joyfulness.

Cherub tattoos are still relevant in 2023, and you can bring your contribution, depending on the message you want to share with the world. As a shortlist, the most appreciated cherubs tattoos are:

  • Cherub tattoos with roses
  • Twin cherub angels
  • Cherubs with a dove
  • Cherubs surrounded by Celeste elements

I hope the list today has drawn some inspiration, and you are ready to book your spot at the tattoo shop.

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