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30+ Funny Toe Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Are you a fan of toe tattoos? Let’s be honest, not a lot of people dare to wear or get this design. This is because the placement itself is painful and quite hard to spot, which is why only some sentimental folks tend to go for it.

However, if you wish to stand out and be different from the rest, you’re going to enjoy the toe tattoo placement. Keep on reading since we have loads of different options for you to consider down below for your unique approach toward tor tattoo ideas.

Toe Tattoo: FAQ

Toe Tattoo FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. What Is The Meaning Behind Toe Tattoos?

Toe tattoos don’t have a significant meaning or symbolism to them. They are kind of funky and funny looking, only done by retro people or those who like to stick to something different and quirky. The tattoo that you end up getting or doing will have a symbolic meaning to it, based on the signs or elements that you end up choosing.

2. Who Can Go For Toe Tattoos?

This tattoo is only done by true brave souls and those who have a high pain tolerance level. You can’t get it if your pain tolerance isn’t impressive since the placement is right next to your bone, which makes it impossible to bare with. If you’re intrigued by something that is different just know that this is it.

3. What Is The Price For Toe Tattoos?

You can get pretty much anything and everything that you want on top of your fingers or toes. However, the space is limited, which is why you should be smart with your choice and your tattoo outcome. In the end, expect to pay around $60-$100 for your design. Since the space is limited, the price can’t go too high either.

Top 30 Funny Toe Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Toe Tattoo Black & White Ink

Toe Tattoo Black & White Ink
Image Source:@laurmonftattoos

This black ink foot tattoo is perfect for women who enjoy elegant ideas. If you’re a fan of henna art, you’re going to like and enjoy this tattoo. It is elegant and has all the little details of feminine flowers that will express your lady-like side and your attention to details.

2. Toes Tattoo Feminine Idea

Toes Tattoo Feminine Idea
Image Source:@lukewintriptattooartist

This small toe tattoo and your attention to detail will totally come to play with this tattoo! If you want your print to shine and talk about your female energy, yet your wish to come out minimalistic and caring in your own subtle way, you’re going to enjoy this as your final toe tattoo.

3. Toe Tattoo Detailed Prints

Toe Tattoo Detailed Prints
Image Source:@ignorant_tattoos

Not everyone dares to get or wear several different tattoos all combined in one. Do you wish to look different, bold, and you want to stand out? These foot tattoos will easily tell a fun story that you want them to speak. This outcome talks about a person who is always creating, having fun, as well as staying true to their childish self. If you are a cartoon lover still to this day you’re going to like the outcome of these foot and toe designs!

4. Big Toe Tattoo

Big Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@sabyminaart

Get a smiley tattoo on top of your big toe if you’re a quirky person and someone who likes funny tattoos. Show off this quirky design if you’re a quirky person yourself! The end result shows someone who is always ready to have fun and try out new exciting things in his or her life.

5. Smiley Face Toe Tattoo

Smiley Face Toe Tattoo

Smiley tattoos such as this one will suit you if you wish to hide your print from others. This one will look the best on guys and girls who have a quirky side to them. If your parents are strict or if you can’t wear a showy or flashy tattoo, give it a go with this one. It will look good once hidden from others, while still being a delicate little design for different age groups.

6. Toenail Tattoo Ideas

Toenail Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:@tms.tattoos

Toe and toenail tattoos are completely different things. Do you dare to wear something as unusual? This tattoo will suit those who like to look goofy and retro with their chosen design. If you’re into death-inspired symbols and funny ideas that show your humor approach, this is perfect!

7. Small Heart Toe Tattoo

Small Heart Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@u_oooops

This small and bright little blue tattoo will suit girls who like feminine ideas. If you’re into cute ideas and you enjoy elegant tattoos that can further emphasize your female energy and persona, this will suit you. Blue is a color of elegance and royalty, is this how you feel yourself?

8. Toe Tag Tattoo

Toe Tag Tattoo
Image Source:@lighthouse_professional_tattoo.

This big toe black tattoo will suit those who enjoy precision and elegance. If black is your favorite color you’re also going to like this combo. This funky print symbolizes your will to create and stand out from the rest. If you’re a fan of mystical dramatic tattoos that have a meaningful print to you – consider this tattoo.

9. Cartoon Toe Tattoo

Cartoon Toe Tattoo

Are you into black and white ink? If so, how about characters and different personas? This comic tattoo will look the best on guys who prefer funny tattoos. Danny DeVito is your favorite actor? Show your love and appreciation for him through this toe tattoo!

10. Green Toe Tattoo Ideas

Green Toe Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:@tatpandaink

This funny small bright green tattoo will suit true fans of Rick and Morty. If you’re someone who is a true die-hard fan of this funny TV series, you’re going to enjoy this design. Women and men who also enjoy the color green are going to like this funny and small retro print.

11. Floral Print Toe Tattoo

Floral Print Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@haybrittany

Are you a plant lady? If so, this tattoo is going to suit you! It is a small and cute floral print that will suit creators and women who like to plant and plan their life out! This cactus idea will symbolize your ups and downs, as well as any “prickly” moments that you may have had previously.

12. Alien Tattoo Toe Ideas

Alien Tattoo Toe Ideas
Image Source:@naty_ink

Do you believe that there are aliens out there? If you do, you’re going to like this alien print! Place it over your big toe since it is going to look scary and lively on both men and women. If there are different forms of life out there, dedicate the print to them and show that you are a believer.

13. Toe Tattoo Fade Lines

Toe Tattoo Fade Lines
Image Source:@bora_tattooer

Women who like simple tattoos and cute ink are going to like this concept. Show that you prefer precision and that you’re driven by inner peace. These thin lines will show your creative side and your inner drive for peace.

14. Wine Toe Tattoo Print

Wine Toe Tattoo Print
Image Source:@southgatetattoo

If you want a cute tattoo that not a lot of people are going to spot on you, give this one a go! It is an unusual design that will look funky when you show it to others around you. If you’re someone who likes to drink alcohol or wine in particular, this print will show it. Who doesn’t like to drink a glass or two every here and there?

15. Simpsons Toe Tattoo

Simpsons Toe Tattoo

Any true fans and lovers of the well-known show “The Simpsons” are going to like and prefer this print. If Bart was your favorite character why not get a tattoo that will show your love for him with this quirky toe tattoo? The best part? This tattoo will take you less than one hour to place over your toe!

16. Colorful Toes Tattoo Designs

Colorful Toes Tattoo Designs
Image Source:@cwmbrancreature

Loud colorful tattoos and this concept will suit those who like flashy ideas. If you’re creative and someone who likes to stand out with your concept, this is for you. Heads up however since this tattoo is quite time-consuming and pricey to go for. Women and men who like flowers and unusual symbols are going to enjoy these matching foot and toe tattoos.

17. Beer Toe Tattoo

Beer Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoo_arts_by_jk

Any beer lovers out there? If so, this print will suit men who are true drinkers! Let the world see your beverage preference with this idea. It is a quick and easy tattoo that won’t take you a lot of time to achieve. If you’re someone who truly values his or her drinks and you like to relax on your own terms – show it with this idea.

18. Black Ink Toe Tattoo

Black Ink Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@shades_of_faye

If you’re someone who likes henna-inspired tattoos and you’re a fan of unique symbols, give it a go with these toe creations. They will show that you’re a true perfectionist and someone who likes precision and elegance done in black ink. Women who like feminine ideas are also going to like this print for their final go-to.

19. Mushroom Toe Tattoo Print

Mushroom Toe Tattoo Print
Image Source:@enriquedraws_someshit_96

This toe tattoo will suit men and women who are still fans of Mario Brothers still to this day! This idea will show that you still value your childhood in one way or another. If you like colorful ink and you’re a fan of showy ideas and quirky symbols, give it a go with this small toe tattoo.

20. Big Toe Tattoo Ink

Big Toe Tattoo Ink
Image Source:@trentsuing

If you’re an animal lover and someone who is in tune with nature or your surroundings, give it a go with this funny and funky camel. This black outline tattoo will take you only one hour to achieve. The best part about it? It won’t cost you a lot of money either, ideal for those who have a strict budget.

21. Artsy Black Ink Toe Tattoo

Artsy Black Ink Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@thelexfiles_tattoos

You can fully customize your tattoo. If you’re a fan of elegant symbols and you prefer precision and simple black ink lines, give it a go with this as your next toe tattoo. It will show the work that you’re prepared for serious and meaningful moves that are only true to yourself.

22. Tomato Toe Tattoo

Tomato Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@jessicanicolltattoo

For true food lovers and foodies out there – this is it! Let the world see your hungry identity and your food preference. If you truly like jam and tomatoes, this creation will suit you. This duo won’t take you too much time to achieve, yet it can be the perfect matching print for your toes.

23. Small Delicate Toe Tattoo

Small Delicate Toe Tattoo

Women like to wear snake tattoos and snake symbols. They are a symbol of your tricky and smart spirit, as well as your wisdom. If you believe that you’re sleek and that you can get out of any situation one way or another since you’re sleek and powerful like a snake, show it with this toe design.

24. Matching Story Telling Toe Designs

Matching Story Telling Toe Designs

Why not go all out and try out different kinds of toe tattoos? This design has its unique story to tell, and it will suit true creators who are funky and quirky at their core. These toe tattoos will show that you’re always growing and learning from every situation. Get this tattoo only if your pain tolerance is high since the placement is quite tricky and painful for most.

25. Mandala & Magical Toe Tattoos

Mandala & Magical Toe Tattoos
Image Source:@iii.cicada

Do you like mandalas? On the other hand, do you believe in true magic? If you’re someone who believes in the power of the universe or if you think that there’s an afterlife later on, you’re going to like this tattoo. All of these colors will symbolize your layers and the deep thoughts that you often have on your own and in your spare time.

26. Alien Toe Tattoo

Alien Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@marleedonati

Are aliens real? If not, do you enjoy Star Wars? True fans of this saga are going to like this tattoo. The end result is funny and different, ideal for comic book lovers, action movie lovers, as well as those who like to think that there’s something more to life in the extraterrestrial form.

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27. Funny Small Toe Tattoo

Funny Small Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@ericjohntattoos

This black comic movie-inspired tattoo will suit guys or girls who are quirky and who enjoy funny ideas. This tattoo will take you one hour to achieve. Go for simple black ink if you’re a fan of newer designs that are still powerful in this market.

28. Matching Toe Tattoos Ideas

Matching Toe Tattoos Ideas
Image Source:@thisguy7odd

What emotions do you feel on a daily? How about you show your fun and funny side with one foot and toe tattoo, and your other sad side with the other toe tattoo? This matching design will suit anyone who wants to express their inner thoughts and feelings through their toes. It is a unique concept, that’s for sure.

29. Avocado Toe Tattoo

Avocado Toe Tattoo
Image Source:@cabraltattoos

Do you like to eat avocados? If so, you’re going to like this funny tattoo. Show how creative you can get in the kitchen, and show everyone what you fancy with your food choices. The end print is super cute and sweet, ideal for both genders.

30. Toe Tattoos Details

Toe Tattoos Details
Image Source:@mfkdoom

Lastly, why not be a bit mean and quite straightforward with your tattoo? This design will look the best on those who are honest and quirky with their closest ones. There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of humor to your tattoo, wouldn’t you agree?

Do You Dare To Wear A Toe Tattoo?

Not too sure if toe tattoos are for you? Well, we hope that this article has helped change your mind. Let us know which tattoo is your favorite from our list and what design you can’t wait to wear on one of your toes sooner or later.

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