Tattoos Which Symbolize Hope

17 Tattoos Which Symbolize Hope (2024 Updated)

Hope is one of the most powerful things on the planet. Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain event, thing or sentiment to happen. Hope can be applied to so many different life events from love and friendship, to going on vacation or career goals.

Hope means something different to each of us, this is why there are so many ways of representing it in a tattoo. Tattoo that symbolizes hope can be designed to fit your situation and can convey your personal feelings. Read on to learn about tattoos that symbolizes hope and get inspired today.

Tattoo Symbolizes Hope

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Hope Tattoo 1
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Anchor Hope Tattoo 2
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Anchor Hope Tattoo 3
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An anchor has long been one of the best popular tattoo designs. Originally inked by experienced sailors, anchors represent hope and safety as well as the ability to be stable no matter hat life throws at you.

When an anchor is lifted from water in the port, it symbolizes hope and the excitement of starting a new adventure. It’s a fantastic tattoo to have represent leaving your past and the hope you have for your new path.

Deer Tattoo

Deer Hope Tattoo 1
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Deer Hope Tattoo 2
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Deer Hope Tattoo 3
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In Celtic culture, a deer is believed to represent hope and regeneration. This is because a deer’s antlers will fall off once a year, yet also regrow in the Spring. A deer tattoo will represent getting back up, learning from your mistakes and becoming stronger.

In Buddhism, the deer represents happiness, peace, and longevity. In Tibet, deer can help man resolve their issues. These agile characters are kind, soft and connected to the Gods in many different cultures.

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Lily Tattoo

Lily Hope Tattoo 1
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Lily Hope Tattoo 2
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Lily Hope Tattoo 3
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The lily is a flower tattoo that symbolizes hope. It starts as an ugly bulb and slowly grows into a beautiful white flower. In Christianity, the Easter lily represents rebirth and hope. The shape of the flower resembles a trumpet which was blown to inform people of the resurrection of Jesus.

A tattoo of a lily symbolizes rebirth and hope, especially if you are someone of the Christian faith. They are alluded to in the bible, with some believing they grew in the Garden of Eden from Eve’s tears of remorse.

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Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo Hope Tree 1
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Ginkgo Hope Tree 2
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Ginkgo Hope Tree 3
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The Ginkgo tree is one of the oldest living species of trees known to man. They are a symbol of hope, peace and strength in Chinese culture. Because it is associated in Eastern culture with longevity, it is considered a sign of hope.

The Ginkgo tree has an attractive look which makes it ideas for tattoos, as well as representing the endurance and hope it takes to have a long and happy lifestyle.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch Hope Tattoo 1
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Olive Branch Hope Tattoo 2
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Olive Branch Hope Tattoo 3
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The olive branch has a long tradition of being associated with hope and pace. In the Bible, the branch was seen a symbol for hope and promise. In ancient Greece, the olive branch was a symbol of peace and victory.

Whilst this tattoo design is often associated with peace, it represents much more than that. The branches are used in sporting imagery, symbolizing longevity, victory and achievement. They also are used to symbolize clarity and insight, all traits we hope to have.

Rainbow Tattoo

Rainbow Hope Tattoo 1
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Rainbow Hope Tattoo 2
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Rainbow Hope Tattoo 3
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A rainbow appears after a rainstorm, giving us hope that light will come, even after the darkest of days. Rainbows symbolize hope and signified better days are coming. Rainbows are used as a sign of hope in the bible but are now more connected to gay rights.

During the worldwide pandemic, rainbows have been adopted as a symbol of hope during these difficult times. Also used as a representation of the LBGTQ community and their fight for equality, rainbows remind us that hope, and light is always there. The rainbow tattoo could either be of the rainbow arc, or rainbow colors applied to a meaningful tattoo design.

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Dove Tattoo

Dove Hope Tattoo 1
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Dove Hope Tattoo 2
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Dove Hope Tattoo 3
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A dove represents peace and hope in Christianity. After the rain stopped, Noah sent out a dove to see if there was any dry land nearby. The dove symbolized hope after the floods. The dove was also seen descending upon Jesus during his baptism.

The dove represents the hope that the dark times are over, and that a better future is out there for all of us. A dove can also represent starting over, something that will give us all hope. The dove is often tattooed with an olive branch in their mouth or sat on an olive branch.

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Chai Tattoo

Chai Hope Tattoo 1
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Chai Hope Tattoo 2
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Chai Hope Tattoo 3
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The chai symbol is a combination of the Jewish letters Chet and Yud. This ancient letter adds up to 18, which is considered a lucky number in Judaism. The plural, L’chaim, means to life and the hope that supports it, and is toasted at weddings.

Chai is a small and discreet symbol, but it’s ideal to be placed on wrists, ankles and the neck. Some also incorporate the lucky number 18 into this tattoo.

Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon Hope Tattoo 1
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Semicolon Hope Tattoo 2
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Semicolon Hope Tattoo 3
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The semicolon has become a symbol of suicide prevention through the work of the non-profit organization Project Semicolon. It symbolizes the hope and love for someone who is struggling with addiction, mental illness, and self-injury.

Many people get the tattoo for themselves or for others, reminding them their story is not over and there is still hope.

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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Hope Tattoo 1
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Butterfly Hope Tattoo 2
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Butterfly Hope Tattoo 3
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A butterfly tattoo has lots of different meanings. It can transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful creature. In Native American culture, a butterfly is believed to deliver messages or wishes to the Greater Spirit.

Butterflies symbolize hope, change and endurance. They are the perfect metaphor for hope and growth. Butterflies are also a sign of good luck; in some cultures, you should make a wish if you ever catch one (but you also should always let it go).

Awen Tattoo

Awen Hope Tattoo 1
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Awen Hope Tattoo 2
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Awen Hope Tattoo 3
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Awen is a druid trinity symbol. The design is three rays of light encased in a circle. It represents the trinity. It can represent sky, land and sea or hope, faith, and prosperity.

Another interpretation is that the external lines are symbolic of both man and women while the internal line represents balance. This small but unique tattoo is an excellent way to represent hope and balance.

Peacock Tattoo

Peacock Hope Tattoo 1
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Peacock Hope Tattoo 2
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Peacock Hope Tattoo 3
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The beautiful and bold peacock has lots of different representations around the world. In Christianity, the peacock symbolizes purity, eternal life and resurrection. When three peacock feathers are linked together, it represents hope, faith and charity.

In some Christian sects, peacock feathers are placed over the deceased to protect the soul from corruption. Aside from their symbolization, peacocks with their gorgeous jewel tones, make fantastic tattoos.

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Light in the Dark Tattoo

Light in the Dark Tattoo 1
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Light in the Dark Tattoo 2
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Light in the Dark Tattoo 3
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In the dark there is light, and if there is light, there is hope. It’s an old saying and a sentiment most of us will agree with. From the torch held by the Statue of Liberty to the lantern held by Florence Nightingale, this design can be interpreted lots of different ways.

A lantern tattoo also symbolizes finding the right path in life, either your own or helping someone else on their own path. If times are dark, tattoo your own light as a way of representing hope.

Star Tattoo

Star Hope Tattoo 1
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Star Hope Tattoo 3
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Star Hope Tattoo 2
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Stars can help us find our way home when night falls. Stars represent hope and a sense of direction. They make attractive tattoos and can be used to make patterns, or as one big bold artwork. Some have one star alone, others add the sun and the moon.

A nautical star is a tattoo that best symbolizes hope and represents the idea that every journey must have its end. Nautical stars are often paired with anchor tattoos, both of them representing hope.

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Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Hope Tattoo 1
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Medusa Hope Tattoo 2
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Medusa Hope Tattoo 3
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Medusa was a feared woman in Greek mythology who would turn anyone she looked at her into stone. She is seen by many women as a powerful figure who could war off evil. She is a popular feminist tattoo, giving women the courage and confidence to live their lives according to their rules.

As a beautiful yet feared female character in mythology, she is tattooed as role model, a powerful figure that women hope to become in the future. With her snake hair, she was confident in her beauty and power, which is what many women hope to become.

Sun Tattoo

The sun is our source of light and energy. Without the sun we can not survive, it serves as a fantastic metaphor for hope. A sun tattoo can remind you that you can, and you will overcome dark periods of your life.

Sun tattoos are versatile and ambiguous. They can be customized to suit your story and your tattoo preferences.

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Hope Tattoo

Hope Tattoo 1
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Hope Tattoo 2
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Hope Tattoo 3
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Sometimes it’s as simple as inking the word hope into your skin. It’s a small word, but a beautiful one that has lots of meaning. You can choose a simple little delicate font or incorporate it into any of the designs tattooed above.

Just make sure it’s spelled correctly and in a font that you can read (unless you want a cool psychedelic tattoo that only you can understand). You can choose from a whole range of fonts, speak to your tattoo artist for her recommendations.

More FAQs

What colors represent hope?

What colors represent hope 1
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What colors represent hope 2
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What colors represent hope 3
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What colors represent hope 4
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All colors have a meaning. Yellow symbolizes hope. In some cultures, a yellow ribbon is displayed by families who have loved ones at war. Although in some countries yellow is associated with danger.

Green is a relaxing color that often leaves the feeling of safety and security. It’s a hopeful shade that promises prosperity and is considered lucky in many cultures. Adding yellow and green to your tattoo is a fantastic way to add further symbolism to your hope inking.

Which celebrities have hope tattoos?

Selena Gomez and the cast of 13 Reasons Why have a semicolon tattooed on them, in tribute for the mental health struggles depicted in the Netflix show.

Asia Argento has Hope tattooed across her knuckles and Rita has Hope inked in blue on her finger. Actress Sarah Paulson has a starburst on her foot, which symbolizes hope, growth and ambitions.

Which flowers represent hope?

Flowers have lots of different meaning. The following symbolize hope and make ideal tattoos:

  • Chrysanthemums symbolize hope and love, but in Italy they represent death.
  • The iris symbolizes hope, friendship and bravery. The Chinese call irises the purple butterfly as it reminded them of the insect.
  • Bachelor’s Button, or blue cornflower, represents hopeful love. According to folklore, a young man could predict the strength of a woman’s love by wearing a blue cornflower in his button. If the color faded, her love was not true.
  • Fruiting trees symbolize hope as the cold dark winter transforms into a bright spring day.
  • Snowdrops symbolize the hope for a friend in need. They are often given to those who are going through a difficult period of their life.

How much with my tattoo symbolizing hope cost?

The average tattoo costs about $250. This might seem pricey, but it’s important to choose a respected and skilled artist. Remember, this tattoo will be on your skin for the rest of your life. A small tattoo will cost around $100 to $250.

The price of the tattoo will depend on the size, and the time it takes to execute. Tattoo artists will usually charge per hour, but some will tattoo based on the size of the hope-themed design.

Did you know:

Ask your tattooist directly for an accurate estimate based on the exact tattoo design you want.

How do I decide on the right tattoo that symbolizes hope?

A tattoo is a greatly personal thing. When choosing one that symbolizes something like hope, you should choose something that symbolizes what hope means to you. This article gives you some ideas, but it could be a lyric, or a hopeful memory you once had.

Here are some tips on how to find the right tattoo for you:

  • Look up images on the internet. You can take bits and pieces from other designs, combining them to make one unique piece of inking. For example, you can take the font from one design but the colors from another.
  • A good tattoo artist will be able to create something totally unique, don’t be afraid to be bold and creative.
  • Double check what your tattoo means in different cultures, you don’t want to offend anyone or have the meaning of your tattoo changed as you travel.
  • Think about the tattoo design you would have got ten years ago, would you still like it? Remember, this is inked on your skin for the rest of your life. Commit to the design because once you have it inked, it’s very difficult and painful to remove.
  • If you choose a color tattoo, think about how it will look on the pigmentation of your skin.
  • Think of the placement. Will your tattoo suit the place you want to get it? Also, some places with hurt more to be tattooed than others.
  • Take your time and do your research.

Did you know:

Save an image of your tattoo design and have it as your screensaver or on your wall. How do you feel looking at this image every day?

When should I get my tattoo?

You can get your tattoo at any time of the year. We recommend getting it during the fall or winter months. In summer, your skin gets more abuse, after getting a tattoo we advise you not to tan, go swimming and stay out the sun.

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

The tattoo healing process is different for everyone. It will depend on your body, the location of your tattoo, and how quickly you generally heal. It generally takes 2 to 6 weeks for your skin to fully heal, so in this time your tattoo will be vulnerable and should be cared for correctly.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

A good tattoo artist will give you all information you should need to once you have gotten your new tattoo. As your body is healing, you should look after yourself and make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your body well nourished.

Make sure you clean your hands before washing your tattoo. Pat the area dry, never rub it and avoid using a fluffy towel. Let the skin breathe and don’t pick or itch the area, no matter how much you might want to.

Stay out the sun and avoid going swimming, in the pool or the beach, until your new tattoo is fully healed.

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Did you know:

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your tattoo artist or studio. They will be able to answer any questions and give you the best tips on caring for your new tattoo.

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