Best Tattoo Shops In Sacramento

10 Best Tattoo Shops In Sacramento: Find The Top Artists

Are you a resident of California‘s state capital? If you are willing to have your very first tattoo ever, it means you want to go to the professional ones.

Forget about the exhausting process of documenting the top tattoo shops in Sacramento when I have already done this for you.

Why choose the tattoo artists and studios below? Well, because my goal, from the very first instance, was to connect the tattoo enthusiasts with the best local experts in body art.

As a result, I scored 10 of the top Sacramento Tattoo Studios and analyzed all the products in terms of reviews and customer satisfaction and hygiene, and staff’s professionalism.

Keep on reading to find everything about these tattoo shops: their main strong points, history, trust, website, and general excellence. Let’s go!

Top Tattoo Shops in Sacramento

I know that this top might be subjectective, but if I were to go and have another tattoo today, these 10 shops would be the ones I would consider. They offer professional services and the results are not disappointing.

I suggest you calmly check them all out and see which ones give wink at you.

The Exotic Body(@theexoticbody)

The Exotic Body 1
Credit: @theexoticbody
The Exotic Body 2
Credit: @theexoticbody

The Exotic Body Tattoo and Piercing Shop in Sacramento was the very first body modification studio. Moreover, the artists here have won lots of awards for their skills in custom pieces and cover-ups.

Furthermore, they are excellent people in connecting with customers on a very personal intensity. This is how they ensure every tattoo is unique.

The Exotic Body professionals take the client’s idea, customize it, then take it to the next level of creativity. The result? A dreamy tattoo.

This tattoo shop respects all the hygiene standards, while the tattooists are fully trained to avoid cross-contamination and blood-borne pathogens. They are also ready to offer First aid and handle the whole piercing process and tattooing in an ideal manner.

Therefore, you can trust this studio to provide the highest quality of cleaning and provide an extensive selection of body jewelry.



Location: 807 30th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

The American Tradition(@tatsacto)

The American Tradition 1
Credit: @tatsacto
The American Tradition 2
Credit: @tatsacto

Since 2015, The American Tradition Tattoo Studio is a friendly place to get your first tattoo or cover up the old one. Located right in the heart of midtown, the artists here have been offering one of the most professional services for over 15 years.

Do you have a unique tattoo design on your head? Don’t worry; the artists here are specialized in different tattooing styles. From traditional to minimalist designs, the American Tradition Studio is the perfect place to be.

The deal here is extraordinary. Once you step in, you can bring with you any tattoo design and get a stunning result. Moreover, the studio is claiming to offer a safe, all clean, and sterile place for all of its clients. If you just want to look, the shop accepts walk-ins, so give it a try.


  • Custom-made tattoos
  • Memorial, black and grey, color realism
  • American traditional designs
  • Dragon, custom, and Celtic tattoo ideas
  • Half and Full sleeve tattoos
  • Microing, fine art, graphic design tattooing


Location: 1219 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor(@royalpeacocktattooparlor)

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor 1
Credit: @royalpeacocktattooparlor
Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor 2
Credit: @royalpeacocktattooparlor

Britton McFetridge is the owner of this tattoo studio, a place that works as one of the top tattoo shops in Sacramento since 2007.

This studio has won lots of prestigious awards in this artistic world, and it is always up to date with the newest tattooing techniques and methods.

The Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor team will turn any of your ideas into fantastic body art, so you will always have what you have wished for. These people are experts in creating tattoo design, from fine lines to colorful portraits or classical American Traditional body art.

Moreover, you can go any day of the week, as this tattoo shop is open seven days, from noon to midnight. Just have a walk-in, and maybe you are lucky enough to find some of the top guest artists from all around the country.



Location: 2101 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio(@fallenangeltattoo)

Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @fallenangeltattoo
Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @fallenangeltattoo

Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio has been serving the Sacramento area community since 2001 by creating some of the most professional body art pieces.

The tattoo shop is home to various artists, each of them specialized in different tattoo styles, like graffiti, realism, or neo-traditional tattoos.

The Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio also provides body piercing services, including handmade jewelry and dermal anchor piercing. Enjoy the large experience these artists have.

Fallen Angel Tattoo Shop was featured on FYI’s Red Hot Design, while the shop owner has also done on-camera work during the Epic Ink show.

You can find some of the artists at local conventions, like City of Trees Art & Ink Expo Sacramento. If you are a fan of Sacramento Wizard World Comic-On, make sure you pass by the Fallen Angel’s sitting.


Location: Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Imperious Rex(@1mperiousR3x)

Imperious Rex 1
Credit: @1mperiousR3x
Imperious Rex 2
Credit: @1mperiousR3x

Imperious Rex is a tattoo studio based in Citrus Heights that has been serving this area since 2013.

If you wish to give some life to the tattoo design idea you have for years now, Imperious Rex is the right place for you, as the artists here can create full-color, realistic, or portraits tattoo designs.

Clients who stay here stay positive and enjoy a clean, beautiful color while getting the best tattoo style. The professional artists are empathic and will offer you the best advice in terms of body art.


  • Complex and minimalist tattoo designs
  • Portraits, realistic, graffiti, and nature-inspired tattoos
  • Cover-ups
  • Black and grey designs


Location: Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Forever Tattoo(@forevertattoo)

Forever Tattoo 1
Credit: @forevertattoo
Forever Tattoo 2
Credit: @forevertattoo

Forever Tattoo Studio has been serving the Sacramento area, tourists, and residents since 2003. This tattoo shop uses natural pigments only, so they are very aware of the environment and clients’ health.

This studio has four resident artists, each of them being specialized in various tattoo styles. Most of this studio’s reviews talk about the friendly artists here, as well as the laid-back atmosphere you will always find here.


  • Colorful, black, and grey tattoo designs
  • Complex and minimalist tattoo ideas

Facebook page:

Address: 2312 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States

Leonardi Tattoo(@leonarditattoo)

Leonardi Tattoo 1
Credit: @leonarditattoo
Leonardi Tattoo 2
Credit: @leonarditattoo

If you are looking to get a professional tattoo while being in Sacramento, you must go to Leonardi Tattoo Studio. This shop is mainly specialized in custom tattoo work, and the artist here has more than 25 years of combined experience in the tattooing industry.

Don’t worry about the latest health and safety standards, as here you will find a secure environment with all the licenses required in this domain.

Clients who came here have always given positive feedback, claiming that the artists here are humble, friendly, kind, and very talented.


  • Custom-made tattoo designs
  • Colorful or black and grey tattoos


Location: Sacramento, CA 95841

Reclamare Tattoo(@cbernhardt_rclmr)

Reclamare Tattoo 1
Credit: @cbernhardt_rclmr
Reclamare Tattoo 2
Credit: @cbernhardt_rclmr

When you see the Reclamare Tattoo artwork, you will fall in love with the artists’ tattoo results. Reclamare Tattoo’s staff includes people specialized in different illustrative tattoo designs and other styles, depending on the clients’ wish.

Check each artist and their gallery section to choose the one that suits your needs and individual style best. The shop accepts walk-ins, so you can go whenever you want and make an appointment with the favorite artist.


  • Realism tattoos
  • Black and grey designs
  • Full-color tattoo ideas


Location: Sacramento, CA 95818

Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing(@RedDragonTat2)

Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing Studio is one of the most popular parlors in the area and has been serving tattoo enthusiasts since 2002.

The studio is based in Rocklin and provides body piercing and tattoo services seven days a week.

You can trust the artists here, as they are fully licensed and certified, and they always respect the health and safety codes. Most of the clients here have offered positive feedback regarding the artists’ activity and the tattoo design results.



Location: Rocklin, CA 95677

Sacramento Tattoo & Piercing(@sacramentotattoo)

Sacramento Tattoo & Piercing 1
Credit: @sacramentotattoo
Sacramento Tattoo & Piercing 2
Credit: @sacramentotattoo

Sacramento Tattoo and Piercing has been offering its services since 1991. This tattoo and piercing parlor has three full-time artists, two full-time piercing artists, and one part-time tattoo artist.

The studio is famous due to Urban Ink, Tattoo, Tattoo Revue, Skin & Ink, and Savage. The artists here are offering some beautiful body art, with great attention to detail.

The environment is also friendly and clean, and the staff is friendly and patient and will feel so spoiled.


  • Custom-made tattoos
  • Piercings


Location: Sacramento, CA 95818

Some Questions to Ask Before Getting a Tattoo

Now that you know everything about the top tattoo shops in Sacramento and you have chosen the right one for you, it’s time to discuss other details: the meeting with the artist.

Maybe you have already checked them on Instagram and Facebook, using the popular hashtags, and you know part of the work they do.

Perhaps this is the first tattoo you will get, or you simply want to complete that sleeve. No matter the case, it is better to have an intelligent conversation with the artist and follow some simple question ideas before going under hundreds of needles. I brought together some of the basic yet essential questions you should ask once getting a tattoo.

So question the artists with the following:

1. Can you tell me more about the ink’s main ingredients?

Considering that ink is not yet regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, follow the ingredients before getting tattooed. Most of the tattoo inks are made up of perfectly normal colorants as they provide the pigments you wish for and carriers, also famous as diluents.

These last unique ingredients have the aim to transfer colorants from the needle into the skin.

Now, there is a wide variety of colorants, as well as carriers out in this ink. Some of the colors are harmless and will beautifully melt into the skin. However, some airlines are water distilled and can lead to possible infection.

So, to avoid possible allergic reactions and infections, you should ask prospective tattoo artists about the ingredients of the ink to prevent potential hazardous substances.

A professional tattoo artist should be able to offer a solid overview of the implications they are using. If they do not know this information, well, this might be your red flag.

Even if the tattoo artist knows about the ink’s ingredients, consider asking him more about the substance’s brand, then you can make documentation on your own.

As soon as you write the brand’s name on Google, you will get all the toxicological data and product ingredients. Double-check the ink’s elements and see if they are on the Toxic Substances Portal list.

2. Ask The Artist If You Can Watch Them

For every single client, the artist will open a new set of sterilized needles. The whole equipment is then placed into new containers or trays that should also be new.

Furthermore, the tattoo artist must wear protective gloves while tattooing. In case they break, then he or she should replace the gloves with a new pair. This whole process is essential to limit the risk of infection.

Once you step into the tattoo studio, there should be a heat sterilization machine. This is the first sign that the tattoo shop respects the hygiene standards, and all the items are disinfected every time.

3. Is The Tattoo Artist Licensed?

One of the essential information about the tattoo artist you are visiting is their license.

Though this information depends on the studio’s location you will go to, well, the artist needs to have a license. Once having a request, the artist will know how to prevent possible blood-borne infections, properly sterilize the tools they are using, and offer first aid.

Moreover, the tattoo artist needs to renew this license, typically every few years permanently, so their knowledge is always fresh and up to date.

4. How To Recognize A Possible Bad Reaction To Tattoos?

There are some unfortunate circumstances when your skin might not handle the ink as expected. The epiderm can react so severely that it might occur to you with lousy dermatitis. Ask the tattoo artist about the signs of an itchy rash that can happen after inking.

According to specialists, this allergic response of the skin happens to red, green, blue, and yellow ink when it comes to tattoos. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, this response can occur immediately after the tattoo but sometimes can take some years of exposure to the ink until the skin freaks out.

For instance, if you usually have sensitive skin that reacts to cosmetics, jewelry, or other substances like dust and pollen, then you might expect to have an allergic reaction to ink too.

Furthermore, if you have inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, or other skin issues, think twice before getting the very first tattoo. Have a conversation with your artist or a dermatologist, and then decide about future body art.

5. Can I have a Patch Test?

Before starting to do the whole tattoo contour, you can ask the tattoo artist to do a patch test first. This is how you will know if either of you may have a possible skin allergy to that ink. What is a patch test?

Well, it involves taping a patch of ink on a small area of your skin. Most tattoo artists choose to put that patch on your back for 48 hours and then monitor the skin for up to a week. This way, they will know if there is a possible sign of contacting dermatitides, like blistering, irritation, or severe itching.

If the tattoo artist or the shop they are working with does not offer this patch test, you can ask the artist to bring you an ink sample and then go to the dermatologist. If you know that you have some allergies, then let the tattoo artist know about the issue before exposing yourself to inked body art.

Still have questions about tattoos? Check out The Ultimate Tattoo Guide & Resources (2022 Update)

Final words

Now that you know the top tattoo shops in Sacramento, you can finally make your appointment. Going to the best artists is like a guarantee for your body art. Therefore, do not pop over the information above.

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