Best Tattoo Shops in Maryland

9 Best Tattoo Shops in Maryland: Detailed Reviews (2024 Updated)

Whether you’re getting your first or 10th tattoo, it’s still a huge decision for you and your body. That’s why where you’re getting your tattoo is of utmost importance for the overall experience with the tattoo artist and needles, but also receiving the adequate aftercare tips that will see your tattoo healed and shining in no time.

A lot of people travel to get their tattoo at a particular tattoo artist or a famous tattoo shop that is praised for its authentic designs while also creating custom designs for any occasion and any preference. But, what to do when you’re stuck in one place and can’t find a trusted tattoo artist to turn your idea into reality?

If you happen to be in Maryland and you can’t decide where to get a tattoo because you didn’t find any trusted tattoo shops or artists in the town you live in, don’t worry. With this comprehensive yet descriptive list of tattoo shops in Maryland, you’ll be able to find a great spot for your next tattoo, even if you have to travel for a bit.

That being said, stay with us as we unveil the best properties of the best tattoo shops in Maryland on this journey and learn about what helps us decide which tattoo artists, and which tattoo shops are credible enough to be worth checking out.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right tattoo shop, especially when making an appointment is difficult and tattoo artists around the world are booked over their heads for months to come. Here are the best tattoo shops in Maryland to check out and visit.

9 Best Tattoo Shops in Maryland

Without further ado, we ranked the best tattoo shops in Maryland. Make sure to visit them online and make a consultation if you’re interested in their work.

DeVille Ink, Baltimore MD

DeVille Ink 1
Credit: @deville_ink
DeVille Ink 2
Credit: @deville_ink
DeVille Ink 3
Credit: @deville_ink

DeVille Ink in Baltimore MD may not have the largest Instagram community there is for a Baltimore-based tattoo shop and artists. However, they are quite popular tattoo studios for people looking for smaller or more minimalistic tattoos.

It’s worth noting that this tattoo studio usually supports and promotes more explicit and extravagant tattoo designs for people who are not afraid to express their deeper thoughts and fantasies on their bodies in the shape of inked sexual figures or other symbolism.

Nevertheless, they’ll be happy to turn any thought or idea you have into a high-quality masterpiece that will heal in no time and look great on you. It’s a family-run tattoo business so it’ll always feel homey and comfortable to be at, with the highest safety and health standards.

SatchmoeArt Studio, Hyattsville, MD

SatchmoeArt Studio 1
Credit: @satchmoe_art
SatchmoeArt Studio 2
Credit: @satchmoe_art
SatchmoeArt Studio 3
Credit: @satchmoe_art

One of the best tattoo studios and shops in Maryland is located at Hyattsville and has a decent community on social media, especially Instagram. SatchmoaArt Studio offers a great variety of services, from making high-quality and deep tattoo designs and inking them on your body to microblading techniques.

Its website has an innovative design, although it may take some time for you to get used to it. There is a policy for walk-in appointments, but you have to book a consultation first. As the tattoo artists in the studio recommend, your safest bet is to make a scheduled appointment where you’ll be taken in with a full focus on you and the art that you imagined for your next tattoo.

The tattoo art varies from simple, minimalistic, and straightforward designs to complex symbols full of various details and features. The tattoo artist will make sure you feel comfortable and do everything to bring your tattoo idea to life.

Lucky Bird Tattoo, Annapolis MD

Lucky Bird Tattoo 1
Credit: @luckybirdtattoo
Lucky Bird Tattoo 2
Credit: @luckybirdtattoo
Lucky Bird Tattoo 3
Credit: @luckybirdtattoo

Finding a tattoo studio that supports diversity can be difficult. But, this is not just any tattoo shop. Besides tattoos, they also offer a permanent makeup service and also piercings of the best quality. The place is also LGBT+-friendly, which is great for people who had trouble finding their safe harbor where they can identify as they are.

We found various tattoo designs, made with the best quality, depth, and materials. It’s visible that most designs look fresh and vibrant even after healing, and so can yours. The tattoo artists are cautious, careful, friendly, and patient. Ask for a break and you’ll get it. It just feels more comfortable to be there!

One-Shot Tattoo Edgewater, MD

One-Shot Tattoo Edgewater 1
Credit: @oneshottattoostudio
One-Shot Tattoo Edgewater 2
Credit: @oneshottattoostudio
One-Shot Tattoo Edgewater 3
Credit: @oneshottattoostudio

Here’s one small tattoo studio in Edgewater that will surprise you with all the talent it has. It gathers a small team of artists who are talented, experienced, and dedicated to making the best tattoo there is out of the design you provided.

Located in Edgewater, they may not expect too many customers from the town, but people travel just to get an abstract and fantasy tattoo, which is something that this team specializes in. We’re not sure whether this tattoo studio approves walk-ins, but we know that making an appointment is surprisingly easy, which is why you should do it too.

Making an appointment should genuinely feel more comfortable for people who have a super-detailed tattoo and may take some time explaining it.

Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery, Hanover MD

Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery 1
Credit: @blacklotustat2gallery
Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery 2
Credit: @blacklotustat2gallery
Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery 3
Credit: @blacklotustat2gallery

Hanover has several popular spots which gather talented and skilled tattoo artists. However, the Black Lotus gallery stands out for multiple reasons. It gathers award-winning tattoo artists who work in a huge space to provide great-looking but also lasting tattoos that heal properly and look just as great.

Additionally, the tattoo studio offers tattoo removal using contemporary and future-proofed techniques in order to successfully and effectively remove tattoos.

The tattoo artists working in this large studio take pride in creating masterpiece work on bodies. The tattoo ink replaces expensive dyes and colors, with complex details, textures, and patterns that you can’t help but fall in love with. The tattoo studio also prides itself in dark fantasy symbols and large tattoo works that you can check out in the gallery below.

Have Fun Be Lucky, Baltimore MD

Have Fun Be Lucky 1
Credit: @havefunbeluckytattoo
Have Fun Be Lucky 2
Credit: @havefunbeluckytattoo
Have Fun Be Lucky 3
Credit: @havefunbeluckytattoo

This is another lovely tattoo studio based in Baltimore. Its website can be quite difficult to navigate through, and there’s no comprehensive and intuitive contact form where customers are encouraged to leave all the necessary information for appointments to be made.

However, this tattoo studio takes pride in other aspects of its existence. It’s been around for some years and it makes colorful, wonderful, detailed, and dedicated small tattoos, which are ideal for tattoo beginners who want to try out tattoos and see how they sit with them.

There are a plethora of designs that can testify to the talent of tattoo artists and their expertise. The place is kept clean and well-maintained, while the staff is also helpful, patient, and cheerful.

Red Thorn Tattoo, Baltimore MD

Red Thorn Tattoo 1
Credit: @redthorntattoo
Red Thorn Tattoo 2
Credit: @redthorntattoo
Red Thorn Tattoo 3
Credit: @redthorntattoo

Red Thorn Tattoo is one of Baltimore’s recent jewels, being established in 2015, and hosting 3 super-talented, experienced and dedicated tattoo artists. They have a website and Instagram page. The website is quite straightforward, with contact info and information that the email is the fastest way to respond and social media.

Instagram is packed with sweet and detailed designs. There are tattoos of all sizes, locations, and shapes, that could definitely inspire someone to get one of their own. In addition to that, we like it a lot that the tattoo studio allows walk-ins for smaller tattoos, as long as you email and let the studio know that you will come.

The overall place is clean, with nice hygiene, clean equipment, and a private and cozy space to get tattooed. The staff is also friendly and will help you get the most of what you want from the tattoo design you’re inking.

Rose Red Tattoos, Ellicott City MD

Rose Red Tattoos 1
Credit: @roseredtattoo
Rose Red Tattoos 2
Credit: @roseredtattoo
Rose Red Tattoos 3
Credit: @roseredtattoo

Rose Red Tattoos studio is all about the color red. But, why wouldn’t they be? Red ink is beautiful, just as the red color in general. It’s romantic, passionate, happy, blessed, and many other things. This tattoo studio is located in Ellicott City and provides some great tattoo designs for tattoo enthusiasts.

The artists working are friendly, helpful, and skilled. They know what they’re doing and will do their all to inject life with the ink. The place is also cozy and clean, although it’s worth mentioning that this tattoo studio is appointment-based only.

Crucial Tattoo Studio, Salisbury MD

Crucial Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @crucialtattoostudio
Crucial Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @crucialtattoostudio
Crucial Tattoo Studio 3
Credit: @crucialtattoostudio

Located in Salisbury, Crucial Tattoo Studio has a lot to offer when it comes to a diverse selection of different tattooing styles and designs offered by the staff which builds its portfolio on both website and Instagram. The website may not be particularly innovative but it stands up for a few things.

All links are properly located on the website so that you can easily navigate to any page of the site or social media. There’s also a form that you can fill in and leave in your information for your next tattoo. You can also book a consultation where you’ll talk to the tattoo artist about what you want out of your next symbol.

The tattoo staff is talented, dedicated, and knows how to do their job. There are plenty of vibrant and colorful designs, so we applaud the tattoo studio for its amazing shading and shading style. Also, there are different symbols, from realistic to fantasy ones. The staff is quite kind and courteous and will listen to all your ideas of how you want your tattoo to look.

How We Chose Best Tattoo Shops in Maryland

As we’re wrapping up this article and guide, it’s worth mentioning how we calculated and listed all these tattoo studios on this list. Our choice was nowhere near simple and easy, and it was tasking and involved a lot of reading and research.

Still, there is a criterion to be considered, and there are other things to think about such as safety and health. The tattoo facility and studio need to be regulated by the inspection to evaluate the safety of products and other equipment used in the studio.

Also, another thing we consider important is the experience and knowledge of a tattoo artist. It’s truly commendable for someone to be a self-taught tattoo artist, but having knowledge about different materials in ink and techniques is more than welcome.

Tattoo artists have their own portfolios besides the Instagram account of the tattoo shop unless the tattoo artist owns the shop and works alone in it. A portfolio gives an insight into the experience of the tattoo artist, skills, and what kind of style they use for tattooing.

Lastly, we also considered whether tattoo studios have a flexible way to make an appointment or offer walk-ins, in the case when the customer needs a smaller and simpler tattoo done. We also took a look at Yelp and Google reviews, to ensure that the customers are truly satisfied with the service, and would likely come back.

Of course, there will always be bad reviews here and there, but it’s important to be consistent with good reviews and praise. We made sure that all these tattoo studios and shops adhere to strict security ethics and standards to provide an impeccable experience for all tattoo lovers so that they can come back for more.

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